Monday, October 5, 2015

Lucky people, not aware of luck

This is a famous saying " lucky people, not aware that they lucky " and applicable to the people born with a silver spoon in their mouth.  They eat the best , wear the best

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Not everything in our life is perfect and we  tolerate imperfection because every human being have weakness. If we expect perfection in everything , then it is our weakness not be aware of imperfections.

This morning, my staff called me and tell me that someone reverse into her car and it was damaged . She has to report to the police and give a statement. She believe that person who is in the wrong will not report to the police and henceforth , she cannot claim on her insurance.

Yeah, everyday when I commute to my factory, there are so many cars on the road, some observe the traveling rules and keep to their lane, some will just jam into your lane or suddenly switch lane. There are so many types of road users , the tame drivers riding very slowly and takin their own sweet time while others overtaking you with great speed or pushing you from behind and keeping close.  If you break , they will just bang into the back of your car.

There are also those motorbike riders , zooming in and out of the different lanes or some answering phone cars while driving their car or riding their bikes  unaware of the traffic behind or besides them. These zombies riding and driving at their break neck speed.

When  do an accident occurs ? it is simple when it runs out of control or a mismatch on the timing .  These are weakness and the imperfection of the drivers or riders .  We cannot help it , it is beyond our control and we can  only drive defensively and hope that everything is all right.

I remembered that I read a news a few days ago of an accident in KL.  Two bank officers were traveling to a semiar together and the car skidded on the road and overtune . Both female bank officers crawl out of their car .Another car stopped to help and was involved in another mnor accident. As the third car driver help the two female officer , another car came and bank into them and killing three of them instantly. It was raining and the road was wet. This illustrate the imperfection of the human beings, the road and the weather. When such imperfection occurs, some serious accident will occur.

If we stress ourself in believing everyone has to be perfect or be perfect , we are only stressing us up . So relax , enjoy whatever you are doing and live well.


Mong cha cha ( MC2) -blurry eyes

There are many " red indians" around who do not think well  or maybe they have not enough knowledge or wisdom to make a good judgement  which other people may feel that they are behaving like idiots.

In chinese, we called these people " Mong cha cha " or dreamy or blur eye and only see things in shadow and make judge based on these shadowy images

I was at the Pork Shop in Puchong , KL and they serve two types of pork  ie the white or the black pork which is related to the color of the pig ie white or black pig.  The owner told us that he rear these pigs in Johor and the black is more costly than the while pig because the supply is less. The difference between the white pig and black pig is because of its origin .  The same goes with the chickens ie white or black chicken. The tenderness of the pork is different.

The owner told us there is a third type of pig  ie the wild boar. It is a type of pig that runs everywhere knocking down every thing that stands in their way. This type of pig have no brain or brainless. This type of pig also illustrate people who creates trouble by not knowing what is their action . They are so "mong cha cha" and is easily instigate to shout and behave wildly on certain motivations.

These lowly shadowly figures deserve to be hang on the wall as targets for the dart throwers to hit all their parts that is painful.  These people should be get rid off and sent to siberia and do the hard work.

There are also opportunist who tap on any occasion to earn a fast buck or serve a purpose for money. In China, they could have been terminated and it is hope that such things to happen to them to cleanse the situation.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My emotions

I have attended two funeral wakes in two days . One is for my secretary's father who is 87 years and another for a distant relative at 45 years old.  What a wracky feeling ?

Life seems uncertain and fragile suddenly . But, it is not suddenly , it has been a fact since day 1 and we tend to look away and prohibit from talking and discusing about death. Is death really so frightening if it is a fact ?

Yesterday, I had a lunch with banker friend and we were joking about death . Not death per se but the way of dying in a proper and honorable way. This subject trigger a thought and really a message from an old friend.

Hopefully, this story will not touch the sensitivity of my readers and it is real, This friend of mine have been frequently seeking the pleasure from hookers and one day he told me that by the law of karma , he has sin a lot as he has seek the pleasure of many hookers espcially in Thailand.  He asked me whether by the law of karma, he will become a hooker in the next life and repay all his sins by people getting the same pleasure from him.  I told him, I don't have the answer and it may probably be the case.

Further on, he told me his fear that one day , he could die naked in a strange bed with a hooker and his story will shame his family and surprise his friends.  He is fearful but the craving is still there.  I told him that if it is in a bed is still okay but what if he die suddenly naked in an ugly situation.

I reminded him of the actor, David Carradine who was a kungfu expert and he died in Bangkok in a closet hanging in a strange position.  He could be seeking pleasure from some exotic arrangement. This is precisely what my friend fear is that he will be found naked upside down dead.

I believe the law of karma is real but how it come and when it come , I am not sure.  The saying is that we reap what we sow.  We just have to be careful in our way of life.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't worry, be happy

This lyrics were part of a famous song who inspire people to be happy and don't worry.  It falls into an article which says that happiness is  not dependent. Happiness is free and is within each person and you can be happy for no reasons.

In our life , we link happiness to an achievement, an occasion or somebody or something.  We must have a reason to be happy.  Why ? Why do we linked happiness to an event or depending on something. This is part of our education or experience in life which instil this thought that happiness should be linked to something.  To be happy all the time and not based on something is crazy to most people . To smile, joke and laugh without a valid reason is madness to most people . Why ?

I showed my blog to my staff , Vanese and she laugh saying that at such age , I am still blogging.  These activities is for young man or women.  I want to tell no, as long as I am happy blogging, I will blog. Why age can be an hinderance ? Age is a number but in actual fact, we grow old as we age.
Why at 60 over , I still can joke , laugh and have fun ? why should I look serious for everything ?
Happiness is free, it is within one self and we can be happy at any time or anywhere or for anything or nothing.  Break from your fixed mind  and let your happiness grow and take control of you . Let it go like a bird out a cage , let them fly  anywhere and everywhere  and let happiness flow without restriction... let it flow and let it go......


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A bleak morning

It was raining heavily suddenly in the morning and to my surprise , there was lesss traffic on the road.  It seems like today is a public holiday but it is not and the public holiday is tomorrow.

With the heavy rain, it clears away the haze but put on a greyish mood. A greyish mood is like a blue monday and it set a tone for a slow down in activities . 

In my mind was the thought of an accident of the Mat Rampit which was reported yesterday.  It was an eerie thought with a pile up which killed 5 riders on a speeding spress.  One of the rider was cut into two and the scene must be in terrible stage. I kept asking myself why, why do they need to risk their life like this ? It must be a challenge between death and life that thrills them to get the kick. Wasted life .

Apart from this , my mind was empty like the greyish color. It must be on auto pilot again as the car passes the roads to my factory. Yeah, like a zombie.

I have been through many of such greyish days and it will get lifted when I start to work and after a cup of coffee in the early morning. Life goes on and it is another working day.

I have to lift off now .... back to work.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Life is bitter sweet

This morning my secretary came in and I asked her to make two packet of " Hor Yan Hor " with two salted plum and she asked me " Boss, it will be very bitter " and I told her life is bitter and then she said " it should be bitter sweet" . Yes, she is right , life varies between bitter and sweet. It is never flat.

Just like alternating between happiness and sadness.  If there is happiness , then there is sweetness and this both sides of the coin.  If you flip the coin, it will land on the head or tail side and it cannot stand on its edge . Of course, we were taught of Buddha's middle path of neither happy or sad and if you can keep this thought , it will be marvellous.  That is why Buddha is a great teacher and he has achieved and realized it. How many of us can do it ? If they can, they will also become wiser and a great teacher.  I believe many people could have done it and have enjoy life to the fullest.

Is life to be this perfect way or bitter sweet ? It is a choice.  there is chinese saying " if you can  tolerate the bitter of the bitterest, you will be a leader among man " .  I believe this wisdom is to advise people to live through difficulties and suffering and in the end, they learn to be wiser and a better man.

To live a flat life or a bitter sweet life have its own merits and a personal choice of everyone. We want a happier life more than sadness but unfortunately, the more happy we are, we have to also to encounter a huge degree of bitterness . It is a corresponding  oppersite and unless , your mind is train to control your emotions asnd the downside of life.