Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Fucking words"

I have written about the use of this four letter word in an earlier article somewhere in my blog.  It means nothing .. It is just an expression and have no physical harm or contact.  Some people like to use " Fuck you " , it does not mean to have intercourse with you but an expression of anger. Somehow, it carries the satisfaction with it.  Instead of using " idiot"  or "fools", the four letter word have the oomph with it.  It is just what we want to say to someone we are angry or dislike.

Today, I have lunch with a banker and I know him for almost 20 years. The moment I saw him, he started to scold his employer. The fucking bank , the fucking boss, the fucking system , the fucking culture. Every sentence he carries with the word "fuck".

His employer have terminate his boss and he has to report to KL and his secretary was also terminated and he as a VP have to sent his own mail or collect his own mail  while his bosses delay the approval of all his credit application for his clients which in return, caused him to be scolded badly.  The morale was " fucking" low.

I was talking to him about business but he is not keen and his employer have rejected his VSS application and he has to do all the tedious job. He just want to be terminated and get his benefits but hi employer think otherwise.  He was so upset and he not interested to do business with me. I was wondering why he has to suffer like this and carrying all his anger with him. He needs the money as all his family members is in the states.

I began to think of several of my friends who invested their money in some ventures to earn extra money but instead lost all their savings as they get more and more deep into their investments. They could not stop as they put in more good money after bad money. The more they try to save their investments , the more involved they are in the ventures until they are deep to their nose. This is what happen and they go around looking for jobs at the age of 60 plus and start to borrow money from friends . Some of them are senior bankers and qualified accountants and they really look pitiful.

Like is like that we give trust too much and be greedy or fearful of our loses.  It is not easy to be a businessman . It looks easy but actually it is very tough and complicated . Once they are trapped , they could not get out in time. There is one motto :" Trust no one except oneself "


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bad times are here again !

I received a news that many retail shops is closing in the US because of the slow economy which was dragged down by the global economic downturn. From the look of it, hard times which has been endured in other global region will hit USA as the Q1 growth in the US was slow and going into Q2, the momentum is equally bad.

The slow global economy have not spared Malaysia as I heard a lot of stories in KL that restaurant business was down 40 percentage points or more . It is not about inflation going up because of GST but a also the worsening of the global economy which cuts global demands.

Now it is quite obvious in Penang as I could see many shops in prominent areas are for rental and some of it has been vacant for months . In the past month, I noticed that most restaurant suffers business down more than the 40 percentage points but even to the extend of 70 percentage points. Many restaurants and café are empty and the traffic at the malls are also down very much.

I was at Gurney plaza last week and this weekend I was at Gurney Paragon.  The traffic at Gurney Plaza was much better than Gurney paragon. But , the traffic have been very much low than the past long weekends.

If you walk the streets , the malls and the retail areas, you could feel that the situation is very much quieter. People are just not spending as many banks , factories and retail shops are laying off people or are closing. However there is a surge in the sale of second hand cars as those people who have got a big payoff choose to join the Uber team which allows a lot of free time for the family while earning enough pocket money to survive.

While waiting for the worst to come, I would like to advise all my reader to be cautious , thrifty and be aware of the investments using their retirement funds. Time is bad and don't make bad investment decisions. Otherwise, it will be worst  for all of you.


Friday, April 29, 2016

ChIcken & Duck talk

The present generation have a generation gap between them and baby boomers. They behave like chicken and duck and both don't want to understand what the other side is talking about .

For the young generation from Gen Y onwards, they will absent themselves if there is flu or a cough and most Monday morning is struggle to go to work and most of the time, they failed to go to work. During the prime of the baby boomers, we talk one penadol or a pain killer and struggle to work and finish a good day's work.

For the young generation, they can quit a job before getting another job. They even can tell the boss that they want a few months  to rest before getting a job. They have to eagerness or intention to start their job and they are not worried because their parents have left much for them. For the baby boomers, a job security is very important to provide for themselves or for their family, On their mind, they need to save for raining days.

For the young ones, they earned RM100 , they spend RM200 and come what may, they want the latest IPhone and at least a car to travel in.  They can own 8 to 10 credit cards and struggle to top up each month with their limited earnings. The baby boomers only want credit cards to buy the necessity and fit their stomach .

For the young ones, they prefer a car to a house while the baby boomers prefer a house to a car. They prefer to walk or take public transport to work while the young ones must have a car to travel . Like in the western movies , have gun will travel.

When the older generations advise the young ones, the latter pretend that they don't understand and want their creative way to solve it or they will consult google to check the advise of the old ones. In this internet age, the young ones prefer to text each other even they sitting oppersite sides of a table while the older ones prefer face to face talk.

The older ones want the distance to be shorter but the young ones make the distance further but avoiding face to face talk.

The older ones gets only one degree and they can handle all their jobs but the young ones accumulate degrees and yet still cannot handle the one job.

This is the irony of life.  the more closer we are , the more further we get.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Along the way, we are lost

Where are we going to ? yes , sometimes, this thought strike us somewhere in our life journey. If we take a break or slow down and catch our breath , this thought could strike us. It can be a brief reminder that we have lost our way. Our path have deviated and we lost our directions.

When we say we lost our way, it means that somehow we become more materialistic . greedy and egoistic and our head gets swollen in our daily task of living in society. We start to blame the world for all the problems and not looking at our self for contributing to the failures.

The more we read , listen or follow , the more we become directionless. It is no more our path but the path laid out by the writers , the advertisements, those people who told you so or those want to lead your life to like theirs. We follow the one and only path ie life , age , sickness and death . Following the billions before us.

We work our self to death, we read our self to emerge our self in knowledge , we watch TV , DVD or films which lead us to our eventual meaningless death. We are being lead and yet , we are not aware of it.

The Establishment told us what we have to do , how to behave, how to talk and be accepted in our society. In the first place, do we need to be accepted ? Who can judge us or lead us? Why should be judge or to be lead. We do what we want to do and walk our own path and find our own destiny and direction,Why should we follow the billions before us. Because , the billions which  have been behaving this way, their way or their expectation in life should be correct ? You have a mind and you have think about it. Is that the way you want it ?

There is many routes to a destination and many roads to a place or a spot. There are paths that have been travelled. Some less travelled and some more travelled and there are always new way to a destination. There is no hard and fast rules and each person have the right  to decide about it.

There is no one single road  and we can find new roads which makes you happy and comfortable.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We are always moving . Our mind is thinking , our heart always pumping, our bloody always flowing and in all our cells is evolving in silence and mysteriously. But , we don't feel anything but yet everything is changing all the time in our self and also in our external environment. Nothing can stop and forever moving, changing and evolving.

How can we stop it ? No never and even after we die , it is still changing , rotting and until ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We cannot run away from this path. The path of birth, age, sickness and death. We can do everything to try to stop thinking about it. Some people tame their mind , some people involved with their work until they die, some people try to run away from reality by traveling , reading and all sort of things to avoid the awareness of changing and moving towards death.

Some wise men try to find the stillness in themselves as the body and mind evolves and changing. Stillness in what ? Stillness in our mind. We have to find the core and equilibrium in our body and mind. How do we balance our mind or body to find stillness?

The balancing or control point of our sense, our sight , our taste, our smell  and our hearing.  A point where all these senses come to a standstill as our body and body find the harmony. It is never easy and for Buddhism , it is called " the six roots " to peace.

The monks burned six holes on the top of their forehead to make themselves aware of these moving senses. The movement of these senses moving in different direction and density or depth , creates the feeling in our body and make our mind to response to it. The combination of these senses moving in different density will caused us to re-act carefully to the recipe . Hence, with our mind and body in harmony , we can balance all these senses and still our thoughts and body balance despite all the senses are forever moving.

If we quiet down our body and focus our mind , we will find the sense of stillness in our system and balancing it will give us a sense of stillness. Like putting a glass filling with water on a table and observing it from the outside.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Failure, is it positive or negative ?

When we talked about failures, we have a negative opinion of the result. Who wants to be a failure ? Our mindset is make to believe that we glorify success and despise failures.  But , very seldom people think that "failures is the mother of success ". Wow, this guy who quoted this phase must be a very enlighten fellow who realized the important of failures at such an early stage.

Yes, failure is the mother of all success. Only through failures can we know the sweetness of success.  The more failures , the better but the ultimate achievement will be success. Who have the last laugh after all.

If we are successful in the first instance, it is okay but can we really appreciate the success ?  There is no yardsticks to measure the success.   It is like the analogy of money.  If we have lots of money , we will not treasure money but if we work very hard for it , we will treasure every dollar we earned.  We know the importance of money as we have struggle much for it,.

In today's life, failure is look on positively and it is a lesson.  A lesson to conquer fear of losing or becoming a loser . It is just like this analogy of pushing yourself to the limit of our tolerance and the new limit becomes our tolerance level. Our scope of thinking and doing things will expand and going further and further. This is the impact of failures, it push you to know your limits , tolerance and your base line. The more you fall down, the faster you get back up and continue your effort to strive for success.

If a child does not fall down, it will never learn how to walk. By this analogy, each failure is supposed to toughen us and make us more resilient and forceful .  Each fall , each bone broken, will make our body stronger and more tolerance.

Failure will also gives us humility which is another milestone to success. The humble we are in doing things, the more wiser we are to look at problems or hindrances to your pursuit. Yes, Robbin Sherma talk about a leader without title and such person works on the same level as all others and to lead by example rather than lead by title.  You become wiser and to be at the same level as others to work as a team on equal basis. This is another yardstick of success.

Life is very fair, The amount of failures will advance you to a greater extent of greatness and success. Believe it and work for it.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hey, the rain is back

There was rain after  months of El Nino effect , the dry weather have actually caught many people unaware and there is so many people suffering from heat wave, hot cough and fever  The clinics have the best business in the whole year treating these ills

The rain this afternoon was a good one whereas the earlier ones were brief and short. I noticed that the plants are beginning to have a little green and they are reviving after months of rainless days.

For me, it was a relief as I always hated long spell of dry and bot weather/\. Hopefully, the rain will keep coming.

In the raining seasons, we hated rain so much as it spoilt a lot of activities and make it rather messy to go around. But, coming to think about it, it is not so bad after all. At least, it is cooling and at times comfortable.

The weather is like our life. If we have too much of one thing , we get sick and bored with it and we long for a change. This is the nature of human being. The emotions and the feelings keeps changing and sometimes creates havoc in our life.

Today, I have an argument with my daughter as she was very upset with the maid for not doing what she supposed to do. I told her to cool down and talk to the maid softly and in turn, she say that I sided her and make a hue and cry over my deemed support for the maid.  My purpose is asking her to be kind to living creatures , a loving kindness which we all should have. Nobody is perfect and each of us is good in our own ways. Sometimes, we should think two seconds before we say something which is hurting to people . It is a good practice to think 2 seconds before we speak or act. The 2 seconds could saved us a lot of troubles.

Our emotions and feeling is like the weather , sometimes too hot and sometimes to cold. If we are aware of these extremes , we could adopt a 2 seconds rule to bring it under control.  Awareness is very important for us to living among our human beings and not to hurt others.