Monday, May 30, 2016

What happen, need to happen ?

I was told by some wise men that everything happen for  a reason. Things won't just happen. Is it that everything is pre-destined to happen and we cannot change it ? I really don/t know.

One day, my daughter came back after seeing a fortune teller and she told me that the fortune teller told her about her future and she feel sad about it.  I told her that nobody can see in the future and it is really up to nature and herself  There are combination of factors but some time, it is not within our control.

My staff told me that her husband have gone into a meditation technique that will lit up the power of fire within himself and during this meditation, he dream that my staff killed him in his previous life and now , she has to pay for it in this life. He was a monk in his previous life and I asked my staff why did she killed a monk who should be living out of this world.  Yes, maybe that is a motive and just to make my staff owed him for the rest of his life and become a slave to her needs, For a rational person, I could be sceptical about it.

Can we really see what is the future and what is the past? is it true that the law of karma last a few or more lifetime and each person have to repay their debts or sins by doing all the merits to be even ? I believed there should not be such connections on a one to one basis. I believe the law of karma but it should be in a general form instead of a one to one basis. In this life, I could be a Chinese and in the next life , I would not know what I will become . Perhaps an Indian or a Russian or a Tibetan . I could not tell and how on earth when I am Tibetan  , I have to repay my debts to a Malaysian in Malaysia or somewhere else, By destiny , could I be linked to the person in my previous life ?

Nevertheless, sometimes thing happened to us and we keep asking why me ? How am I be chosen for this task in life ? It is all so confusing and silly.  Everyone should have their own life and we should break away from the fixed mind set of who owes who in the past and future life. It cannot be like this web of deceits trying to tie each other down and make us pay by this strange concept.

Life is mysterious and let it run mysteriously in many uncertain ways and this is the thrill of not knowing what happen next. This is the wonder.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Feeling bad

I loved my second sister very much but I just cannot tolerate her philosophy of " lets live" peacefully.  I always told her that if we tolerate evil, then evil will grow stronger and in the end the good people will suffer, Yes, I know that Buddha teach us to have a compassionate heart, living kindness and well being to our fellow beings. Dalai lama also taught us that if we can help others, we should not harm them. Yes, yes, yes,   I know all of these teachings but I don't want to tolerate " evilness" which affects my brother and sisters.

I have seen how my sister in law changed after the death of my eldest brother.  She quarrel with my sister everyday and caused her so much misery. At times , she needs to hide in my house to avoid the confrontational tactics of my sister in law. Everything was settled after she got a her wish to sell the share of the house to the remaining members of my family.  The ordeal was upsetting and horrifying . It really showed that how fate a person's character can be if their rights or well being if perceived to be not right according to their expectation. It is fearful and torturing. This is what I want to avoid among the remaining members ie my brother and sisters.

It is very funny that In every household there is always a "evil". It is in the form of a selfish person or an abusive or selfish person or a stupid idiot or a nincompoop who thinks that the wold owes them everything and it is their right to hurt or get unlimited protection from everyone or someone. This is person can look as been the evil among the good folks.

This is exactly the person which I have been talking to my sister who is constantly hurt by this evil person existing in the house and yet, she keeps protecting  her. Yeah, she is angry but it is out of compassion heart that she wants us to let it be. But, it is good compassion to accept a person and I fully agreed with it but not when their actions or their negative vibes keep affecting us and by not speaking up, the evil gets stronger. My philosophy is also to practice compassion but if it becomes and problem and becomes a torn in our life , keeping hurting us with their words or actions, we have to pull out the torn for the well being of all.  Why do we live with a torn in our life which keeps making us uneasy and uncomfortable. If there is a wound , we cure it . It is a nail in under our foot , we pluck it out.

So, this afternoon, I told my sister to rent a place for us and not to keep us in her house. But, she was very upset with me for suggesting this point,  I know there maybe many consequences but it is the better solution of all. Yeah, her daughter and son is very good to my sister but why she needs to tolerate the evilness of  this uninvited guest which have stay in the house for years and getting more and more evil in her doings.

I know this subject is taboo to my sister but I can see her suffer due to this matter.  She blames that we outcast her from the family but it is actually she that creates this repulsion by her nasty words and action,  I pray hard to find a solution to this matter fast and not to hurt my sister any longer.



I dun know how I should feel after hitting 100,000 hits on my blog.  It is really a milestone ad I don't how it will grow in the future,. I have not create any sensational news which triggered a tsunami like Alvin and Vivian's blog but I just write whatever comes into my head . It is just like a dairy which expressed all my thoughts and feelings. I must admit that all you readers of my blog have contributed greatly to this milestone.

On going to the next phase , I would be more daring in my exploit in the area spiritual enlightenment and sharing of my feelings with the events evolving round us. I could also attached some interesting articles to share the thoughts with my readers. Syabas to all of you , supporters.

My weekend experience is actually with my Dentist who have taken o the responsibility to save my tooth. I spend one and half hour in this morning to be educated by her on dental health. She told me that our body have immunity to protect our teeth but it has been stretch thin by the abuse of our body. If we drink, smoke and do things harmful to our body, our immune system will help to contain the damages. So, to enforce our immunity system we have stop all these abuses and let it repair and rebuild our body including our gum which our teeth grows on.  This is the first step to dental health.

We also told me the way to clean our teeth and prevent bacteria to build in between our teeth.  There are special tooth brush and tooth paste to clean in the morning and in the night including tiny brushes to clean the space between our teeth.  Dental floss is one way but not the best way to clean the space in between our tooth. There are also special tongue cleaners which is soft to the tongue and yet have a cleaning effectiveness especially the bacteria locking on to the pores of the tongue.

My Dentist also told me to deep root cleaning once a while to wipe away the bacteria living deep root into our gum and affect the health of the gum. if we wipe off the bacteria , the body immune system will repair and rebuild our gum affected by bacteria and our teeth could be saved.

It is not ethical for me to explain further on the treatment as it will be unprofessional and unfair to my dentist. Whatever, she do is her proprietary method and it may not be agreeable by other dentist. I will stop at this point and I want to share this experience with you that it is possible to save your teeth instead of waiting for it to be extracted and pay lots of money for in-plant or doing bridges to fill our mouth.  Slow down and take steps to arrange your life and spending 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night to give a proper treatment to your teeth could make your life worth living by eating well and living well.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Wow, touched 100,000 hits

Congratulations and jubilations ,,, I want the whole world to know happy I can be,,, these are the lyrics of a song sang by Cliff Richard in the 70;s and I think it is also appropriate to express my happiness and erection.

This achievement was  achieved over a three years period and the untiring effort to keep writing the articles to feed the blog. Although , it is not a million which was so easily achieved by some blogs as  result of some scandals or some leaked news, my blog is an achievement over small and simple articles close to my heart.

I would like to thank all my readers and supporters and I vowed to carry on writing articles which is close to all our hearts and sometimes , a bit inspirational.

Thank you.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Feeling dejected ...

In my early days, going for dinner is an enjoyment but at this current age, I valued my personal time more , just doing the things I want to do like resting, yoga and watch TV. Dinner is no more fun for me and I started to eat less. I just notice that.

Now , dinner with bankers seems to be a heavy burden on me despite my wish for my subordinates to takeover the role and become more pro-active.  I hope they can do without me and let me wonder into the night doing my things.

At this age, I could feel my eyes gets very sleepy after 9 or 9.30pm.  My eyes grew dim and my speech gets blur as my whole body wants to shut down. It has been going on for the past three years as I dropped out from circulations. Maybe, this is natural.

When my father in law was alive and retired , he slept in the day and wonder off to sleep after dinner and it was like a routine as he grow into old age. My mother in law was staying up late and watch TV and world cup football.  It turns out that my mother in law died earlier than my father in law despite he was much older than my mother in law.  She died from Cancer.

My father in law would sleep after lunch and slept at 8pm and wake up in the early morning at 2 or 3 pm to watch TV and go for very early morning breakfast at 6am.  He died at 86 from Cancer despite been very healthy into the 80's.

That is life and how long we live we cannot control it but how well we live it , it is up to us. It is not a matter of how long but it should be how well we live.

Nevertheless, time waits for no-one and if it is a time to pass on , we have to but in the meantime, we do whatever we can to keep healthy and lives on.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lost love

Through my life, I have a lot of lost loves and the memories of them really warms my heart and make me feel lost at times. I wondered where are they now ? I really don't know.

I love my father in my early forties , I love my mother about 10 years later after my father's passing and I lost my eldest brother a few years after my mother's passing. I really missed all of them and I wondered where they are now ? I guessed I will never know as there has not been any form of possible communications with them. This is the painful part as I am absolute clueless.

During my childhood's days , I have a few childhood friend.  The boy next door who became a tailor following his father's business, the boy at the house of the 72 tenants where I learn to play my guitar, the boy who showed his stamp collections which I took a few stamps from his album without him knowing , the uncle who operates the Kedai Runchi or sundry shop when I bought all my sweets, the mamak at the Indian sundry shop when I bought all my sundries and all my neighbourhood friends and the little girls  that I have adored and admire. All of them gone from the neighbourhood and became untraceable.

And for all the girls , I have loved before  and many of them already married  and have their own family and we have ceased to be friends. It is strange , we have been so close and once, they get married , we can no more be friends. as it has become a possession of others already. Strange and this is the human feelings which is so unpredictable.

To all these wonderful  fellas and friends which have become part of my life , I salute all of you who have play a big role or a small part in my life journey. Thank you to all of you.


Finally, it is all about love

As age catches up, I realized that end of the day, it is all about love. Everything will past and will be gone but the feeling of love will remained within our close ones when we are gone. The memory of love will stay with one or two generations and it will be also gone when the generations goes one.

Why are we struggling so much and need to spread our love to our children, friends and peers. If not to the world. As a passer-by , we are in transit and what we were left behind is our materialistic belongs and love. We are hard on our self and others , to ensure that we can live a better twilight life and at the twilight period , we will need much more care and love. Why don't we give our over love when we are able and capable and hope for the love to be return in a form of other people's love for us.

We always have a mindset , that love will buy our love., Yes, money is important but it is not everything, What we can get from money is fake love or time of other people who cares for you. But it is not a genuine love from others.  Maybe , you can buy through love but it is not certain and you will not be able to know.

Love is universal apart from love for yourself and for others. We have been living in a box, thinking that our investment in our children will in return getting through love from them. Yes, it is proven through the generations, the likelihood of our children returning our love is more certain. But , it is because you have shown your love to them. If you have be hush to them, there will not be an love from them. It is because you love them unconditionally and they return this love to you. Remember, you have to give your love to them first before they can learn to love you back. It is not because you are their parent that they return the love to you.  This is not natural or a requirement from your children. You have to love them before they love you. Just like other people , you have to show your love and care to them before they can reciprocate. Sometimes, they show their love to you first but many people failed to see it and become suspicious. If it is true love, you could feel it if you open your heart to them. Just open your heart , accept it and you will feel it.

So, just note that the rule is that you have to open your heart and give out love and keep it open to receive the true love in return.