Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wisdom is not old age.

Every often we noted that old people have more wisdom or the older, the wiser or the old eat more salt than we eat rice.  This is a  logical deduction but one of my friend told me that this is not necessary .  Yes, I agreed but in general , this should be true and logical.

Those old sage or guru is often old and for a young sage , it looks more like a fake. Young but wise. The percentage of people in this category is very small.

However , wisdom is also a perception.  People like Robbin sharma or Ajahn Braham or Earl have expressed all their wisdom on their lecture but not all truth is the truth.  What is truth could be an illusion or a distract ?  Something that you try to catch with your hand but it vanished.  Today ,you see the truth but when you look at it the next day, it is different .  At different time, different place and among different people, the truth may not be the truth. On the surface , what we see could be the truth but doing deeper , it is not so. Or on hearing more, what we know maybe fake.

When you asked whether GOD is the true ? some people can tell you that they feel touched by GOD, some people still trying to reach GOD or some mathematician fellas will ask you to show proof ? many people will tell you that what you cannot feel or see can also exist. Others may tell you that seeing is believing.

I have experienced that when my car's alarm suddenly ring as I am driving but there is no obstacles or things around the car.  Some people will say that I have hit something that my eyes don't see . Yes, a strong wind could have tip the alarm . What you want to believe is the making of your own mind and also the experience and knowledge in you. 

But I know that there are stupid [people in any society who choose to believe what other people say instead of experiencing it themselves.   Some people believe what other people say without any queries or facts.  That is why they are stupid people.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Freelance Rover

Last night , my daughter sent me an whatapps asking me what is a freelance rover . I asked her why she wants to know the meaning and she told me that his friend told her that he is a freelance rover. It is a nice term and I believe that during my earlier years, we have a famous 4 wheeler by the brand name Land Rover.  So, I told her it is a freelance moving vehicle or a carefree spirit or wondering ghost  or a free loader or  a waste wood.  These people is still searching for a life or a direction and is moving on without direction until their time is called.

In this generation , there is no fixed career . What is a career ? This is make by our Establishment and we have to have a career to be normal .  That is not true anymore. Everyone is looking for their passion or their path and it is no more , going up , go to school, get a degree , get a job , married and start a family and finally reached our final destination.  There is no such thing as 9 to 5 in this age and everyone is trying to work flexi and work at whatever time and finished at whatever time they like.  The whole concept about life is gone and broken up.

The awareness of the unnecessary need to follow the billions of people before us and the path they have walked and created is rising and people is living the way they like and the way they want. The old concept don't hold water anymore and it is how to live our life meaningful and happily.  This is the most important objective now.

The awareness of living well and not living long is being highlighted by so many school of thoughts and advertisement.  The saying like " life is a journey and not a destination " is very true and we have to live for every moments and to be conscious of the passing time instead of in a dream and in a world of make belief.

Wake up now and change for the sake of a happier life and breakaway from the old concept of having a career but rather be a wondering spirit and look for the rightful path.


In the twilight zone

I still cannot forget the experience of sitting among the elders during a recent wedding reception. It lays  in front of my eyes , the future or the mirror of me in my twilight years.   It is another 10 years more , I will be that generation and will be like them.  What is another 10 years ? How many 10 years do we have ? All these queries are going through my mind in these few days.

The future that I see is scary and put me into my senses.  One of my aunty could hardly walk, another uncle have kidney problem , another one is having ghout and pain in hands and legs and another aunty have a knee problem. All of them have aged so much and look so fragile. Wow, how time flies when I saw them in good health at my age.

At lunch time, I was with friends and one friend told me that as we aged, we need different type of medication or supplements to sustain us and keep us living our normal life. I fully agreed with him and this is what I have been experiencing.  There is no cure for old age and we can only delay the process of aging and finally , we have to go the natural way. It is not surprising as nature evolves.

Some young people starts calling old man already and I could remember , it starts with the call as Brother , then Uncle, then old man and finally grandpa.  This is the nature of advancing age and we should accept aging gracefully.  Lets be aware that there is no cure and it is a one way traffic or a one way ticket to our final destination.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Wolf in a sheep skin

Wolf in a sheep skin 

I have received a message from a friend and she told me that she felt cheated on a job offer which took 5 months to near conclusion . It is either a scam or some agencies is trying to reserve her until a job offer . She asked for my opinion and I told her that it is funny and she should not wait for the job or have any high hopes for it . She should moved on and keep searching for a job which she likes. There is someone out there is looking for someone like her. 

It takes the right time , right place and the right people to come together to have a successful relationship. For some people it is never mend to be and they have to compromise their hopes and their path forward . For some people , it is love at first sight and just right from the start.

Life happens In its mysterious ways and we have just follow the flow . Just do sometime we like either big or small.. Life is too short to ponder and regret .
Sitting around doing nothing cannot stop the moving time so must as well do what your heart wishes . Don't forget time stops for no one including the rich and famous.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

A wedding dinner

A wedding dinner

 Last nite I attended a dinner and I was seated among the elders in the front row. I have graduated to the rank of the seniors . Wow. How time flies . The older generation elders in my table are the uncles and aunties and there were already in their 70s and 80s. I am next in the rank. All around our tables were the younger generations and they drinking , laughing and enjoying themselves while the elders just sat and eat . Just talking about yesteryears if there were any conversations . It was dull and boring while the food served was not so good. Yes, the weathered faces of the people on my table have seen the years in them . There were singing and the usual display of video of the day's celebration and it don't seem to matters to the people in my table. They just want to eat but I was selective and volunteered to serve . I was among the youngest on the same table . One of the singing participant was a 93 years old man who is the relative of the groom and he showed good health and strength and was admired by the people in my table which is only a shade of the old man . I was told that he lived in the country side and the environment was suitable for a good living . Yeah. Maybe away from the stress and the chemical in the food . Ingredients for a healthy living . The main point is the age is not stopping for all of us and it is better to live well and be healthy . It is not how long but how well. Namaste .

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nothing is static

This was the wisdom of Lao Tze, a Chinese sage many thousand of years ago. In his book, the way of the truth reminded us to change with time and situation. The world changing very fast through the use of internet, IPhone and all the gadgets linked with it. The world is getting nearer , connected and space-less. Lao Tze have realized this direction and his way or tao is to follow and change with time. I read an article that the Gen-Z which is now around 15 years old will out earned and out live all the generations before them. The world is their playing field with all the gadgets and medicine will so advance that they will live much longer. This is a true fact and we should not turn away this possibility. People normally want to see what they want to see or hear what they want to hear and the rest is rubbish. Maybe, this is a way to make them happy. There are many things we can see forward and yet we don't think or act on it. I have told a friend that Penang island's property price will be like Singapore and Hongkong which is three or four times more than the land price in Penang. Everybody just don't react to this suggestions. If we buy a piece of property in Penang , in 10 years time it will be double the price and in 20 years , it will be treble the price. This is my seeing in the future and I hope this view firmly unless there are unnatural things happen. So, lets see. There are many encounters like what I see in the land price in Penang island like the island will be much advanced in term of infra structure , tourism and population. Everything will change and grow and in great speed. Be open and feel the change , it is happening very second , every minutes and it is evolving. What is present will be the past and what will be the future will be now and gone. Nobody is indispensable and all great or small man must pass with time and replace by a wave of new generations. This is nature and it cannot be change. So, follow with it , live the patch and passes on . Namaste.

Inflinity - the movie

It was wonderful film to watch and it shows how an Indian man can become a fellow at trinity college , Cambridge university in UK. how the man and his sponsor professor , fought with the white establishment in Cambridge and finally won them over from the brilliant thesis and mathematic equations which was divinely given through this indian man. To be a fellow in Cambridge is to be among the greats like Newton and other top class professors. The show also show the difference between an Indian man believing in GOD and his sponsor was an atheist and with later asking for proof while the Indian man talk about the divine help from GOD. He don't know how it happen and it just happen. Finally, the Indian against all odds and with strong support from his sponsor professor , he finally got his Fellowship but he finally died in Indian after one year back in India. The movie showed the biasness of the white against another race and how hard it is for a non white to be at the same level as a white. If Indian Man is a white, he would be a star in Cambridge much earlier and easier. The morale of the story is that do believe that when we don't see things , it does not mean it does not exist. Sometimes, proof cannot be easily be available and it needs a lot of faith to provide the proof. Namaste