Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oxygen - the fruits to our brain.

I was told by my teacher at the final session of my meditation class that oxygen is the fruits to our brain and the more we take in , it will keep us young.  I was curious as it is already a common understanding that oxygen is vital to all of us and yet, we have to be told many times to get us aware of this. No wonder, the subject I learn is called "Simply Meditation ".  It is actually, a routine full of logic.

The technique of meditation is like changing our mental thinking to just love and peace. Breath in Love and breath out peace.  This mantra will have a good balancing to the whole aura  and taking in a lot of love and giving out a lot of peace. If we repeat it many times, we will change our thinking and will promote love and peace within us.

The next logic is to concentrate on the breathing and let the breath stays in our body and let our brain and body to absorbed more oxygen . With a lot of oxygen, it will relax the body and mind and we can merge the energy of the mind with the body and concentrate it  on our virtual heart in the middle of our chest and let out white lights to promote peace and harmony to the people around us , to the nation and then to the whole. In simple facts, we generate and give out peaceful lights into the world and make living good.

Our mind jump like monkeys and to discipline the mind , we have to slow down our heart and which will slow down our mind.  How to slow down our heart ? The method is to slow down our breath by our fingers and if we slowdonw, it will have a direct link to slow down from the fingers to the breath , then to the heart and then to the mind. This is similar to the Tai Chi practice.  The slow motion slows down the breath and take in lots of oxygen and its slows down the heart and the mind. 

This practice have been use in China thousands of years ago and it keeps evolving and refine to suit the modern day living.  The art of Simply meditation is a wonderful eye opener as it unlocks your sense of understanding in your mind and let you to become more aware and lively.


Dance, let the lady dance

Dance in the rain

Lately , it has been raining in the evening and there bad jams on the streets. Going out for dinner becomes a hassle and my family members have rejected my offer for dinner outside. I have the same feelings about the jams and it makes me edgy and frustrated . This is normal but I think we should change the thoughts and defeat the rain or pour fire to the rain instead of imprisoning us at home.

In my previous article , I mention of a story about this old women who was suffering from arthritis and moving around was very painful. But she choose to fight the pain and continued with her normal life doing her daily chorus. She has this advise " if we live within our limits in life, we are not living but a living dead ". There is not much difference with being alive or dead.

Like I always say life is full of choices and we choose to live live a zombie or to real live , it is all within us and we do not need to find any answer to do otherwise.

So live and live . Do whatever you want in whatever circumstances and learn to dance in the rain. There is nothing wrong in dancing I the rain. Don't worry about what other people is thinking and that is not important.


Dog bite dog bone

Dog bite dog bone.

In life, it is difficult to share troubles and hard times. When in good fortune , everyone look forward for us to share our wealth but when troubles come, they are like birds in the forest flying off in different directions. We have to accept it so as not to be disappointed.

So many troubles are brewing In Malaysia and quarrels are out in the open and the shits hit the fan and shit is every where? It stinks the whole country. Both locally and internationally.

The longer it remained in the spinning process, the more smelly it becomes.
The problem can only be resolved if the truth is revealed .  As long as the suspicion continue to prevail , the shit will be spin by the fan and more shitty smell will be flying around.

So, lets cut it short and lessen our suffering, let the truth pop out and we rest the case. There is so much fatigue and boredom already. The last time it was sodomy spinning around and now is 1MDB and Altantuya.  The ghost of Altantuya will not rest in peace as her tragic and brutal death is so sinful , the spirit will not rest. I really don't know how the killers and people behind it can sleep well after this brutal act. If they can live well than they will be like evils lurking in the darkness and survive on sins.

An eye for an eye , this is the mood of the day.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the end .....there is nothing .

People worry about tomorrow and they live for today.  There is nothing wrong with this belief.  Some people plan for a very far future while just live for the day.  This is neither wrong as well.  It is their right to do whatever they want to belief or do. Nothing is absolutely right or wrong as everything is evolving in our life.

There are many roads to a destination and there are many path to the hill top. Nothing is absolute and we have to adjust our journey through our life as things or events unfold. It is just like a chess game and our move depends on our opponent's move.  The move can never be the same and if it is predictable then it is not a chess game.

I have writen an article about impermanence and at the end , it is nothing but ashes to ashes , dust to dust.  Everybody think that I am a gloomy person but I want to say is that I am not gloomy or a doom predictor. I am realistic and I am aware and force myself to see through life.

We always want to take care of our family and generations of our decendants but is it our duty ? Do they really belong to us and is it our responsibility to provide for them eternally ? For example, we give birth to our children , it is our responsibility to guide them to a mature age by giving them financial help, education and guidance but do need to provide them financial freedom until their eternal life or to provide for their children or grand children.  Some people take it on themselves to be responsible and make the provision through their generations .

I think it is wrong to have this perception and belief.  What we need is to provide to  immediate generation and the rest is their responsibility. If they married and give birth to their offspring, they have to take this responsibilty to raise them and our generation can only provide  for our children. This belief make our life more manageable and we can take off the load from our body as we have the chances to live our own life.

If we accept that in the end , there is nothing more. It is time to jump up and live it instead of saving and keeping to make our line of generations comfortable.  We owe it to ourselves.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meditation practice - Simply Meditation

I have read a lot on the subject and I have practice according to the recommended way in meditation. Since young, I have the urge to meditate in my room and my sisters and mum always warned me not to " run fire " during the practice.  " Run fire" is a hokkien dialect which means that the energy in our body becomes uncontrollable and it runs all over us. We become mad.

Last sunday, I saw this happy to an indian lady when we were doing the "OM" meditation. She was hopping up and down and she was singing to the music of the universe.  Luckily, she calm down towards the end of the session.

This is the second time , I saw somebody become uncontrollable and this happen many years ago, when I accompany my beloved mun-in-law to a christian prayer session . The session was conducted by a Negro female pastor and she told us that Jesus was in the room and she asked us to feel him or his presence.  Suddenly, there was so much halelluyah being called out and people start falling down on the mat laid by the helpers at the meeting.  It was expected and it is so electrifying to some of the believers that they faint or keep suspended in their emotions lying down.  But , to me I feel nothing . I could not feel the presence of GOD.

A few days ago, my wife told me that her sister or my sister in law went to the similar session in KL and she was called on stage and she also fainted during the prayer session.  She looked suspended as recorded in a video by my brother in law. I think this phenomena is a mass pychology impact on the believers.  He believed and they felt it.  But to the non believers , there was a block to the feel of GOD. My sister in law told her family members that she feel lighter.

I think the re-action of the Indian lady at the "OM" session is also the same ie the law of attraction. If we believe , it will happen and this is the power of belief.

Recently, I enrolled in a meditation class which is known as " Simply Meditation " and the teacher was trained in Germany and it is not related to any religion. It is purely a   mediation practice based on simple logic.  It is just to concentrate on our breath ie in and out and apply a practical way to slow down the breath. The longer and longer time to hold one breath , slow down the heart beat and calms the mind. The practice have to be done constantly to make it part of our daily life. I think the practice really help me to focus and meditate and I could sleep much better,.

To all the universal masters or GODs or creator, live and lets live in a happy , calm and peaceful way.  Love and peace.


Monday, April 20, 2015

The power of " OM "

Last Sunday I attended an " OM" session for 45 minutes at the Penang Bodhi heart santuary at Mt Eskine.  There was about 15 people and it was supposed to be a power enhancement session.  Both for you and the group.

The session started at 9.30am led by Atma Kriya yoga  " Just love life" coordinator , Dr Thasa and at every 15 minutes , the group rotate from the outside ring to the inner ring. The word 'om" have been used for more than 5000 years and it is a magical word which draws power from within ourself and also from the universe.

The chanting start with the call to the universal masters to come together and coordinate the energy. From the chanting of "om" by the group it will generate an energy field from us to the centre and upward to the sky and the universal masters will purify the energy and sent it back down to the centre of the group and will disperse over a 2 km area. It supposed to a positive and purified energy.

Chanting the "om" could be quite tiring for some as the sound cannot be interrupted and the participants cannot move out of the ring to the restroom or any other place.  The interruption in the "om" will damaging to oneself and the group.

After the session, the coordinator asked us how we feel but to me , it is quite calm and peaceful and that is about it.  But for one of the participant , her energy builds up and she start hopping and chanting in Hindi  and finally, she calm down and join the session.  My wife feel normal but tired after the 30 minutes chanting.

The coordinator , Dr Thasa told us that we have to be trained to coordinate the session and if it is not properly done, it will provide a negative energy and could harm all the participants.  The masters of this yoga is Sri swami Vishwaranda and Mahavatar Babaji hwo are two fully realized masters who come in to change the world.

I don't mind to give and receive energy and Bodhi heart santurary is a very good place to meditate and share these sessions. I must keep an open mind to realize more.


Friday, April 17, 2015

The way forward

Many times , we are caught with our past , holding on to it and suffering from it . We cannot let go but just cling on like the craps clinging on to the rocks at the bottom of the sea bed while watching some craps floating past as they choose to face their uncertainties.

I have read of a saying " Let go of the past and look forward to the future . Without letting go the past , there is no space for the future " The past is dead and gone and the future is just another beginning and another day.  If we can swift our thinking and outlook in this way, we enjoy a new day in everyday.  This should be the way and the past is only a memory.

Why our eyes and legs is structured physically to be infront ? We don't have our eyes looking back or our foot pointing backward.  We are physically build to walk and move forward and it is meant to be this way. If you turn our body backward, we are also walking forward unless our head and turn 180 degree and our foot can walk backward . Whichever way we turn , we are only walking forward.

It is very surprisingly that why the past is so comfortable ? If we think carefully , we will realized that it is certain.  What we have experience cannot be worst because we have gone through it. But , for the future , everything is so uncertain and it is so scary.  The past is certain but the future is uncertain , that is why we hold on to our past.

Whether is good, bad or ugly , we have to move on and we expect nothing and we will not be disappointed. Treat everyday is a blessing  and any unpleasantness as a passing illusion.  Our jouney must go on and there is no time to stop and ponder.  Come what may, let move on with hope and a positive attitude.