Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A mad snake

Someone sent me an interesting story about  the battle between a snake and a saw. One day, the snake was hit by a revolving as it was moving around and the snake turn to coil around the saw to squeeze it to death and in the process, it suffers more pain.  Due to the pain, it turn around to bite the saw and got killed.  The lesson  is never to fight something that you dun know and in return, get hurt and killed.  To live a life in peace is knowing who is your opponent and win the battle a thousand times or live like and ostrich and get killed unnecessary. 

I recalled the incident yesterday at my yoga class.  My teacher's father have change the roof of a nearby house which was close to the gym  and the chemical smell was still heavy and I hesitated to attend the class and the teacher asked me to decide whether to stay or the workout or to leave the gym .  I was hesitant which she keep pushing me for an answer. Finally, I stayed as I want to workout with my wife who was coming later. She behave like the mad snake and started to get nasty with me.
I wanted to tell her off as it is my right to decide whether to stay or to go home and why does she need to hurry me. 

All the time I believed she is a bad business person.  In my life, I found that those skillful people are bad business  man.  They are very proud of what they can do and can never accept criticism to their work.  They re-act with anger and get themselves hurt in return.  There are many actors or artist who have been cheated of their earning or savings as they have no business sense except the pride over their work.  They become emotional when someone criticize their work as they can see perfections in their work and is not really sensible.

All customers are like King while we cannot fight the king as they have their own choice ,beliefs and likings.  If they serve with anger and emotions , they are just driving away the customers and their business cannot last for long.

Nevertheless, I am in control , sober and patience and does not that the happening to hurt us.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Where was I for the past few months ?

I just stop writing for a few weeks after my return form my China trip.  It was done and gone and I am back to work.  It was one chapter of my life in my life after taking leave for a few days.  Yes, life is make up all these chapters and a lot of things have happen in within these few weeks. 

My sister in law, M have been traveling and her last stop was Turkey and she shown us a few very beautiful photo of the place. She is a cancer survival and we hope that she will be well after her cancerous part was removed.  I was told that she is going for an MRI for her stomach and hopefully nothing serious is found.  She is an extremely healthy person before the discovery of her condition. She does fast walking almost every day , yoga and gym .  She is eating a proper diet and all the good food before the discovery of the cancer.  I hope GOD have mercy on her and return her to the path of good health. 

My sister is in the same condition without her memory but she looks healthy even as she is bedridden but remained a stranger to me.  Some times , she look at me for a long time and smile and I hope she is slowly getting her memory back.  It is been hopeful and without hope life will be nothing and boring.  My daughter May told me that she will do everything to get a smile from her.  This is really warm and touching.

For me, the pain in my body is slowly getting worst and I hope my yoga and weekly massage sessions will go me good.  I have started to go to the gym again and hopefully, I can maintain the discipline. We always go for something good and shy away from exercise or painful experience during the work outs . This is human nature to be comfortable. Otherwise, life should be good for me.

Time is the master and we should not be too comfortable as age with catch up with us and put us down. I have seen the path and we can only defer the pain by doing all the exercise and eating all the good food but eventually, the end will come . This is unavoidable as this is the only path. 

There are many people who wants to prolong life as long as possible by whatever means to enjoy all the goodness in life.  There is a limit even if you have all the riches in the world . Time is the master and death is certain.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

It never rains , it pours

This is part of a lyric from the song " It never rain in California" .. but for the Penang State , it pours and pours until the flood is up to  our neck.  It is a disaster and yet there are people take the chance to "play politics ". This kind of stupid people who open their mouth without thinking and saying hurting things to the people who lost everything in the flood.   There is chairs that cannot be sit on , stove that cannot operate  and beds that cannot sleep as the flood water have wiped off all these functions.

I drove around my neighborhood on last Sunday, it was a horrible sight around my home . Mud on the side of the roads and in the house of residents , fallen trees, potholes on the road, water marks on the walls and rotten things by the road side and broken down vehicles on the road ,etc.  It was really a sorry sight . How can these MCA politicians still joked about it. No wonder they are almost wiped off with their senseless writing and speeches.

I feel sorry as I was caught in a jam at traffic lights that it not function and long queues of cars making a travel to nowhere as their homes become accessible. It was reported that 7 people have died in the flood. More rain will be coming to the state and we are warned to be prepared for any eventualities.  How can people joked and hit out at our CM LGE who is trying to control the damages and I was told that he cried when he see the disaster on the roads and home of the affected people.

I have gone through the experience when my mum stays at Farlim. The water level was up to my chest and as I walk in through the water , there is a current underneath which try to sweep you off your feet and into your destiny.   That was the worst experience I have encountered and all the electrical items and furniture was affected and I see my mum sitting on top of a table.  She was sad and tired.  It must be a very bad experience for her .

I was told that the flood this time at the same place was over the head of a 5ft 5 inch person and it was a record flood level in the state of Penang.  yeah, it  must be frightening as I can no longer can walk through this level of flood. 

I hope and pray to Heaven to have mercy on everyone and less suffering on Earth.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

The day , Penang hitted by severe rain and flood

It is just like the heaven opens up and let all the water fell on Penang state . It was raining the whole day through with different tandem of rain fall , some lighter some times heavier.  It keep raining dogs and cats and the water level on different part of the island rose gradually.  It was like the heaven crying non-stop and her tears fill up the small island of Penang.

It started on Saturday and in the middle of the night when my daughter May called out to me that her room is flooded. My house is sitting on a hill lock and if my house is flooded, the whole island will be under water.  I rushed to her room and find out that my maid have not shut the window properly and water was flowing into my daughter's room.  The floor was filled with water and it takes me a short time to clean it up.  The problem was with the defective window panes. I put a layer of plastic to prevent the rain water to come into the room and the problem was resolved.

On Sunday, I rode around to buy breakfast and saw the effect of the heavy rain on the surrounding environment , there was mud on every road and most home have to clean out the mud from the house. Hawkers and coffee shops have to close for the day as the wind and rain have caused havoc to their stalls and access road to their place.  Trees were fallen and the sight of flood was widespread and cars broke down by or in the middle of the road.  The traffic lights were not working and massive jams on the junctions and it is back to old days of Police manually managing the traffic.  What a mess .

It was like a war torn zone with people unable to cook because their house is in a mess with electricity interruptions .  I tried to order pizza but the wait is so long that I need to give it up.  The normal service of 10 to 15 minutes dragged to 45 minutes.  What a mess.

Now, the State have to spend money to clean up the place , repair the roads and improve drainage.  It will be a lot of work before everything goes back to normal.  Our Met Department forecast more rain in the coming weeks and this news horrifies me as this will bring more unpleasantness and messy derail to our normal routine.

So, Heaven have mercy on us when next time the rain comes again.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

My trip to China

Last week, I went on a family tour of China , through Kunming , Tar li and Lichiang sand came back totally exhausted from the trip, There was a lot of walking and traveling on the bus moving from Kunming to Ta Li and Lichang and back to Kunming to fly home.  The traveling took three days in total of our 7 days trip.  You can wonder how much time will it take.  It was disappointing in the first two days and it was better in the last two days.

The first two days was seeing old cities and parks and shopping at night at the old cities and it is like an old village with many shops and cottage industries for you to buy their crafts.  Lots of walking and many shops are repeated with the same business.  For the food, it was bad taste with so much oil and salt. It was a bad eating experience.

On the way back to Kunming, we had the best noodle  ie  the one meter noodle which was special and good . this is the best food after all for the trip.

On the second day in Kunming , we have a very good experience .  Cable car to the snow mountain , visit to the stone village,  went to a big cave by cable car and climb inside the cave which is big and enormous.  They film the monkey God movie in the cave and other several movies using the original scenes in the cave.  It was an experience.

The village market in Kunming was one of the best and also the shopping area with Big Mac and KFC outlets.  The local foods sucks except the food in the Malls which was quite nice.

My overall rating for the trip to China is 5 out of 10.   I don't intent to travel this route again.  Once is enough . 


Monday, October 16, 2017

My horrible dream

I had a dream but it is not the same as Martin Luther King's dream but a horrified dream.   It just happen a few days ago and I am wondering what kind of message it brings to me.  I have been asking around what message it is sending to me but to no avail.  It is just a horrified dream.

It goes like this ......

I have checked into a hotel with my wife and sister in law . Both of them checking in the room first while I parked my car and walk up to the room.  When I open the door of the hotel room , I saw my wife seating on the bed while my sister in law was in the toilet.  I started to talk to my wife but no words came out from my mouth and my wife was also struggling to talk but there was no words coming out of her mouth.  Both of us was struggling to talk while my sister in law came out of the bath room and remained silent.  All of us packed our bags and get out of the room and while walking down the stairs , I turned back and saw a women at an open lift staring at us .  She is middle aged and wearing a white blouse and a slight dark pants, she is not ugly but quite pleasant looking.  The dream just end here as I was awaken by my wite who tapped me on my back to wake me up.

I want to interpret the dream and continued to flash back to the dream to continue the episode but it just broke off at that point.

Every dream have a message but it is subjected to a lot of interpretation.  We have to get a proper advise , otherwise, we will be subjected to a lot of abuse or unnecessary fear.

Lets stop at this point and let the future unrolled by itself.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Moody moods

We, human beings are full of emotions and moods.  I have written about the recipe of our emotions and moods.  It is a mixture of smell, sight ,feel, noise and taste . All these combination of these factors will create a taste or a mood.  Bad smell, ugly sight, loud noise and chilli taste could create an explosive mood or foul emotion . The extent of each factor and its combination will give us a different degree of anger, foulness or aggressiveness.  We have to be aware of these factors or spices of life.

For those monks, they often have six dots on their bald heads and each dot represent a factor and when it arises in these discipline monk's thoughts or feel , they could suppress it and reduce its impact on their mood.  It is just like a measuring pen, if the temperature goes up, they dip in cold water to reduce its impact.

For health reasons, some people like Mao Tze Dong, he dip or swim in ice cold water to control their body temperature and also the coolness in their head.  If we have tasted the extreme , it is easy to control the moderates.  This is the logic for their strange behavior .  If you can control your body heat or your feelings in the cold water, you will be able to control the six elements in your body as shown above.

In yoga, there is a method to control one's re-action to sex , it is called Tantra yoga. It involves a male and female yogi to practice yoga together and in close proximity and sometimes to meditate in nude facing each other. This is to control the feeling and emotions in their body. ln hot yoga, it is also having the same logic, it is to pose a yoga pose in extreme heat and you have to use your mind and core to your pose in extreme heat. The feeling of coldness or strong heat in one's body could make you aware and control your thoughts. For those swimmers, they merged themselves into a swimming pool and hold their breath for 30 seconds to 1 minute to expose themselves to extremism and they can learn how to control their body re-action. 

The logic is that once you are expose to extremism , your body will be able to handle a range between light and extremism.   Push your limit and your new limit will be your limit . So keep pushing until you know what is really your limit.