Thursday, March 23, 2017

The demon in us

Wow,  we have a demon in us.  Devil, ghost , !!! slow down, it is not a monster but the bad side of us..  the devil in you or me.  The not so good part of our self which we cannot control sometimes.   to some many times.  Why do we choose to be bad ? It is not a choice but just a happening that we have been born with a bad side or during our childhood, we cultivate a bad blood in us. This devil part of us is very silent and can takeover our personality and make us do the bad things.

It happens when someone gets angry and kill another person over hatred , love or anger. It sometimes happen in a heated moment or some pre-meditated after a long planning. The second one is a deep rooted devil and the person believes that what he or she did is good but instead it is bad.

Like I have mentioned earlier , it is either born with, cultivate or influenced over a period of time  , the demon grows in us or hide deep in our heart  and some events could trigger it to take over our self and do the bad thing. The person could be aware or not aware of their actions.

In one of the news, I read about a young man who raped her mother of 40.  This could be coming from bad influence or inducement by the external factor.

Recently, a British born Muslim clashed his car into a group of pedestrian at the UK Parliament house killing 4 and wounding 40 , this evil act has been influenced by his teachings or people besides them.  This jihad act could give an eternal life to the murderer and in heaven , he is rewarded with 72 virgins. Sometimes, I wonder whether this promise is a joke or not.  Why do we need so many virgins . Can we use all of them ? This is really a crazy interpretation.

How do we bring the evil in us to surface and let us confront it.  It is a very difficult thing as some acts deemed evil but it has a good outcome or what we think is evil , may not be the same thing like another person.  But through self thoughts and meditation , we can see what we are and we can correct the wrongs in us. 

There is never a perfect person , some have more and others have less and until all the evilness is eradicated , the person will need to evolved through  many lifetimes to refine our character to be perfect and end our evolvements through many lifetimes.


Road less travelled

I have written about the roads less travelled in my previous article and I wanted to bring up this subject again after reading an article in the star.  What does this means? It is a simple act that is to do things your way or in another way , not following with the populist way. Billions of people have been blazing the same trail and along the same familiar path but there are some which travels the path which was less travelled to see life in a different way or living life no following the norm.

To travel a road which is different from the norm , there is too much risk. It can be scary and risky and the traveling  could be ended abruptly along the trail. For this fear, most people don't want  the risk and choose an easy way to live out their live. The most travelled roads.

To travel a properly curved path up the hill is better than to cut bushes and climb rocks to go up the hill.  However, by traveling a different route , we can see wild flowers , animals and insects which have not be seen by the common road  travelers and it could be refreshing and inspiring to see the world in a different angle or vision.

It takes courage and guts to be different and to travel differently in a new trail rather than walking on a smooth and tarred road.  Fear will push us back each time but courage will move us forward.  To live with guts has no regrets.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Is having sex a sin ?

Since the creation of heaven an earth , the existence of Adam and Eve, there was no taboo on sex . Why God created a man and women in perfect harmony and let them multiply ?  Logically, I think it is to let the human being exercise their right of their body. If not, why can't God create both man or both women. If this does happen, the human race will be in extinction.  How could the human race multiply and march on. The earth would be void of life like the moon or the mars.

Since the human being is given the sense of feeling and given the tools to excite the feeling of love, why is it a crime ?  All these conclusions and judgment is the creation of  human beings through civilization.  This is to create some order to prevent rampant abuse of the freedom.  Human beings need to be regulated.  If there is no clothing, all man and women will be naked.  You see one you see all and very one is pretty the same. But with the introduction of clothing, there are more varieties and fashion to make the human race looks exciting and demanding.  It creates a whole new way of living .

So is having sex a sin ?  The human race created the concept of marriage and this title creates the ownership.  Without marriage , everyone can do love with everyone and it will be a mess as who is responsible for their off spring. With marriage comes responsibility and people create the concept of sin.  If you do love out of marriage, it is a sin and this is concept is embrace in the various religion .  Again, this is to install orderliness among the human race.

So, many such concepts are created by human beings and managed by human beings and not GOD.


Where is our mind ?

I have been quite restless in the night and I turn to listening to Ajahn Brahm's talks . One of the topic was where is our mind ? We have a heart and a brain but what is the controlling point ?It is not the heart or the brain is controlling our thinking, out thoughts and our reactions, it is our mind which is an abstract and is of no physical existence  like the heart and the bran. It did not locate in a specific part of the body and it exist out of the physical being but within the body.

I have been always thinking about my sister's fall and now she is unable to recognize anyone of us. She is liking living in a blank after hurting her head. In the Chinese belief , everyone of us have three souls and seven shadows. It is translated as " sam wan chak pak " in Cantonese.  I think my sister have lost her all her shadows  ie chak pak  after the fall.  It has disintegrate her mind which is hold together by these elements and maybe have been pushed out of her body.  I am not sure but just wondering. If she is to get well, she needs to locate the seven shadows and  bring them together to complete the mind in her body before she can recognize anyone of us or can remember the past.

I am not an expert on this subject but is just putting the mind element and the Chinese beliefs But how can I locate the seven shadows ?   In some similar cases like my sister, these disintegrated figment of the mind can sometimes, re-group in our mind. Some quicker and some slower. It has its own timing and existence. I pray and hope these shadow elements can regroup faster in my sister's case. Maybe, there is certain ways to locate these figments through prayers or  some spiritual involvement.  But, we are trying the acupuncture treatment and see whether it could it incite her brain to look for the lost shadows.


Friday, March 17, 2017

A total stranger

Just imagine that a person you know for 63 years suddenly become a total stranger to you. That is my sister , who fell and go into a coma and become awake again but a stranger.  It was so strange and hurtful. My sister , the one , I loved so much and very dear to me.

If I have a love -hate fight with a women and she ignores me or become a stranger , it is okay . It is hurtful but it will not be as bad.

The hurt I have been bearing looking at my sister really tears me down and hurt the code of my confidence in living.  Why fate have to so crude to her and the most unwanted incident have to be fallen on her? Why her ?  I believe in fate and destiny and this is maybe her patch in life ? A sudden twist of fate and it changes very thing.

I have sleepless nights and I became exhausted and sometimes, I think why should I visit this stranger. The physical self is the same but she is clueless of what is happening. Maybe she was born gain to be a new person at the age of 74 .  She might be very frighten living among strangers or a different world or a different life.

The Doctors says that it will take months or years before her memory can come back if it comes back . There is nothing sure about it.  I hope it will not be like this rather than it is a happy ending for her and us.  I pray to the mighty lords to make her life a more meaningful end.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Keepers Nursing and Caregiving SB .Penang

Wow, this petite women who is the GM of Keepers Nursing and Caregiving SB really impressed me with her professionalism in handling my sister's private nursing care.  Not only she did not request for any advance or deposit , she would sit down with me to discuss how to take care of my sister's condition and helping me to manage the financial needs in the next two months.

She is pleasant and nice  looking and have good mannerism and she really also a hand on person when she take of my sister. A GM ranking nurse who handles the patient personally .. Wow , this really impressed me.  To do such jobs , you need the humility, the loving kindness for people and a great compassion. Franking speaking , nursing is a job for all and it is really a hard job which includes cleaning the patient, changing diapers , feeding , turning the patient from angle to angle and be skillful in sucking the phlegm from the patient, feeding milk and medication   and so many small jobs but need a skillful hand.

I admire these professional nurse for their passion for their patient and their dying love for their job.

Syabas to all of you especially CY Ooi.    A wonderful spirit.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

A simple twist of fate

Life will change completely with a simple twist of fate and this is to remind everyone that our life is so fragile and uncertain. It shakes my core of confidence in life. We have been assuming that we can wake up everyday and after my sister's critical fall which caused her to be immobile makes me feel that we cannot take this assumption of waking up everyday as normal.  It could be that we will wake up the next day.

This fragility makes me fearful and uncertain.  The chair I have been sitting confidently could just fell apart and hurt me one day . The one day could be now , tomorrow or in the future and this uncertainty makes me realized not to take things for granted.

My sister's incident showed me how a person could become so weak and helpless after a simple twist of fate. She could not move , she could not remember who I am and her eyes look into the far horizon or the window curtains. Her eyes peers through me as if I am not there. Wow, it is so strange and scary.

A perfect soul can become a not so perfect soul or a helpless soul in some case. I don't know how to handle this situation as she behave like a stranger to me .  I wonder whether I am there or not , would it matter to her. Everyday, I have this hope of her waking up and talk to me but it is really a very slow process of recovery for her. Each day is only a slight recovery as she plays around with my fingers but her eyes grazing far and wide. I became transparent to her.

I have to re=organize my thoughts and get back my confidence as my mood swings. I could sleep some day and I would stay awake at times. I told myself , I have to be strong and patient to see how my sister recovers in days , weeks , months or years.  I have a hope.