Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our true personality

I was shocked at myself and I really feel bad as I shouted a 4 letter word after my finger was caught in between the steering wheel of my car. The word was the most un-appropriate word as I shouted in pain. It has no reason to the incident and I showed out the bad side of me. I was told that people who was caught in a hurtful situation usually say such words like Shit, fuck, Cibai , puki ,etc. Why do we utter such sickening words ? It must be the influence in our life and we have grown up in such negativity. It will be more appropriate if we shouted out " Oh my God " or the name of some deity instead of these words which is of more personal nature. Has our incident caused by the four letter words. Why do we have to blame such private parts of ours and what do you expect these parts to do for us. However, such words came out in a sudden and we feel that it is fulfilling. This is something very wrong with us. Immediately, I realized that there is a dark side in me which can come out and take control of me. On a normal day, the bright side is stronger than the dark side but sometimes, the dark side can surged stronger and gets in control. So, when we say that people can change under certain circumstances, it is actually true. It is just the dark side taking over and the person become evilish in their doings. To control the dark side, we have to mix with positive people and also rely on religion to enforce the bright side of our self. It is really the awareness in us to remind us to take control when the brightness flip. Namaste

The power of money

Today, I received a message from my Yoga teacher and she asked for an increase in my yoga fees by about 15% and it was the third increase in this year. I protested to my wife about the hike and she concurred with me on the lack of logic. So, I whatsapp my fellow yogis to find out the market value of such programme and I was shocked to find out that the rate was quite closed to the market value. wow, it is really inflation has catch up and the purchasing power of our money have actually shrunk A few days ago, I was talking to my friend about the same subject. He told me that rm10,000 ten years ago is different from the same amount today and he cannot afford to buy any properties and his EPF savings are so little. Yes, I concurred with him and asked him to find out the real value of the money against inflation and compound the inflation rate over ten years and he will know what is the value of his RM10,000 now compared to the same amount 10 years ago. our salary actually shrunk if we do the calculations. It is really a scary situation if we put the hike of the housing price into the calculations. Last 10 years , the housing price have been going up by leap and bounds. Some 2 times and some even 3 times. Only these two years , the price have been stagnant. No employees can based on their own salary to buy houses next time in Penang and Selangor. The size of the houses have shrunk with the value of our money. It is better not to think about this matter and one of my yogi friends told me that the prices of everything is going up and she is right and another perspective is the value of our money have fallen . These two are the same impact and this is hurting the life of Malaysian. It is real and we have to be aware of it and do something about it before we hurt further in our daily needs. Namaste

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The love to travel

I read a very good wisdom on traveling from a person who loves to travel. It compares a travel to an experience and to the see the world. Each visit to a place is a different experience and it is refreshing. It goes like this : I urge you to travel as far and as much as possible Work ridiculous shifts to save your money Go without your latest handphone Throw yourself out of your comfort zone Find out how other people live & realize that the world is a much bigger place than the town you live in . And when you come home , home may still be the same & yes, you may go back to the same old job But something in your mind will have changed. And trust me, that changes everything. Namaste.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The pecks belongs to the title we hold

Very often , we forget that the pecks goes with the title. So, without the title there is no perks. However, once we tasted the benefits, it is very difficult to let go and we often fight to keep it with us. There was this story of a former US sec-gen. When he holds the post, he was given all the priority , live in the best hotel, eat in the best restaurant and there are people offered to provide some service to him. After he retired, when he go to the place he has been, he has to do the booking of a lesser hotel by himself , find the food he wants to eat and arrange his own transport for his travel. He concluded this reflection and ask people to be aware of this fact. Very often, we take for granted and continued to expect the things we have been given before despite the fact that we have retired. We are often blind to the things that is obviously in front of us but we just want to see what we want to see or hear what we are expecting to heard and to be treated at the same level as before . Lets be real and accept the facts and the sooner, the better. Namaste.

My weekend

My weekend was hectic and I learned a very good lesson. Giving free food for charity is not attractive at all and people valued their personal life more than food. My daughter May told me that we better organized a charity buffet for those friends who have donated to Asia works charity for a old folks home in Puchong as we have committed to give free vouchers for each donations. I agreed and she organized it but some donors did not turned up and we landed with so much food. Then I realized that these people donate for a good cause without expectations. Once they contribute , they contribute that is all and any rewards are secondary. Wow, it is so wonderful to know such compassionate people. Last night, I was on Whatsapp on the F&B sector. I told my friend on the other line that it is getting congested in Penang as everyday there are may café opening for business and they are offering at dirt cheap prices. How to cover the cost of doing business is a big wonder. In the afternoon, I was searching for a good cup of coffee and landed myself in Arang, Bayan lepas. It was located in a new area listing with shops and most of the shops are for rental or vacant. There was these two eateries, one offering lobster and another offering coffee while the rest of the shop lots were empty. Just empty and for sale. Now I know why my friends is telling me that there is glut in the shopping area and the supply is much faster than people taking it up to open for business. The market is getting cautious and selective while consumer is holding back their spending. The scene don't look good as the economy slows down. Wonder when the economy can recover as people fear over their jobs and salary while the world goes byy. Namaste.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hahaha ! Diabetes or high sugar level

Well, it is a natural progress from high blood pressure to diabetes and to heart trouble. This is a group of friends which goes together. Are we accepting this natural consequences and go to the way of taking pills to control diabetes ? Is there any other way , the change of life style and food can help ? Yes, may HBP is difficult but sugar level ? I was told by a friend that we can control the in-take of the correct food or exercise can help to avoid the need to take pills. Taking pills is an easy way and nowadays, medicine is so advance that the side effect is minimum. Maybe one day, they can find an ultimate cure to diabetes. Certain type of diabetes have already got a cure but it is not for all types of diabetes. The medical companies in the world are spending billions in the research for a cure and in matter of time, there will be a solution. So meantime, how should we avoid the need to take pills ? We have to plan and to take action to regulate our food and to exercise to burn away the excess sugar. We have to take action and not to sit around to cure it and not just hope to cure it. Actions must be done. Other people have done it , we can also do it . Be positive and try and if finally, it cannot be done, we have to take the pills and to live on as well as we can. Nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Actions must be taken. Namaste.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We know yet we don't want to know

Once I told my friends that our grand father knows how to invest their fortunes and that is why they are rich but now we also know how to invest like our fore fathers and we are reluctant to follow our instinct. That is the difference. When our fore fathers buy land and property in strategic areas, they know one day, the price will multiply in the future and they investment will multiply in many folds. The same scenario is the same today. Many people know that if we invest in properties in the Island, it will be like Singapore and Hong Kong as the land is scarce and the demand is high and in the future it will increase in value. But there are people who choose Prai to invest because of the price now is still affordable. But, if you think about it, it will not grow because there are ample land in the main land and the facilities of travel will improve in the future but the supply of land Is unlimited. Based on this logic alone, it will surpass all factors which is supportive of an investment in the mainland. About 15 years ago, my friend invited me to Invest in hand phones and I rejected him and today, the hand phone sector is so big and it becomes a trend. The same thing with car service and repairs, as the population grow, the demand for such transport and its support service will grow as well and it is something that is growing still. So, for investment in land, we have to look at the supply but for hand phone and car services, the demand is forever growing with the increase in population and its usage. The basic concept of demand and supply is quite obvious and if we have the ability and guts to see the future and lock in our options and we will be rest assured that we have done the right thing. We know what is our options but yet we fail to realize it but still in caught in a trap. Namaste.