Monday, October 16, 2017

My horrible dream

I had a dream but it is not the same as Martin Luther King's dream but a horrified dream.   It just happen a few days ago and I am wondering what kind of message it brings to me.  I have been asking around what message it is sending to me but to no avail.  It is just a horrified dream.

It goes like this ......

I have checked into a hotel with my wife and sister in law . Both of them checking in the room first while I parked my car and walk up to the room.  When I open the door of the hotel room , I saw my wife seating on the bed while my sister in law was in the toilet.  I started to talk to my wife but no words came out from my mouth and my wife was also struggling to talk but there was no words coming out of her mouth.  Both of us was struggling to talk while my sister in law came out of the bath room and remained silent.  All of us packed our bags and get out of the room and while walking down the stairs , I turned back and saw a women at an open lift staring at us .  She is middle aged and wearing a white blouse and a slight dark pants, she is not ugly but quite pleasant looking.  The dream just end here as I was awaken by my wite who tapped me on my back to wake me up.

I want to interpret the dream and continued to flash back to the dream to continue the episode but it just broke off at that point.

Every dream have a message but it is subjected to a lot of interpretation.  We have to get a proper advise , otherwise, we will be subjected to a lot of abuse or unnecessary fear.

Lets stop at this point and let the future unrolled by itself.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Moody moods

We, human beings are full of emotions and moods.  I have written about the recipe of our emotions and moods.  It is a mixture of smell, sight ,feel, noise and taste . All these combination of these factors will create a taste or a mood.  Bad smell, ugly sight, loud noise and chilli taste could create an explosive mood or foul emotion . The extent of each factor and its combination will give us a different degree of anger, foulness or aggressiveness.  We have to be aware of these factors or spices of life.

For those monks, they often have six dots on their bald heads and each dot represent a factor and when it arises in these discipline monk's thoughts or feel , they could suppress it and reduce its impact on their mood.  It is just like a measuring pen, if the temperature goes up, they dip in cold water to reduce its impact.

For health reasons, some people like Mao Tze Dong, he dip or swim in ice cold water to control their body temperature and also the coolness in their head.  If we have tasted the extreme , it is easy to control the moderates.  This is the logic for their strange behavior .  If you can control your body heat or your feelings in the cold water, you will be able to control the six elements in your body as shown above.

In yoga, there is a method to control one's re-action to sex , it is called Tantra yoga. It involves a male and female yogi to practice yoga together and in close proximity and sometimes to meditate in nude facing each other. This is to control the feeling and emotions in their body. ln hot yoga, it is also having the same logic, it is to pose a yoga pose in extreme heat and you have to use your mind and core to your pose in extreme heat. The feeling of coldness or strong heat in one's body could make you aware and control your thoughts. For those swimmers, they merged themselves into a swimming pool and hold their breath for 30 seconds to 1 minute to expose themselves to extremism and they can learn how to control their body re-action. 

The logic is that once you are expose to extremism , your body will be able to handle a range between light and extremism.   Push your limit and your new limit will be your limit . So keep pushing until you know what is really your limit.


Monday, October 9, 2017

To love or be loved ?

Is the glass half full or half empty ?  How are you going to interpret it ?  It has a total different perspective of looking at this sight.  To say it is half full, it will be a positive thought and to say it is half empty is looking at the negative aspect.  Are you a positive or negative person ?  It depends on your interpretation .

Last night , I saw a video and the speaker was asking about our choice of relationship. It was quite an interesting experience. She asked how many of the audience will choose a partner that loves them and most of the people raise their hands . In another question , she asked how many will choose a mate that we love ? Only a few people raise their hands.  She said this is the normal choice that people will choose mates that love them more. 

She goes on to tell the audience from her personal experience.  When she was in the University , she has four boy friends and all of them loved her so much that she felt so happy and delighted. Finally, she choose one of them who loved her the most and she got married.  On the eve of the wedding, the bridegroom ran off and left a note.  She was devastated and she cried for many days and night for as long as she can remembered.  She look through the note with aw .  The bridegroom asked a few questions which she cannot answer ie do you know what I like to eat ? what are the books I like to read or the movies , I like to watch, etc and he change so much to make her happy and finally, he felt that enough is enough and he ran off .

The speaker says finally he found a true love.  A mate that she loved so much and she changed so much because of him.   She becomes a better person and learn the art to give instead of to take only.  She felt so much a person that cares and love instead of been loved.  She goes out of her mold and her box to become a bigger and more accepting person.  She realized the change and she likes it.

From this story, it often takes a dramatic happening to change a person and it is a norm that all of us are takers instead of givers.  We like people to give to us effortlessly and instead of working our guts out to serve another person.  This is the human nature but if we choose to give, it will open up our heart and nature to be a more balanced person.


My lousy mood on a raining Penang Day

lately, I am becoming intolerable towards traffic jams and motor bikes .  In Penang , when it rains, the traffic volume will be flooded with cars especially involving those  " biking travelers" using cars on raining days.  It just become so unbearable with those irregular car users .

I think the behavior of these irregular car users is like they are the king of the road or they think their cars are like bikes which can easily zoom in and out of the traffic.  Jumping lanes is so regular especially on a raining day when all of us have our chorus or program.  The cars will search for every inch and space on the road to move forward even if means to inconvenient others. 

On a raining day, an inch is very important to move forward even if it means a second more to reach their destination.  This skill and expertise is not common anyway but in a raining Penang day. There is a saying " a little by little , it will form a mountain " . Saving 60 seconds will mean to reach our destination by a minute .   A minute early rather than a minute late is so important in our daily routine. So, you can see how stress is on a " raining Penang day".

But if we look at a different prospect , some people can save 60 seconds but how doses it do, it wasted more time for the people who are behind them.  Just take example today, one big lorry getting into a petrol station and it blocks the whole of Green lane and turn three lanes into one lane . How do you think it impact the following traffic.  Why is this lorry driver wanted to pump petrol into the petrol station at 8am in the morning at the peak of the rushing hours.  Can he do this at 10am after the traffic's rushing hours.  What kind of mentality do they have ?  Stupid isn't it .

It is just an example but this is the same happening on a raining Penang day. Everywhere is selfish people who wants to be " 60 seconds early " before others.  It is a "save a 60 seconds " for these selfish people but it could make it into a 60 minutes for others .  It is not just a simple equation but a complex happening at the behind.

So, please realize and be aware.


Yeah, I have been missing

What is happening to me and my blog ? I have been missing for weeks or month .  Yeah , just too busy with my work and my life.  Have to balance a lot of things after the Penang Bridge was on maintenance and I have been leaving early for work and reaching home late after work.  What kind of life having to be stuck on the bridge for 30 minutes to an hour or two at crawling pace ? Much displeasure as I can assure you.

Balance of life is very important , spreading our time evenly for work , pleasure and rest .  Much less time now as the days become shorter with so much happenings around me. Where has all the spare time gone ? or am I focusing on more small things ? Nevertheless, when things are getting less ie no of remaining years , there are more urgencies to do our things in our bucket list. 

Oh , how I wish to get back all the lost times and to start all over again but there is no panic, just a lot of wasted days and wasted nights when I am young.  Is this my regrets ? yet it is not . 

Have seen my sister getting better through the past months but yet she still have not gone back to reality with us.  She is still trapped in her lost world.  When I look at her , I feel my heart break and my tears swell.  With a slight change of fate, she is lost into her own world .  I have strong hope for her to break through and come back to us in this real world but each time , she remained trapped.  I have been praying and asking GOD to let her come back to this real world but to no avail.  This is her path now or forever and we will need to see whether she can break out. It all depends on the path of her life now.  We cannot do much except to wait and be good to her in the meantime.

All those people around her have gone back to their own life and leaving her as a well " cared for" life after paying their share of the expenses.  To see her or not to see her , makes no difference now as she is trapped in her own world while we are trapped in our lives.  There is no difference and one of the monk who saw my sister told me that she is better of in her own world and do not accumulate anymore sins in her life and only let her own karma to unfold her path.

Well , everything is fated and let it be .. this is the only way I can explain my lost track.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

life is too short

I watched a video on my face book and this old guy was on a 1st date with his girl friend and he said that life is too too short.  We gets old with a blink of an eye and next month , we fall dead.

He told that his wife have passed away seven years ago and his son much earlier due to bleeding in the brain after a football match.  Now, he is tried to find another mate to pass his remaining years before he die.  He looks back and tell his girlfriend that he has lived his life in full and there should not be any regrets.  The bad things is that we die with regrets most of the time for unfulfilled wishes .

Yeah, after looking at the video ,  I could feel that life is really very very short and it seems that I was young yesterday and now , I am old and getting older very soon.

I wonder whether I have lived my life in full and without regrets. But , until now , I have regrets and there is no way  I can turned the clock back and relive it with a difference. There is no second change now. I can only live and live forward and try to accomplish what I have not done and find my passions to complete it.

Like I mentioned before  days , turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and then years and we passes on. There is no choice and the end is the same for all.  We come with nothing and go with nothing. Only memories are left behind for a short while.

It does matter what is good or bad or right or wrong . It is a matter of perceptions.  What his heavan or hell, it is matter of perceptions and brain washing by the people or books around us.  Everything is an illusion and fake. What we live is real in the current month.

Lets live, eat , sleep and love well.


Friday, September 15, 2017

Pouring rain

It has been raining since late last night and it keeps pouring until there was massive floods in my area, Farlim.  The water flows from the hills and the higher areas to the roads in front of all seasons and the water raise to a chest high ..  It was a bad day as I was caught in the midst of things.

It was jam as I took the first corner and the queue was long and slow.  When I reach the first traffic light , I could see the cars turning into All seasons and after a short reach, the flood come into my full vision.  I kept going and the water keep rising until I decided to turn back as the flood opens up into a bigger and bigger area. I don't know whether the car will get stalled or not and it is better to turn back from this risk.. Going back to my house was no issue as the traffic in this direction was few.  I stay back in my house as the traffic jam flow towards my house and what I can do is to stay back and wait for the water to slide back.  After awhile, I wanted to check it out and drive my car out towards the direction of the traffic light .. Again , the flood in front of All seasons have not recede and I was forced to move forward towards Air Itam road.  It was a massive jam on this road and I was stuck.

After 20 minutes, my wife call me to check my location and I told her that I was still in the same location and not any further.  She told me that the flood has receded near all Seasons and I make a U turn back and go towards that direction . Yes, the flood have receded and I kept moving towards all seasons and it gradually opens up as the traffic disperse.

it was a smooth drive after the Hokkien cemetery area and moving into Batu Lanchang lane and towards green lane and it really was a smooth ride towards my factory.

It is not a matter of inconvenience but the time of the rain and the wind and the maintenance on the Penang bridge .  The combination of these various factors can make our lives more complicated and uncomfortable.  By one factor , it is already messy and chaotic and if with more disaster , we will be doomed if the traffic does not clear in time.