Wednesday, March 7, 2018

We move, we change

The logic is very simple.  If we move , we will bring changes in our life.  If we go in a circle and expecting a different result , it will be madness. To make it simple, if we rest or sleep , things will remained as it is and there will be no changes.

We have to be real to our self to see this point . Some people will say , it is fate so whether we move or not , it does not matter.  What is due to you will come to you ?  Are we fated not to move and good fortune will bestow on us.  So all the lazy man or women can sit and wait for their good fortunes to come or good fortunes will come to those choose to move in their life. Which perception is correct ?

There are so many arguments on both sides but logically, if we do move and make a chair , the chair will not be there. Can we sleep and wait for a chair to come to us. So, logically, the chair can come or not  depends on whether some people give to us or not.  What is the chance of people giving us a chair or we set in motion to create the chair . Which is more certain ?

For those lucky people, someone could have given him a chair but in reality , we have to move and make it our self. Otherwise, it can or cannot happen at all.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

On the way to work today

It could have been a normal day to work as usual after 42 years old working life.  I felt a bit tired looking at the massive traffic on the roads coming out of my area  and on the way to work.  The traffic volume have increased compared to the previous years. Recently, the roads are getting wider under the DAP government . It has been a good thing rather the Gerakan's 22 years of no change.

We should not be worry of changes .  Life is an evolving process and without changes , there will not be any movements and life will be boring and tiresome. Challenges keep our life moving .

Getting the traffic was okay except some road bullies rushing pass us or cut into our lane.  It is very frustrating but can we do ?  All these bastards or good for nothing brainless hoo doos running around wildly. 

Suddenly , the car slowed down towards the end of the bridge towards Prai.  The jam have gathered and I saw a bad traffic accident.  A lorry have smashed into the side concrete divider of  the bridge and with the lorry hanging by the nose and not falling into the sea yet.

On reaching office, many of my staff was late to work and one smart one sent me a photo of the accident.  A lorry was hanging at the edge of the bridge after smashing into the divider. If the lorry have fallen into the sea, the driver could have been killed or serious wounded. The lorry might have to avoid a car and brake hard before ramping into the divider. Wow, a really bad incident and the jam from Prai to Penang was crowded and a long queue pushing it way back to the joining roads.

Yeah, it is one of those days when the traffic was jammed for a two or three hours time period. What can we say ? One of those bad days for the driver and a bad day for the drivers from Prai to Penang. They have to relax and take a slow pace fo life to understand all these has happen for a reason.  What are the reasons?  Perhaps Karma is taking its course on someone. Just as simple as that.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Life is uncertain , death is certain ( renewal)

Today , I have a lunch with a colleague and some friends . It is like a catch up to find how are things with our friends.  I was shock to hear all the bad things that is happening to the people around us as age is catching up with us.

He told that when we are old, all the illness or sickness will come to us gradually.  One of the quite famous Penang assembly man just died last night after going through three disasters at the age of 75. It was an acquaintance to two of us. He died of bone mellow cancer.

Another famous sport star , the star goalkeeper , Chow Chee Keong also died recently from cancer at age of 69 . He was a sportman all his life switching from football to golf on h is twilight years. Well, so life is uncertain by when but death will finally catch up on us.

Today, I receive a news from a friend , a marathon runner who was knock down by a "hit and run" vehicle also died after in come since December 2017.  This is fate and it depends on the King of Hade to decide when we are called up. Finally , it will happen.

As for those of my friends who have gone into their 70s , some of them is either suffering from blood cancer,  strokes or other non-curable disease.  They are struggling to stay alive by medication and it is a matter of time, death will catch up with them. Of course, a few of my friends are still enjoying good health and good life and one of a former colleague is getting married at the age of 75.  Yeah, happy moments at this current time but death is still waiting .

These news makes me wonder how many good years do I have ?  At this age, I am still working and waiting for my wife to retire at 60.  It is so worrying and having to get up every morning to work and each day , it is getting tougher to wake up and push myself out of the bed. This happens when I have a bad sleep or a eventful night of dreams.  Well, this is the basic nature of life and  this is the journey we have to go through.  One of my retired friend told me that he don't know how to pass the days especially in the afternoon after all the daily chorus have been done.

Yeah, my sister in law is traveling all over the world to take her mind off her cancer problem and she still have to face the problem when she comes back from her travel and quiet down. It is all in the mind and this some thing that is uncontrollable unless we have a trained mind. Don't be happy only with the " what if ' and do away with all the constraints in life to be happy.

It is a tough road but we have to try our best.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The facts of life

Yeah, when we are born , we are destined to die . There is no other way.  Like Buddha says birth , age, sickness and death is the basic cycle of life. 

Lately , I have seen a lot of use of  artificial intelligence in robots to replace part of our body functions, glue that can heal wounds , tattoo that sense the change in our blood sugar level and the growth of body parts to replace and make our life more comfortable.  There is a case of robotic AI for dental treatment or surgical purposes.   The use of AI is getting more rampant and is growing very fast.

There is a belief that AI robots will replace many jobs in the coming near future and will become more prominent .  I have seen robots with AI who can response to actions , make decisions and re-act to external actions.   It is inevitable that robot machines with AI is making our life much better but replacing human in area of work.  There is also AI involved in food manufacturing which can make food available to billions in the near future.

The use of drone in Agriculture and to re- build forest , repair damaged farm land or landscape is getting more rampant and such use is growing very fast.

A whole lot of robot AI will be in use and this will make the world a much different place to live in.  Less manual jobs but more AI and robots . This is one of the area of growth and computer knowledge will be well in demand in the coming 10 to 20 years. It will need a machine to repair another machine as it will not be easily comprehensible by human beings ..  This will the world of the near future.

Hopefully, the danger of malfunctioned robots will not be a threat to human race or even worst to control the human race by some nasty villains  as depicted in some movies.   This should not happen if the use of this knowledge is for the good of the human race.


Monday, February 19, 2018

A good night sleep

I have been told since young that as we grow old , we have less hours of sleep .  But, this logic bluffs me as it should be the reverse.  As we grow old, we should sleep more to make up for our old age right ? Is this GOD's arrangement that we sleep less , so that we can have more time in this life ? If that is the case, I will understand .

I found out that as we aged , we need to hit the bed early and around 9pm , we will be yarning for sleep . Our eyes will get watery , tired and our eyes goes beyond our control.  When we hit the bed, we either oozed off soonest possible or if our brain is still active, we could drag until 2am or 3am , before we can sleep.

How do we measure sleep ?  It is not the long hours , but rather how deep we sleep.  If there is only 3 hours of deep sleep, it will be fine for us as we will be active the next day.  If our sleep is shallow and we drag on before we fall a sleep, the extra hours of dragging is more harmful to our body.  So short and deep sleep is what we need.

But again, there was an medical report that we have to have a minimum of 7 hours to sleep for us to be active the next day.  Otherwise, we could have different kind of illness if it is in the long run.  I am quite disagreeable to this logic ?  Why should we have this standard ?  The degree of our sleep is very important . If we are conscious during our sleep , even if it is for 10 hours , we are still feeling tired and lethargic . Maybe, the logic is 7 hours of normal sleep .  What is normal sleep ? It is very difficult to define what is the level of sleep to we need. Different people have different needs . It cannot be standardized so easily.

I was told a story of a CEO of the high profile company , sleeping less than 7 hours every day and finally die of heart failure .  This is a very serious warning and  we have to make sure we are not deficit of sleep.  Oversleep is okay but undersleep.  Again, maybe the 7 hours rule is a general rule to live longer and healthier. Nothing is absolute , I think.

it is definite that enough sleep is important and if there is a lack of sleep , we can go crazy and illusion in the long run.  The lack of sleep can make us into another people , who angry with the world . This is serious.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pains like needle poking

I am more aware of my age now and I am starting to feel needle pains at certain part of my body in random.  It is moving from the hand to the legs or different part of the body causing itching feelings.
It last only a second and it is gone until an unexpected timing on other occasions. It makes me worried about some damages to my body.

I started to check the google for an answer and I was told that it could be a damaged or suppressed nerve.  I have never got this tingling pain but it is really a nerve condition problem.  I was told by the text that I should rub , touch and massage it until it is gone.  Yes, it is gone is a few seconds.

What causes this symptoms ?  Stress or a damage nerve or a part of our body which have been under suppression for sometime.  I cannot understand since it is only occurring now only at my age. Why ? Yes, the body resistance become weaken and that is how more and more defects in our body arises.  Yeah , looking back , it is really the lack of awareness in me to understand my body.

In a Chinese saying, every year passed 60 will make your body aged more severely  and whatever wounds or defects become more obvious rampant.  Yes, we have to take it . 

Yeah, how can I managed it ? I have to be aware and handle it when it comes. There is no other choice.

I have also read a new invention that is a special glue to heal the scars much faster without leaving any scar.  I have seen the video on this gel like lotion.   It has been successfully test on mice or rabbits but will be tested on human soon.  I hope the same thing will be available for the needle pains.  A lotion that can eliminate this uncomfortable needle pain feelings. 

Everyday, there are new inventions and hopefully, some new drugs to solve hypertension , uric acid or diabetic imbalance and will give a lasting solution or final remedy.  For diabetic , there is an improvement that a certain chemical use on a tattoo can change color is the sugar level picks up,.  I do not know how they can monitor such imbalances   ie high is what color , medium is another color or high is the maximum color. 

Yeah, science have its ways and we are able to crone certain parts or plant AI into Robots and one day , there could be cure for everything  like changing spare parts in a damaged vehicle.

Namaste .

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Feeling of tiredness

After working for 43 years, I have a feeling of tiredness .  The body is aching , the joints are hurting while the steps are floating.  There are so much wounds and bruises to the body and the mind . Ego, insults , criticism and scolding makes deep roots into our emotional well being.

I have a friend who told me that as we get older, we cannot withstand any such kind of abuses.  Our ego and self center-ness gets more difficult to pacify.  The new wounds takes more time to recuperate while old wounds remained deeply entrenched.

But why should worry ? I have done my part and carry out my duties and now , I have to sit back to consolidate the values that I have created throughout the years.  What is another additional million to me ?  I can live on my investments comfortably if I want. 

How do I spend my time after retirement ?  This is the big question .  There are so much things to do ie small and big things . How would I distribute my time for all these things?  I have to remain useful right ?  And just eat, sleep, watch TV and exercise. I have to do something to pay back what I have earned from society right ?  But, all these personal things only bring in circles until the day I passes on. Is this worthwhile ?  This is something , I have to come to term with. How do I spend the rest of my time as a retiree. 

Yes, by still working now , I am escaping from these big questions of what to do ? I hope I am not becoming noisy and grumpy after my retirement .  Nothing to do but concentrate on small little things. That is my big worry as I have too much time on hand to handle the small maters.

Yes, I have to become wiser and accept the facts of life and control my mind better. I have to have a healthy body and a beautiful mind to live the rest of my life in a meaningful and positive way.  When we come into the world with nothing, we go out of this world with nothing but at least , some good legacy still remains. 

I don't know why people have to be nasty and aggressive and at the end of the day, they are still going to be nothing. Every benefits in life comes from a title and without that title , all the merits and respective will be gone. One of my friend told me that " this is the way I am" being nesting and aggressive . But, I think it is a matter of choice . When we are in our prime and top, we abuse our position and treat our subordinates with abuse and without respect and we get a away with it . But , at the end of the day, we will regret it .  Karma have a strange way of working on us .

So, to my nasty and aggressive friends.  Watch out , what goes a round ,comes around.