Thursday, May 3, 2018

What a big bull shit !!

Bullshit can get you high but it cannot protect you forever..  a real knowledge and inner capability is better than putting up a bullshitting front.  Like the story of the turkey who eat bullshits to fly higher and higher while it was finally shot down by a passing hunter.

Like beauty, the outer image of a person can be a dying fact .. One day , you look beautiful and pretty and the next day , you can fade into an ugly old fool.  This is the nature that you cannot control.   You can only delay it but it will surely come. 

So, the inner beauty or strength is more important than anything external and don't aim to apple polish to look good or be good as the apple can also dry up and drop off .  It is only putting forward a front , that is illusion and not permanent.  A passing flare .

In life, we have to have  a good principled and orderly self and be a contributor to society instead of making us live in an artificial world by being someone which we are not.  We have to do what is required of us or do what we need to say or do irrespective of who is standing in front of us or around us.  Looking good and be a yes man is very deplorable and disgusting.

Life is a passing flare and it will dim with time.  In brightness , we do what is proper and when it is dim , we have no regrets.  So move on , my honorable fellas .

Move on.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Age and time waits for no one

This is a typical Chinese saying and this phase appears in many books or lyrics of songs written or sang by many old and new writers or singers. It has a very deep meaning and age goes with time and when it ends , we just vanished..  It does not matter whether we are in a box or a pot or a verse , we will have this day at the end. 

Some one told me that what we need is only a cubicle or a space of 6 by 4 either in inches or feet , it does not matter when we are dead.  What is the problem when we are gone ? Somebody have also decided that their ashes is throw into the sea to feed the fishes and that is the end of it.

I read in an article that our brain remained a live for two hours after we die and we can still receive the verbal message during this time.  Yeah, it is good that the living knows about it and assure the dead to move on peacefully or cry out as much as possible to show their grief .. But is there a purpose, it is only a one way traffic from the living to dead.  To some  people, it maybe that best way to say what you want to say while letting go.

Yes, life can be terminated but the memories will live on for as sometime  before everything is forgotten and neglected.  If you are aware, you will notice that there are so many graves or cubicles left unattended over a period of time while the living goes back to their routine life and have to remained busy to earn a living or sustain their living.  This is the path that all human beings have to follow . For some , they will move on and re-marry or get another companion to live for the remaining part of their lives.  This is very real and logical .  The dead is dead and gone and there is no more feelings or emotions left to be jealous about . The connection is broken and any relationship is gone. What is the problem ?

Life is fragile , delicate and illusive.   There are so many ups and downs , so many new relationship and broken lives , all for a sake of a few 10 years .  Life is a dream , life is a movie , life is journey but whatever, it is , it has to end someday.

So live well , eat well and enjoy every moment before it is gone.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

If you want change, change will come.

Everything depends on us and if we choose to change , things will change with us.  It is not materialistic things but events which is within our control.  But, if you want rain, then it is out of our control as this is not within our power.  But , you want to change your life or make up , it is within your power. 

If you want riches, then it lies in between what you want or what is not controllable by you.  By sheer determination most things is achievable.. To get rich , we can do so many things in our life to pursue that objective.  If we try hand and persistent , we can be also rich or more rich.  What I am saying that there are some certain things or probable things which we can do to achieve it.

But , if we were to choose to run around in circles or in a routine ,then expecting something different is sheer madness and it will be at the mercy of the heaven.  Seldom this mercy will occur. By real effort and determine action, we could increase our probability of achieving the richness we can obtain.

If you look at any thing in focus.  It is not to say that it is not achievable but our mind will play trick on us .  We must be aware of our mind's game and how we perceive a thing.  If we look at it positively , we will move in a positive manner and we will achieve the objectives. But , if we think negatively, we will not move but shy away from the adventures to achieve the objective.  This means trying or not trying makes a whole lot of difference.

By moving , we already put the process of change on the run and moving towards the objective we want. This is very true but staying back , our distance from achieving it is near impossible .

So, take the first step in very thing we do or want changes.  In return, changes will come.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Be aware of passing time.

*Every time , I saw an old man or women walking on the street , I become aware that one day, I will be like them . Struggling to walk or cross the streets or seeking help. It is unavoidable and imminent that everyone of us have to pass the stage.

When I was younger, there is no problem as I have the health and strength to pass the day smoothly and without having any problem.  But now, although I still don't have these problems yet, I could sense that time is catching up with me. There is a wise thought that as things gets little or smaller, what is remaining or lacking becomes more prominent and more precious. This analogy also applies to everything.

It is not strange that different things become important at different time and in different space. 

There is this analogy that when we are 10 years old, we carry with us a 10 years' problem and if we are 20 years old , we carry with us a 20 years problem including memories and this goes on with 30 years or so on.  Our mind will be cloaked with all the problems and memories and we will be going through all these memories from time to time until we are phased out. 

A 10 years old life span and a 60 years  old life span have so much difference in texture and depth .  For a 60s man, time becomes more important than money or materials but for a 60s' old man, the priority is health and money slides down the grade of importance. Money becomes a mean of survival instead of enriching him or herself.  So , different era have different priorities.

At a young age, we are definite to wake up the next day or no worries of the coming days, weeks or years but for a person of 60s' , every day is a bonus day and we look forward to days and not years .  However, to some people age is just a number. Lets be frank and factual , life is limited anyway whichever way you look or believe. 

The day will end today and the sun will rise as we age by the day as TIME stops for no one.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Turbulent times ahead

The GE 14 is here ! Another general election but it is a crucial event . There are calls to revive and reform Malaysia as part of the activities.  Some people asked whether there is possibility of change from within instead of change.  I think it is a matter of opinion.  Some think that the current Government is beyond repair but some thinks that it can be save again.

Whatever happens, it is a matter of survival whether it is under new or old.  But , it is good to have a two party system like in the US and many countries where each party can rule at intervals to keep each other at their toes. This check and balance system could be able to keep harm away and make the country strong.

A single party ruling for 50 or 60 years may become stale and routine.  Nothing change, nothing happens or when we change , changes would come in many forms. Change is always for the better as human being is always striving for better living and benefits.

Looking at the coming event, there will a lot of fireworks and dirty linens will be washed openly in the public making the situation worrisome and uncertain. There will be a lot of news ie good or bad and situation will get more tense. It is the first time , the Opposition Front is able to gather together as a group and posted a serious challenge to Najib's Government.

It is very important to maintain the true spirit of competition and we have to play it fairly.  Win or lose , it does not matter but it should be given to the winner.  If the loser wants to keep the winning steak despite losing , then there could be trouble or unhappiness.  This kind of happening occurs in many nations in the past. 

We should also avoid the manipulative actions ie like suppressing the press, re-write the rules and pressured the rival groups or using the unfair tactics to gain influence or points  and all these could lead to trouble and a more stronger rebellion of the election results.

Needless to say, a perfect situation will never occur and this is always the strong and rich ruling over the less stronger parties and do some unfair practice to oppress the oppositions. That is where the trouble starts. 

Lets pray for a less troublesome event and let peace prevail and the loser accepting the outcome fairly.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

The flow of TIME

Yes, this is another new week and maybe another new Financial year for those in the accounting line.  It has been an  eventful past one year and so many things have happen and done.  The current trade war between the US and China is still on-going and each side remained defiant . Who will win ? If both sides were to hold on to their horses , the damage to the global economy will be great. When the elephants fight, the small animals will suffer the greatest . So much uncertainties prevailing now.

In Malaysia, our PM calls for a GE14 poll and it will happen within the next 60 days.. The campaigning is on and many dirty linens will be washed in the public with each side calling each other black ie the BN-led coalition and the "HOPE" or Harapan Opposition. Many things could be done or have been done to make the situation more fragile and difficult.

Where are the smaller "people" ? The current happenings is hurting them and pushing them to the blink. Life becomes more and more uncertain as the elephants fight and tear each other down. There are outsiders who will join in the fray and making it more difficult and complex.

By these two storms, more leaves will fall from the trees , either it is young or old leaves . The weak will fall and will die on the way.  It is so scary and worrying.

Sometimes, we think that we better no to worry but such happenings are unpredictable and hurting in the process. So, should we leave the  way to follow its path or let the time finds its tide.  What can we do, but to wait for the passage of time fir things to happen .  The problem is too big for us to mingle or to turn it to the way we like.  We are just not in the picture and we can only stay on the side line and watch for the happenings to go on and find its result .  The result may or may not to our liking but we have to accept the outcome and live on in whatever the conditions it will be.

However, we have to use our votes well in whatever rights we have to exercise. That is our path and that is our way to express that right but it may or may not have any impact as a single voter but if it comes in mass, hopefully , it will change the thing that should be.

Yes, we small fellas can only do just that and wait for the outcome to be and live our life as the best as we can. 


Thursday, March 29, 2018

The fact of life ( Version X)

When we reach a certain age, people closed to us or known to us will die naturally or unnaturally around us.  Like the storm at night, some young leaves or most old leaves will fall by the way.  This is natural as Buddha have expressed it well  that the circle of life is Birth , aged , sickness and death . This is wheel of life.

I had lunch with my boss and we dwelled into this subject about death of people we know.  Yes, we are at the range or generation where all of closed associates and friends have be became old and start to die one by one.  We agreed that we do not know and when it happens , it will just happen without any warning. But the most regrettable death is by accident or by a fall. Most old people will fall and when it happens , they will break a leg or a limb or maybe a sudden death.

It may become our habit to track the death of our friends or associates when we get old , just to remind us the fragility of life.  It is not death which is scary , it is the lack of knowledge where we are going  after death that is terrifying.  This path is not known to us all at the moment and maybe will not be know by human beings.

A lot have been said about heaven or nirvana or Shangrila , it has never appeared before our eyes but only in books , bibles or scriptures and through the imagination of Man. When there is a heaven , there must be a hell as well.  The good ones go to heaven and the bad ones goes to hell. This is again the making of Man.

How long we live , is also a question which needs a answer ? Can we can the date and time of our departure ?  Nobody can tell me for certain.  We can delay death but we cannot avoid it.  Sometimes, it may not be delayed at all and can go in one swipe . phew .. here we go !! It is as simple as that instant.

Where can we go to find an answer ? How can we know ?  It maybe in the stars !!!