Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Madness of the day

It has been raining . The whole day raining and it really spoilt our programme for the day and we become more agitated or emotional and we could get into the heat of the moment and can become extremely impatient on the road while we want to get out of the rain . Our mentality is that a dry and windy situation is for our day and anything which is not in line really screw us up.

This happens to my daughter .  She runs a café and on Monday , it was raining the night before and also on the morning of Monday.  It was wet and jammed on the roads and people gets to work late and was reluctant to go out for lunch and this action impacted a lot of restaurant and café.  The rain make it bad for the F&B business.  This rain continued into Tuesday today and it keep the customers away and out of the blues , she got into a quarrel with her chef and got emotionally flip out and went on a hide and seek with her chef for almost three hours.

This kind of emotion is very normal especially when you face the reality of losing money in your business, you become abit worked out and freak out .  This is business and you don't know when your customers is coming or not.  But from the hind side , everything is right. So, when it is coupled with raining the whole day, gloomy sky and wetness, everything can be messy and heaty.

However , one sunny cannot make a summer and one raining day do not make a raining season.  Business can be up or can be down and all we can do is to wait for the sparrow in the summer.


Sunday, October 23, 2016


I have read a story about a monk who said that we have to unlearn to learn. It is just like a tea cup , it it is full , we cannot add anymore tea.  We have to empty it before we can fill it up again. Yes, the story have another part and not only we have to empty it , it takes more than that.

There was this man's experience with the previous Dalai Lama. He did not believe that there is an existence of  highly spiritual man in this world until he met the Dalai Lama.  On their first experience , the Dalai Lama took out two cups and put on the table and start to pour tea into the first cup and than on the 2nd cup, After finishing , he asked the visiting foreigner  " Do you understand ? " and the foreigner was surprise . " Understand what ? ". The Dalai Lama smile and told him " Yes, this is the way to start ".  We have to admit what we don't know before we get to know.  If we start to give our version of the story than the tea cup is full and cannot absolved anymore.  

So , we have to admit that all our decision is wrong before we can re-think.  We are often mis-led by external sources or internal understanding and only that we admit that all decisions or  understanding is wrong before we can re-think.


A humble experience

Last Sunday , I was at Mama veggie at Tanjung Tokong Penang for lunch with my brother and sisters and I was suddenly called to remove my car.  I believe my car have parked in the correct spot but I accept the waiter's request and walk down to the car park. 

Standing there at the door was a young lady and she bow and apologize to me for the inconvenient. I thought she was a member of the restaurant and I complained that my car was in the right park slot and how come it hinders another car from coming out.  She bowed every low and apologized again that the driver do not know how to reverse her car.

On arriving at the spot, I reversed my car into another parking slot and the young lady walk towards the other car and get into it.  The lady driver reversed directly out and then I know the reason . She is unable to reverse her car properly . The lady driver put up her right out of her car and wave to say sorry again.  Then I realized that the young lady which have walk me to my car is her daughter and I was very impressed with her humility.  The way she bow makes me feel relieved and took away my anger or protest.  

I felt the young lady must have some spiritual awakening where she sincerely apologized to me for making me walk and adjust my car.  Yes, not all of us have the spiritual awakening but this humility of this young lady really impressed me. I am convinced that there are some special people and we will be touched by them when we meet them in our life journey.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rain , rain, rain . Here comes the Sun.

Now , it is the raining season and it has been raining whole of Sunday, most of Monday and early of Tuesday.  Everything is so gloomy and wet . Bleak should be the right word.  It is no point going into the open as everything is wet and sticky.  So , boring and it is jam everywhere as everyone bring out their cars on a raining day.

There was rumor of strong winds and high sea and people have been warned not to go nearby the sea. It brings back the Tsunami feelings as the roads get flooded and people's anger on the rise. There is so many stupid drivers , changing lanes at the last moment and idiot bikers coming in fast from the left and the right throwing the on-going traffics in spins. What happening to the civil consciousness of the people ? Everyone is for themselves.

The dark clouds and gloominess is really bad for our emotions.  When we see the place is wet and damp , our mood also will change with the situation. We will shift into our blue mood or into our gloomy mood. Nothing can change our mood but the weather.  We can hear coughs everywhere and you feel sick in such environment.  People falling sick around you or you get sick yourself.  It could be pretty messy at times.

Rain can be positive as it helps to clean the air and the land and when the Sun arrived , it should be most welcome. When there is rain, next will come the Sun.  Lets wait.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Right now thinking

Right now

It is a Sunday night and it is still drizzling lightly outside . Tomorrow is a working day and I have been lazing the whole afternoon and I have just finished watching the ending of the Astro series Law Dis-order and watch how justice prevail over evil.

Before that there was a movie walking talk and the story line is how a stand against injustice and evil prevail in the end .

But , in life , it is never so perfect and at time evil prevail over good especially when the good let the evil grow while been good . For good to remain good , is not always an ideal way. Where the light retreat , the darkness expand and it is always so real in our life.

Just like politics , the rough and tough will win over the peaceful believers unless the police and the good public bring out its awareness and take action against it . It is sad to note that the number of the bad is so few and yet it dictates the peace or the situation.  It is a wonder how
The darkness takes all the opportunity to dictate if they are given a chance . This is precisely the situation of Bersih which is roughed out by the red hooligans which pretend to be a race hero.

Justice is not only need to be seen to be done but actual it is done .


Too much of everything is bad

Too much of everything is bad 

The weather . This is the reason for people to blame when they are late or gets unwell. The recent raining season is often considered as excessive as it caused havoc to a lot happenings . 

During the hot spell, the weather was also blamed for the heat and people getting unwell for getting heated up.  It also proved that the excess or the extreme of the weather has do more harm than good.

Yes, an alternate of each happening is often considered as perfect . But how can things be perfect all the time and it will become boring in the end . A little of adversity makes life more challenging and interesting .if you stare at a blank piece of paper for long , it blinds you to the beauty of colors.

Raining days can be very annoying but if it is hot every minutes , it is just as upsetting .
Like I have said before both extremes are not good for us .
Alternate or moderate rain or sunshine is the best .

Too much aex is not good for our health  , too much food  is fattening and many others where excess consumption or action is detrimental to all of us.

Be aware of this needs and we will be healthy and happy.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Even a King can die ....

Even A King can die...

The passing of the Thai King at 88 after 70 years of rule ratters the region as he was a symbol of stability for Thailand . Yes, lately, he struggled against bad health and sickness and was medically propped  up and kept alive .

How great a person in his life have to face death. It is inevitable and inescapable and everyone have to face death one day even as this age of advanced medicine . More so in the land of Buddhism as the Buddhist believed the theory of birth , age , sickness and death.  The late King has illustrated this belief and the teaching of the Buddha. 

As he is like a father to all the Thailand people and have ensure peace during his rule , there must be a lot of merits for his case in Buddhism. He will have good karma for himself. 

His death illustrate the fragility of life ,impermanence and uncertainties in life . As a good man he should live until a 100 and illustrate a example of doing a lot of good.  Buddha also die at his early eighties , Sai Baba also die at 84 and many great people die early .  So, this illustrate that life is uncertain and only death is certain. In simple words, we would not know when we will die and death is certainly the end for everyone.

So, live on well and not just live for the sake of living .