Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On the way to Africa -3

On the way to Africa -3

Now flying at 38000 ft and at 580 KM per hour makes me feel like superman. The anxiety and excitement is all mixed up and give me a mixed feeling.  Coupled with the fear from the memories of the MH disasters.

The sky was very bright and sunny without a single trace of haze back home. Maybe it is nearer to GOD or the creator. Because of the plane is flying at a great speed and due to the vast space , the picture outside the window do not change much at a time.

This reminds me that with unlimited space , we are just a speck of dust in this universe. Yet, our ego is bigger than ourself. Why is it so? We are so unimportant and furthermore , we are just in transition through this earth and in this life time. Why are we catching hold of things so tight and confine ourself to our limited mind and our thoughts. Worst still, we attempt to control and influence others to follow our ways.

We used power, money and influence to gain control of others and make them salves to ourself and thoughts.
Creating fear to gain control and manipulate other people's re-action to us.

In this limitless time and space, we are just nobody. Just be aware of this point and we will let how to let go.


On the way to Africa-4

In Africa - Ethiopia -4
Last night paws a struggle to get a god night sleep. The time was 5 hours behind Malaysia.'i woke up at 8am but the local time,was only 3 am. I continued to lie on my bed trying to get more rest.

For a while , it was already 1am Malaysian time and it was 8 am local time to move for a site visit. The traveling was short through the town and then to the open field.

Ethiopia have abundant of virgin land and people and it is ideal for labor intensive industries.

For me, I have seen enough of factories and it is just like seeing a movie repeatedly. Everyone is looking for opportunity to male money. However , give the most benefits and incentives gets the deal.

This s the real world which money works in many ways. But , there is some real joy where you can stand under the sun at 16 deg C and the cold wind sweep across the land in this country which is the origin of

There is a saying " the cold wind can cool and clear your head".



Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the way to Africa -2

Transit in Dubai

I am in transit at Dubai for 4 hours on route to Ethoipia.

Dubai is a travel hub to rest of the world and it is huge in size and hundreds of aircraft past through this hub. Of course , there are a lot of travelers passing through the terminal everyday.

Huge shopping area with lots of eateries. The terminate is 4 hours behind Malaysia.

The weather is about 30 deg C outside but in the lounge and terminate is about 24 deg C.

The providers is mainly western food with nuts , breads etc. nothing to shout about on the taste.

Now .resting and try to catch some sleep.


On the way to Africa - 1

On the way to Africa.

This is my second trip to East Africa and in particular Ethoipia . This country is abou 30 years behind Malaysia and now they Re opening up for foreign investments.
China has gone in a big way ahead do the US.

The feeling of traveling to Africa is kind of confusion and despair. This is usually this feeling as the country is quite  virgin and the culture  and  food is so different. The country have gone through a great famine and a number of civil wars.

The last time when I was there , I spend two days but this time three days in the country. I will get to know the people and its culture deeper but there is a somewhat uneasy feelings. For some people, they would want to travel back in time or to the place where is the origin of man but for me, it is a challenge as I prefer to travel to a more developed nation. This is my weakness and I have to overcome it. Perhaps , places like  Bangladesh and Ethoipia have connections with my previous life. Perhaps , this is.an unfulfilled task in my previous life. This could be the reason why I am evolving in these countries.

I have to relax and sale it through and enrich my experience with these challenging trips.

When there is something we cannot control  or change it , there is useless to worry but hold firmly and steer it through .


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Into the twilight -3

Into the twilight 3

The fear of death is in everyone and it is a taboo to talk about this subject. The reason that is subject is not popular is because life is to be celebrated and to live and not to wait for death.

However , the is no life without death. A perpetual life without death is so meaningless but when death is near, we cannot let to and wanted more time. So, how long life should be? 100 or two hundred years or more?

Based on the scientific development which have make advance in prolonging life , we can live longer and longer and we celebrate longer life. If we have the wisdom and way to enjoy a longer life then it is welcome but if there is no purpose and meaning in life then let the natural process take its place.

Talking about death should a normal subject and raise our awareness of life's temporary and transitional stage. I we are aware of death, we are aware of the need to live well.

Life  come and go . Live wth awareness.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

into the twilight - 2

Today, I had lunch with an old time banker friend.  He told me that he is suffering from severe back pain.  The back pain have occurred a few months ago and with pyshotherapy , he was alright until lately, the pain came back and haunt him.  He said that it was a sign of old age. The body will have a lot of pains as we aged. For this insight , I agreed absolutely.  It is sooner or later.  If we are able to keep our healthy well, it will be later and for some , it is sooner as the body immune or the strength fade.

In Yoga, we believe that in our life we have an average of  three million breath. If we breath faster through exercise , we will die faster and if we breath slower through Tai Chi , we will live longer.  However, it depends on the health wellness of each individual person.

After lunch, he told me that one of mutual banker friend just passed away from heart attack a few days ago.  He is only one year older than me.  Yes, I have lost touch with him for more than 10 year now since his retirement. He was quite a jovial person and he used to take chinese herbs to cure his common illness. He suffered a heart attack was in coma for three days before passing.

I was shocked  as I have not expected such outcome.  When we are in twilight years, there are a lot of things that we cannot expect. Come what may, we have to live on positively and cautiously.  We can take all the precautions but it depends on the decision of our maker.

We have to move forward and let it go.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Into the twilight -1

In our life journey, there a twilight phrase like the evening setting sun.  This is the last phase of our life journey and like a lot of people is saying " it is down the hill ' or past the prime.
This is the time to let go, relax and wind down to meet our creator. 
In this phase, we only have memories and recalling happy moments and try to keep healthy so that we can continue to enjoy our life.  The darkness or end is near and we have to be prepared to face the so called judgement day.
Today, I attended a retiring colleague's farewell lunch.  At this age , after retirement , he is going into business.  This is his passion to live another chapter in his twilight years. A lot of people would have retired completely when they reach 59 years old but there are some people who want to keep themself occuppied and be useful until the end.
In life, there are so many choices and people have so many path to choose. to travel their journey. There is no one common road . Even if in one common road, the feeling and happening is not the same.
Please read part 2 - for more adventures.