Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ah Keat Seafood, Penang Time Square

My brother in law took his sister G, his uncle, C and my family to Ah Keat Seafood restaurant at Penang Time Square for a dinner.  Ah Keat Restaurant was formerly from Raja Uda in Butterworth before he moved over Penang Time Square. The name sound like any of the coffee shop seafood restaurant which is plentiful in Penang.

We reached there 7.30pm and my daugther parked at a private car park by the Mall and they charged us RM5 per entry.  It was abit steep but since it is a secured parking we accepted the charges.  When we walk in the Mall, it was quite empty and the traffic at the shops were quite sparse. It reflects the global economy , gloomy.  I started to look for the restaurant and I know it could not be located in the mall so I walk towards the outside of the Mall and I was right. It was located in a sizeable shoplot by the side of the Mall.

There were quite a number of tables occupied and I think many of them looks like tourist. The restarant was done up quite well and  tastefully lighted up by neon lights and sign boards. All type of seasfood and there are huge aquariums breeding  live fishes for customers to choose. It was better decorated than the famous Ocean Green seafood restaurant by the Paramout Hotel in Penang. Colorful and tasteful.

The food was acceptable and the price was quite reasonable. We ordered a seafood pot, a curry fish head, a bowl of  Kai  Lan , fried squid, Toufu  and prawns for six person and it cost about RM210. By Penang standard, the price is on the average.

My BIL, ES have parked his car in the mall and it cost only RM1 using the autopay and compared to RM5, it was a exorbitant fee. If we parked it more than 5 hours than it is worthwhile using the private carpark but otherwise, parking in the Mall would be cheaper.

The Penang Time square mall have two blocks and both boths are ready but only one block is open for business.  The location of the Mall is quite appropriate , sitting right in the middle of the town. But, for some reason, the business in the Mall was not quite satisfactory causing the half of the Mall to delay its opening. For this reason, it is considered quite a failure in Mall management.

For food lovers, it is another place for food and you may find it quite acceptable.  For me , I would want to try it again some other time to judge the food and its taste.


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