Sunday, June 18, 2017

Doing the same thing

Maybe , it is true that some people gets what they expected by doing the same thing everyday. This could be the miracle from GOD or their so called " luck".  How many percent can this happen to the people.  In a logical sense, if we do the same thing everyday and expecting a different result is really crazy and it is almost impossible to get a different result.  Yet, there are many people carrying this hope and wish.  They pray to so many GODs or Deities for the windfall . They pray everyday but without doing anything and remain hopeful.

This is one of the live that people is living and hoping.  Can we live in this way for the rest of our life hoping for a windfall.  Many people will die without knowing the outcome but believe it will happen to them.

This simple thinking is the creation of the society .  Yes, there are many ways to a destination and if we go in different ways, the experience will be different.  The condition of the road will be different , the scenery will be different and the people we meet will be different and the outcome could be different but the end will be death , that is the final destination. Some road is longer , some is shorter and some less traffic and the road condition could be better.   It is a different type of life in each road.

To be different , we have to choose a different road and if we travel in the same road and expecting a different  experience , it would be minimal impact .  IT will be only sunshine or raining for the day but the experience remained the same.


Silly people

In this world, there are a lot of silly people who do not know their direction in life and even to doing stupid decisions on the daily routine matters.  These people are confused and get emotionally upset which complicate their simple thinking without considering any consequences.

It is very simple to life our lives . Just remember who we are working for or working with and keep a good relationship with them.  Today , my wife asked me why I am expecting something back every time I do something.  I told her this is basic human relationship.  Of course, there are disappointments if we have this objective in mind . The best is doing something without expecting any returns. This is very true but what is wrong with expecting something or some appreciation in return.  But , we should not stick to the expected outcome that is all.

If we treat our children well, we expect them to be appreciative and close to us.  Is this something wrong ?  If the child decide not to be appreciative , it is still okay but maybe we have not done enough for them .  Maybe, we have not taken care of them as they have expected.  Basically, when we are good to the people around us, they should be good for us.  Of course, there are unexpected bad results and we refrain from these people who are not appreciative. Period.

If we are good to our staff, we hope that they will be good and remain loyal to us.  If they are not responding , it is okay as we have done what we can do for them.  Maybe, their expectation is too much from us.  One of my friend told we  maintain a distance from people , so that we are not hurt in the process if they become angry , upset and cause us anxiety.

But , we can identify an unappreciative character or silly people who have the wrong expectation from us and in this way, it will not give us the heartaches and the headaches.  So stay away from silly  people .  Period in order to live happily.


Thursday, June 8, 2017


I know the meaning of Buddha's cycle of life .. birth , age , sickness and death. Through age, sickness will come and we cannot forever maintain our youth . The body's immune system, the nature aging process will reduce resistance and increase strength of the body and finally, we get sick and die.  There is no way to stop the aging process but we can only delay it by using supplements or herbs or chemical interference.  We will definitely need to die as the body ages and wear down.

Until a ripe old age, it is better to die , if not , we will suffer from sickness and pain.. Gradually, we cannot eat , we cannot walk  or hear, It will be a torture if all our abilities start to be disabled. Even, when we pee , the urine will flow on to our pants or spray uncontrollably everywhere and mess up the place we live.  It will be a scary situation when you reach this stage of inability.   It is better to gradually die unless you want to be bed ridden and suffer more.

Nature have away to terminate our life and it is often fated.  When the fateful time comes, we have to go ,then we have to go.  There is no way to extend a moment or given a second chance.  It is time to die , we die. Period.

People go to religious places to pray for long life or healthy life . Unless, we are healthy and alert, we should let it go and let fate take its flow.  Praying is only to give us hope and to make us more comfortable.  People said that through religious their lives is better . It is a yes and no... Yes, it gives the hope to live longer and no , our time or day is numbered.

My Sister in law who has an experience with Cancer told me that her days are numbered . I laughed and tell her that all our days are numbered . It is only that we do not know when. How can we live forever  ? Nonsense.  It is just that we do not normally think about it until it becomes real or near.  Nobody lives forever and even , if we can live forever, it will be an endless days of boredom. Yes, life is fair and simple , once we live , we have to die.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Big C is here

I was told by my sister-in-law that she went for a MRI have detected spots on her kidney and on further checking , it was firmed the news of cancer.  Luckily, the cancer have not yet spread and one of her kidney was removed to contain the disease. It was a shock to me as she is an example of good health and financial freedom.

She has been eating properly, exercising yoga for many years, taking morning walks , walk the fastest and been traveling all over the world and enjoying life after the deceased of her husband.  But , it was confirmed that it was hereditary in nature.  If she has not done all the exercise or eating the good and proper food , it could be have been worst.  It is just fated, period.

Yes, My Mum in law died of kidney cancer , my father in law died of stomach cancer and my eldest sister in law also died of stomach cancer and now my 2nd sister in law detected kidney cancer.  Yes, it should be hereditary as I have mentioned that she is the fittest of them all .  What more can we said that it is fated or in the blood line.

Yeah, last night , one of my friend told me that GOD make us and GOD should take care of us. The path is pre=destinated and we only have to just follow the flow.


Monday, May 22, 2017

Pain, pain & pain

Have you ever experience pain all over your body at the same time ? Tooth ache , finger injured and gum pain ?  The nagging tickling of the pain , tug at the nerve each time and bringing discomfort. I have been taking pain killers and it just wither off and the pain just came back.

The last week have been a week of discomfort with this pains hanging around me and it really hurts when the pain killer wears off. Is this the life we want to live in ? If we are pain for a week, it seems a life time but when we are well most of the time,  we take for granted. Sun shine for 360 days and rain for 5 days is not normal during the painful period as it is taken for granted that we are pain free for the whole year round.

This is the mind of the normal people , a little rain is not normal ..

When we take life for granted , it is really too much as things will run off the normal track once a while. So there could be make darkness is the very day sunshine as we grow in age. Things will start to fail and pains will creep in many places as the body suffers wear and tear. We cannot be perfect all the time until the end of our life. There has to be a little bit of rain someday.

Lets be aware and conscious of what is going on  or what is going to happen , so that we handle life pretty well to enjoy as little pain as usual as we go on.  Break away from the granted and explore the road less travelled  in your own ability to survive.


Monday, May 15, 2017

My friend , a taoist

Have wonder what is a Taoist ? It comes from the word " tao " , the way. It origins from Lao Tze and his famous book " Tao Te Ching " ,  the way of life.  From my younger days, I was a Taoist as well following my mother to the various places of worship and so many deities who can perform all the miracles and can fly about the heaven and the earth.

A Taoist mystic comprises of the heaven and hell , the 18 layers of hell and the ruling emperor , the Jade Emperor who rules the whole universe covering the heaven , earth and hell  As an emperor , the Jade emperor have his heavenly army and all the famous generals who wield an immerse power ie the thunder god, the three eye Yong Chin , heavenly gods and deities safeguarding the heavenly palace.

From young, I have been following my mother to pray to all the deities and at that time , I thought that I should be a Taoist. I pray to every God who can help me or my family and when I grew older and on the passing of my parents , my second sister was the one who will asked me to follow the custom and I continued to pray for whoever can provide me wealth , safety and good fortunes.  Even later when I became a Buddhist follower , I still pray for the same wealth , safety and good fortunes which is the basic of all Man's needs.

Then one day, I asked a friend, CY .  She told me that she is a Taoist and I told myself " wow " this nice lady , young and vibrant is a Taoist.  This is so lacking now in the new generation who are followers of Taoism.

In the young days, I study the I-Ching and learn how to read my fortune for the day and to avoid all the misfortunes.  It is rather a difficult subject as it needs to follow a lot of procedures and theory using a tortoise cell..  It was a " hangat hangat shit ayam " and it just passed by after that.

Nevertheless, all the religion are basically good as it provides  the same wealth ,safety and good fortune wishes.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

My staff, a staunch Buddhist

I was shocked when I meet my staff for lunch.  She looks totally different and I could not recognized her at the first glance.  Why some stranger stood in front of me and looking at me ? I have just removed the chair and make way for her to park her car. Strange. Finally, she called my name and I notice she is my staff.  What an awkward moment ?

After lunch, she came into my office and told me that she is wearing a wig.  I thought she changed her hair style and she just cut her hair short last week.  She is feeling so uncomfortable in the wig and asked permission to wear a hat.  Of course, I told her to do so as not to be in such uncomfortable manner.

On more enquiry, she told me that she just shaved her hair and became a fully committed Buddhist. For the past few months after she join my team, she has been talking about her " karmic sins" and she needs to be committed to Buddhism in order to cleanse her sins.  I did not suspect or thought that she could shaved her hair to be " Choot Kar" in Cantonese.   This is really a big decision  for someone to be fully committed to Buddhism and choose to live the live of a lay nun.  Fully vegetarian and committed to the Buddhist way of living.

I know that there are people in Thailand or in Malaysia that could live like a lay monk for one month or two months. Some individuals also become a full time monk after many years as a professional person. These people really knows what they want and to learn the way of the Buddha.

It is not a bad decision as these people have seen through life and have become a bigger person or " tall people " who have seen beyond the materialistic world to live a simple life and cleaning their sins for a better after life. These believers are preparing to exit the realm of life instead of living in circles in our life on earth. Buddhist believes that in each life we have to do many goods to go up the realm in our lives before we attain our Buddhahood and enters into Nirvana.

So, here I wish my staff , who for whatever reasons have chosen this path.

Amitabha ...