Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The power of giving

We have to give before the returns comes back and whether it comes back or not, it does not matter.  Why are we keeping all the wealth with us instead of spending and sharing it with others.  We cannot be always taking and taking without giving for the more we have sometimes is not happiness at all without spending or sharing with others. In karma, when we give , we do not expect any returns but it will come back somehow to repay what we give. Karma behaves In its mysterious ways. 

Today, one of my friend wished me a happy Birthday and I invited to meet him at lunch.  Later on , he told me that he is coming to Penang to catch up with old friends and want to know how they are dealing with their life.  Either to retire or work to death.  I think he is in a personal crisis and want an answer from the Establishment.  I don't think he can get an answer as what he need or what is right lies within himself .  Nobody is the same and he has to come with his terms in this life.

For me turning 64 is really a challenge and seems scary . I think this is only for a moment and why do we get worried or scare of what we cannot change.  Just live the best we can and do the best we can for our health.  Everything is a choice like I say many times.  We have the power to decide and all these decisive power lies within us.  It is we that lack the confidence and courage to search within us for an answer.  Life cannot go back now , so we have to decide how to live on.

There is no right or wrong way to live our life and it is only the way we choose ie My Way and with no regrets like what is said in the song " My Way".  No look back , no fear , no emotions but make the decision without looking back to live on our way.

I have written this story before about a monk closing his eyes to meditate.  As he meditate , he heard a noise and he thought that it was a rat. As the sound gets louder and louder , his imagination changed it from a rat to a cat  and to a tiger and later into a wild boar. His mind creates everything and the fear gets stronger and stronger as his imagination goes wild . The mind is doing the trick and when he opens his eyes, he saw that the noise was created by only a tiny mouse. 

In life , it is the same , as we fear , the fear manifest itself and make it into a bigger fear. The fear of dying or the fear of losing everything . So, it starts from the mind and the solution to these imagination is also in our mind.  We control our destiny and our fate which dictates our life.


Monday, August 7, 2017

The mighty mind

I happen to read a statement from Sahguru, an Indian wise man.  Everything starts from the mind, it has to be resolved by the mind.  The emotions of  fear, frustrations , unhappiness , anger ,etc , it comes the mind and it can be stopped or change by the mighty mind itself. It is just like a switch, from the moment of awareness, if you have a trained mind, you can just switch it off and maintain the internal peace within yourself.

Come to think about it, whatever happens it is because of our mind. A uncontrolled mind which could makes our senses and emotions like a bunch of monkeys celebrating in a banana plantation and have a field time. Monkeys are very cheeky and remained restless if it is not trained. You have to tie it up but yet , he or she can make a lot of irritating noise. If you trained the monkey, it can behave well most of the time. 

So the logic and wisdom of this sahguru is very true but the mind have to trained and remained be aware and in firm control.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wow.. life is a joke

Lately, I have been using a lot of this phase that "life is a joke ". It is real and we have been ignoring this awareness.  Some of us work until we die , some people born with a silver spoon while others choose to live life on their own way and not care about anything in the world.

One of my workaholic friend told me that we must have a career in our life.  I asked her back " what is a career ? To earn more money , to be successful, to be well known or to be powerful.  But what is all these titles or meaning ?  These concepts are build in by the past generations and we are only following our path or their path to be what they are. Are really happy with your career ?  Having money to meet your needs and thousands of people working under you or you are better the billions who is not earning as much as you ?  Meaningless right ? What is a career ? To work you to death ?
It is very funny concept that we have and illusions as well.

We are so intelligent but yet we are so stupid . So stupid to bind by other people's thinking and following the path of other people's life or career. But of course, there are many roles in life and if with no people to manage the establishment , then everything will just collapse. So, it is better to convince the people that they must have a career so that they can work for the Establishment. Otherwise, it will be back to the uncivilized world. So let the stupid people to do the stupid career job and we can live our life the way we want it .

So, a career is stupid unless you like it and like your job.  So, it should not be to build a career but to build an interest and interest that let us live.


Taken a ride into a mine

Life is a joke .  Have you got the experience of someone leading you into a ?\"mine" and got you blown up.  Yes.  yesterday , I have this experience and was severely criticized and humiliated.  It was a bad feeling and it hurts our pride and ego.

My colleague have asked me to present a paper on his behalf and he told me to prepare the material according to his requirement and after that present it on his behalf .  It was an easy job and no big deal. So, I had prepared the material and when I presented it , I was criticized badly for the poor presentation.  I have presented the paper on our current achievement and what we have done but the "boss"  who supposed to be brief wants an action plan to achieve it.  Wei, this is a  big difference in the presentation. What we have done and what we have to do is two different thing and way apart.  One is "as at" and another " how it should be " . The scope is way apart and so much different.

On that purview of " as at"  talk about past actions and how it should be is our plan action in future time and how to achieve it.  Hey, what a blunder and all the angle is wrong. So, the boss failed my report . I can understand it but I have been take  a ride by my colleague.

It was an embarrassing situation and I was very frustrated at the wrong scope of presentation which not only waste my time and everybody's time, I was punched on the face point blank.  Wei, where is link ? Broken communication and wrong expectations.


Monday, July 31, 2017

The love for my sister

Yeah, after 5 months of memory lost , my sister is getting better but still a stranger to me and is still unable to speak.  Yesterday, I took her to a massage and she looks dull and unnoticed during the trip there and I was alone with her and her nurse in the Uber while the daughter was vacationing in Langkawi. 

I sat close to her and hold her lovingly and make sure she look out of the window. She has no re-action except staring in the far distance.  I kept talking to her and kiss her on the cheek on and off to tell her that I loved her very much. No re-actions .

At the massage centre, the people help us to carry her to the room for the massage and during the massaging process, she felt pain and make her face . She looks relax despite the pain.  After the massage, she was seating on the wheel chair while waiting for the Uber to pick us up.. Suddenly, I saw her staring at me and she gave me a smile.. I felt so light hearted , so happy as if she recognized me and give me a smile.  Her stare at me lasted a a few minutes and her smile was so warm. For a moment, I thought we were in touch.

In the car home, she sat relax and fold her leg , the usual way she sat when she was conscious. Her old habit is coming back and I hope her memory also come back slowly..  Suddenly , I felt nothing is more important than to live.  Nothing matters as along as we are living healthy and meaningfully.. We take our time for granted and thinking that we live forever is an illusion.  We better to come out of it and start to live because there is a limitation to time.  We cannot live forever and we better wake up and be aware of this point. 

Yes, nothing can buy time. Not even the billions that we have and when our time is up , it is up . period.


To catch a monkey

How true ?  It is our monkey brain which triggers a lot of mischievous thinking and action .  I just saw a video of how to catch a monkey and it really opens up my mind.  Everything is greed.

In order to catch a monkey in a traditional way is to drill a hole in a coconut so that the monkey can put his palm or hand into the coconut . It must be smaller than the size of the fist of the monkey and tie the coconut to a tree and put a banana or fruit in the coconut.  When the monkey put his hand into the coconut and grap the fruit , his hand cannot come out of the hole in the coconut and you make it panic and the more panic , the monkey the harder they will hold on the fruit and get stuck in the coconut and you have caught a monkey. 

To look at it on the wisdom side, it is like us holding on to our thoughts , our happiness , our money or our anger or negative thoughts about people.  We forget to let go and kept holding on to our thoughts and gets stuck in it.  We become uncontrollable as our anger , our thoughts or our greed drive us on and the harder we hold on it. There goes our happiness and freedom from our emotions.

It is so easy to let go and we will be happy always and in a similar example, is that we pick up a stick on our journey through life and we grip on to the stick and we pick up more sticks forgetting to release the sticks that we pick up.  We ended up with more and more sticks and getting more and more heavier as we go on our trip through life. Why ? Why can't we let go the sticks and travel light and easy and happily. It is all up to us to let go . It is within us to let go but yet , we don't know or refused to let go and suffer all the weights and unhappiness in our journey..

Just drop everything and let go.. there are so many things to do rather than to hold on.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

In the name of our father & mother....

This is not a oath in the calling of the Father ( God) or Mother ( Mary) , it is actually the name of our parents.  I have encountered a problem which many Malaysians could have encountered and it is so frustrating . What the &&^%$ is going on ?  Those stupid translators...

I am applying for a maid to take care of my bedridden sister and my application to the immigration dept was rejected. Why ?? I have to prove that my sister is really my sister and this is of course an easy task but it was not.. The spelling of my father's and mother's name was different in my birth certificate from my sister's. How can we proved that my sister is really my sister ?  The frustrating thing is that it was different by one or two alphabets  ie Teng or Theng  or kuo or ko or ku or so and soo and the IC dept refused to issue an amendment. I have to call on the certificate of my brother and sisters and it was found that my parents' name  was also different from all of them.  This means my family is not related at all .

Haiyoo, this could post a problem and it is so difficult to convince the IC office to accept your explanation.  Those old silly translators of the past have created this problem as each translator have their own spelling methods. They are gone but their past  action give the present Malaysian a big problem. Just imagine , a person die without a will , his or her properties and assets will supposedly transfer to their family members like brother , sister , son or daughter but the person's name is spelled slightly wrong on his or her own birth certificates and in the certificates of his or her family members, they will not be related until the cows come home.   The assets and properties will flow on to no man's land. What a waste and sorrowful ?  Hence, this is an advise to my reader to be careful of these small errors in all the important documents to avoid a potential disaster.