Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chinese saying " mirror flower , water moon"

This is a very deep Chinese saying and it means that life is just an illusion and everything is just a reflection of our eye sight.  The flower reflection in the mirror is just an image and it is not real while the reflection of the moon on the water is only temporary and with a wave of our finger on the water, the moon can jusf disappear like magic Life is like what it depict only a temporay reflection in our eyes. One moment it is there and the next it is gone .

In Buddhism , there is a concept of impermanence and everything is changing from second to second without the host knowing it. Human being is wonderful creature. Many million cells are dying and millions get replaced . Our mind is also constantly thinking and moving . It is impossible for us to know all the changes within us.

What have is only the present moment . The past is gone and the future is yet to come . If we lost the moment , we are nothing but drifting in transition from moment to moment . We are not real but just a reflection.

We better be aware and appreciate the present which also slipping off from our fingers and make us nothing . Nothingness.


Monday, December 5, 2016


Happiness lies within us and we can decide on it whether to be happy or not.  But , every often we make other people happy to make our self happy.   Why ?  We don't need other people to make us happy and it is silly to think so.. Other's happiness is not our concern and we need to be happy our self.

However, gaining another person's approval or acceptance is one way to make us happy because we get the praise from that person.  Their agenda is different from us as when we meet their agenda , they are happy and this makes us happy. Especially, his happiness makes them reward us or give us recognition.

But , it is still the donkey story . The donkey fell in the dry well and its enemy tried to pour sand on to it to burn it but the donkey just shake it of and grow higher and higher.   The donkey did not care a damn about the famers.  

Likewise, we can go wiser and wiser and not bother by other people's happiness or agenda.  Why other people are happy , it is because if we perform better , then they also perform better . If we cause them to lose face or endanger their position or detrimental to their life or career or status , they will be angry and make your life miserable.  If he or she is boss, then they will create misery for you.  But, you can still ignored them and be happy.  The happiness is within you , and only you.

Why are we so stupid to cater for other people's happiness.  The priority is all wrong and our happiness should be the first priority.... Tell them to shaft their jobs into their mouth and be brave about it and hold your ground.   Tell them that their authority goes with their job title and if it is taken away, they have nothing. All the authority and benefits follow the title .

The title is impermanence and life is unpredictable..  ask them to humble and wait for things to happen instead of demanding things to happen which is not natural.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Mental adultery

There are religious sayings that if we look at women with sex in mind , we are already committed an adultery.  Why ? we have not done any harm to anybody ? It is only our dirty mind only. 

In Buddhism, thinking is the first step and to be follow by action.  So, in precaution, we stop the thinking ahead of the actions. But , this need not be the case as some of us only thinking about it and will forget it after our self gratification. This is only a moment of craving or desire  which rise within our brain.  We can just let it go and no harm is done. Why is it a sin ?

There are so many thoughts going through our mind and there will be a lot of sins if we consider thinking about it is a sin. Buddha's eight fold path is it forbidding this thoughtful sins ?  Right action, Right thoughts , Right words , etc. Do we allow our mind to wonder and swing under the precept of Right thoughts ?  I think it is only deterrent effect on this guiding precepts. When we don't want temptation, we must get away from the temptation. Just like we don't want to think dirty , we stop looking at girls or man which could trigger a dirty thought.

But, why do we look at pretty girls or handsome man and then stirred up our urge ? It is an instinct and a natural re-action from our inner self.  Man are born with a hot - blooded desire.  Otherwise, how do our population continued to grow.  Who cares what we think ? It is all in our mind and nobody can see.   We only feed guilty our self if we have dirty thoughts. All self contained .

I believe we see and think without action is still okay but without starting a desire to hurt or kill another person or act to hurt their integrity or human rights. In other words, we can do whatever we can in our mind to gratify our self if our mind is not properly trained or discipline. It is all our actions, our sin and our karma. Nevertheless, we can train our mind in a proper manner , then we should do it and kill all this thoughts at its bud.

We are what we are and think and act within.


Sunday, November 27, 2016


Last weekend, I listen to a youtube talk by Ajahn Brahm  who talks about the subject of blame.  The blame game is in all our everyday's life and we cannot stop people from blaming us.

He said that people will blame us for everything that does not happen nicely to them.  Once, he was asked to give a chant at a patient's deathbed and the patient recovers subsequently but the family members scolded him as they have already prepared the funeral for their terminated ill relative.  All the relatives have came from overseas and must come again if the patient really die.  Ajahn said that he should ask the patient's family members what kind of chanting they want.  Should he chant to sent the patient to die or to live.  Yes, this is a blame game.

Another incident is a donkey who fell in a dry well.  The farmers have been very angry with the donkey for damaging their crops and started to push the sand into the well to bury the donkey.  Initially, the donkey gets edgy but after a while, the donkey stamp on the sand and gets higher and higher and finally, jump out from the well.  Ajahn said that it is up to us to take the blame but each incident , we will go wiser and taller.  We may not notice in the growth in us but we gets better and wiser . Human being is a strong creature and we can control our re-actions and can make wise decisions.

A blame can be positive or negative and it is all entire up to us.  We can change the hurt and the pain into a positive strength . Let it be and do not look revenge but to live on well with not regrets.


Trust and doubts

In a Chinese saying " If you doubt a person , don't use him and if you decide to use the person, we have to give him complete trust ". It has been my policy and many a times, it was disappointing .  It comes from both ways from the top or from the bottom.

From the top, if we are using our subordinates to do a job and give him a complete trust and in the end, we are either played out or they failed us.  Greed and integrity are the main issues.  After awhile, the subordinates go out of line and make decisions which do involved you and make a wrong decision as he or she fells that they are ready or become more knowledgeable.

From the bottom, the boss who used to trust us thinks that we are getting too big and over ride them. If it is true, the boss have all the rights to be angry but if it is misguided thinking or a fraction of his imagination , then it is very unfair to the subordinate who have been rooting all the time for the boss.  This misguided action or response could be very hurting and can damaged the rapport between the boss and the subordinate. Either the boss is getting too big and gets suspicion or there is a gap already existing between the boss and subordinate.  They have broken the link of communication and have eroded the trust between them.  If this gap remains unhealed , it will get bigger and bigger and it could end in the relationship.

A trust takes years to grow and it can be broken in one day.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday's today

Sunday's today 

It was raining heavily last night and there was thunders and lightning as if the Gods were angry . The clashes of the thunder and lightning caused explosions as the Gods unleashed their power at each other causing the havoc and noise . I was awaken and could not sleep. Why the Gods are arguing and fight it out ??? Strange .

I have wake up at 8am and fetch my sisters to visit some properties and we had a cuppa while on the way. After visiting the properties , we had tim sum for breakfast . Again, we were on our way to see more properties . My sister is thinking of buying a property for her daughters .

After buying lunch for my wife , I took a power nap and I spend the whole afternoon lazying around in my living room. It is the same every Sunday , I would just sleep in front of the TV and changing for the right channel. It is a boring stuff but it is a necessity for me.

In the night ,it was birthday dinner celebration for my 2nd sister . All my family members gathered for a dinner and drinks. We had a good time and it was the end for another day.

Time have flew and we start another week tomorrow .

Namaste .

Famous Jakarta traffic jam

The famous Jakarta traffic jam

Sitting in the car and queuing in the famous jam in Jakarta is really no fun and joke . The traffic jam can last one to two hours during the morning and evening time as people rush to and from work. It is really dragging our feet In the jam moving inch by inch .

I was told one of the reason is that the traffic volume is too much and the Jakarta Government have implemented a system that allows odd and even number plate cars to enter the city on an alternate . You must remember which day to us which car . Hence , one person will have two cars to ensure that he is allow to travel by car each day.  There  are intermediate jams along the highways as the cars float the highway during morning rush and evening home coming trips .

It needs a lot patience on the road and it sometimes burn into our cores as boring sets in . One thing for sure , we must use the toilets ahead of each trips on the highways as the jams are unpredictable and sudden. We will be in a mess if we are caught in a jam and having to use the toilets . It will definitely a painful experience .

It is a plan to avoid trouble and not plan for failures .