Friday, November 21, 2014

A correct mind - Lao Tze.

Lao Tze is a very wise teacher and one of his advise is that " if you correct your mind, everything will fall into its place".  It truly means that  the mind controls very thing including our happiness and our well being.

If we have a positive mind, we will be positive and if we have a negative mind, we will be negative , this is as simple as that. Yes, we do not need to complicate matters and put also of assumptions in our path. Tame our mind , we will have inner peace and we can tame our emotions.

Just imagine, when we have a headache , our whole body will be in pain and sick. If we take a panadol to cure the headache, we will be well and happy again.  This is also the effect of drugs and it just numb the brain and its thoughts and we will be floating , flying and in nirvana. However, drugs is bad for our well being and is illegal.

It is better to train and tame our brain through meditation and discipline rather than choose a simple way out. Just start with a simple exercise to focus our thoughts . Discipline ourself to do it regularly and make it a part of us. It is our life style and it is within our control and it is our choice.

The problem with people is that they lack discipline and want an easy way out. Not doing anything but expecting something to happen is a rediculours expectation.  There is a saying that " if we do the things the same way regularly , the result will get better " in this case. Hence, start at your own pace and be satisfied with the small progress until you can gradually grap control of our mind.

Never rush the practice and take your pace so that it will not bore you out or hurt your mind.  For some, the result can be fast and for some people, the result can be slow. Never compare against another person but to keep your pace.

Eventually, you will attain the greatness and start to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  Believe me, it is a matter of practice and train your mind to be your servant.  They can be trained.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life is good - extract

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place"
Lao Tzu

If you’re like most of us, you’re seeking real happiness. We all have
moments of temporary happiness - like when something nice happens to
us, or we get that thing we’ve been wanting, or we succeed in a venture.
But what about real, lasting happiness that is not dependent on
external factors?

What IS real happiness, anyway?

Defining happiness is not easy. It’s personal, and if we’re asked, it’s hard
to express it. We can say, “I’m happy” or “I’m not happy” but how does one
measure or speak of happiness?

Psychologist Ed Diener, author of Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of
Psychological Wealth, describes “subjective well-being” (happiness) as
a combination of life satisfaction and on a day-to-day basis, having more
positive emotions than negative emotions.

Researcher Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness, defines
happiness in terms of its components:

* Pleasure: the good feelings
* Engagement: being engaged in life - having stability (usually referring

to financial), good friends, loving family, hobbies and interests
* Meaning: our sense of purpose, and using our talents and strengths to

fulfill our purpose

Happiness can be momentary or it can be long-term, as in “I’ve lived a
happy life.” It may surprise you - or not - that a happy life has nothing to
do with the terrible day you had yesterday or the fear you feel today. It’s
an overall baseline happiness. In general, if you’re a happy person, the
good outweighs the bad.

Happiness is not feeling great all the time. Feeling good is a byproduct of
engagement and meaning.

Happiness is not wealth or success. These can be temporary. It’s the rare
person whose lifestyle and stress level doesn’t rise along with their
income and success. The only exception to the “money doesn’t buy
happiness” rule is when you spend that money on experiences with other

Happiness is not the absence of pain; although we often mask pain with
alcohol, sex, drugs, entertainment, escaping on exotic vacations and
extreme sports. But are we “happy” in the absence of pain? Not
necessarily. Sometimes, we’re not in pain but we’re bored, unfulfilled,
complacent… those aren’t happiness!

Happiness is not something to seek or strive for. It just IS. Or, isn’t.
Your choice.

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”
~ Lao Tzu

If you correct your mind, happiness will follow.

So how can you “correct your mind” so that happiness will follow?

Meditate. Meditation physically changes the brain. A Massachusetts
General Hospital study looked at the brain scans of 16 people before and
after they participated in an 8-week course in mindfulness meditation. After
the course, the regions of the brain associated with compassion and
self-awareness grew in size and activity and the parts associated with
stress shrank and exhibited less activity.

To avoid becoming less happy as you get older - to avoid becoming more
rigid, fearful, repetitive negative thought patterns - meditate.

I know, I know, it sounds like meditation is the answer to happiness, right?
Well, it may not be the answer, but it is most definitely the doorway and an
indispensable tool.

Best of all, meditation feels good. The bliss that you get in a state of
very deep meditation is unlike any happiness that we can achieve in the
physical experience on Earth. What better way to start the day? Start the
day off meditating and you start the day off happy. The rest of your day
will flow beautifully.

Your inner bliss can be nurtured and encouraged. It’s about getting in
touch with a simple inner pleasure of doing something you love, enjoying
the moments, keeping your sense of wonder and curiosity, and realizing
that you don’t need external sources to make you happy.

You make you happy.

Whatever your situation, you can change it. Inside you, you can reinterpret.
Shift your perspective. Meditation will help you do this… 40 minutes a day,
every day, to greater and greater happiness.

"Creating the daily habit of deep heartfelt thanks is truly amazing. I used
to do this after meditation and then incorporated it into my shower time.
Now, every single day, and numerous times each day, thoughts of deep
appreciation automatically go through my mind.

I thought of my mother.

One of the night , I dream of my mother. She passed away for more than 15 years ago.  I have not been truthful to her and I was afraid that she will know the truth after she go into another realm.

I have a few regrets.  During her last few years, I have not been with her despite going back to eat dinner and visit her during the weekends. I should have noticed something was wrong with her when she complaint that she is not sleeping well.  I took her to a clinic and the doctor just told me that old people is like that as they often sleep during the day and could sleep at night.  It is not the first time I am disappointed with a GP. They bullshit a lot and only know how to make money by prescribing us their expensive medication and exorbitant consulting fee.

Besides the point, I wonder whether my deceased mother could see what I have done with my life. There is a big secret that I kept to myself which I have not told her.  It is a kind of personal issue.  But, does it matter ? If I told her, maybe it would be better . But , I just leave it as that.

During my life journey, she has been advising me to divest my investments as these investments were breeding on my blood money.  But , it all falls on deaf ears. Why is it so difficult to listen to her ? It was quite disturbing at that time and there were so many considerations. I became a gambler and hoping that my investment will recover itself.  It is actually going down one way , the way to hell. I was bleedding and wounded and I kept holding on and find solace in hiding behind my problems. Things were changing very fast and I indulged in comtemplation and hopefulness. It was actually hopelessness.

Yeah, she looks healthy in my dream and the image of her sitting on the swing infront of her house waiting for me. It was very unfortunate that only after I sold of my investment , then she passed away.  At that time, I was having more time for her but she could not wait to go away forever. I could not unwound the damage and hurts which I have caused to her. However, heaven cannot wait.

Until this day, my heart bleeds when I think of her. She has struggle so much to bring me up but I went through a bad patch and have neglected her in the process.  I do not know whether this is destined or not but this period left me with some regrets.

It has kept huanting me when I dream of her and it will remained a memory forever in my mind.  I want to tell her that " Mum, I love you "and I missed you very much over the years.


A detox test

I went through a health check via a computer programme by holding to a sensor rod for 3 minutes and after that almost instantly, my health result was told to me by a nutritionist .  She was barely 25 years old.  Slim and fit.  I wonder how such computer tools can do such miracle job. 

She intenfy 10 areas ie the heart, liver, kidney, stomach, uric, blood pressure , urinary bladder ,etc. She told me four weakness out of 10 which hits the bull's eye.  I cannot believe it and yet, I continued to let her explain who to carry out a detox programme.  She want me not to take medication to relieve these ills because it will be a life time of medication.  By detox at regular intervals, my vital organ would be able to function again.

She took out a package of drinks , packages of herbs , vinegar, apple cedar , etc and told me to have a programme that would last a few days. She told me to check my stool at the end of the programme and you will know what toxic is in my system.  One set cost me RM430 and it needs four sets to clean up my system.  I was not convinced so I took one set to try it out.  I am waiting for a convenient time to do it as my bowels will be loose for the whole day when I finished the programme.

The next day, I was with my friend , I casually mentioned to him and he told me that his pharmacist friend told him that there is already such detox fibres in the market.  If you want to cleanse your kidney or your liver or your heart, there a specific fibres in the market to do it.  It is cheaper and more effective. I felt abit cheated but never the least, I am wiser now.

I found out that exercise or yoga is only helping us to manage our physical body and it has minimum impact on our vital organs. We need some thing to cleanse our body off the toxins which is in our internal body system. I have been trying to use fruit juice as the catalyst but still it is not sufficient.

Now I understand that I need to get rid of the toxins to ensure the juice in my body system keeps functioning and moving to balance my whole body mechanism.

I do not know what the computer tools have done to check the weakness in my body but such computer tools are so advance in the West where we need only to key in the symptoms and the machine will be able to tell us our medical problems.  Now computer is everywhere including medical diagnosis. They becoming GOD.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

What are we waiting for?

What are we waiting for?

Life is a routine as a  trend. We sleep, we eat, we work, we enjoy ,we exercise as the days passed. What are we waiting for ?

We study, we graduate, we found a job and get married , start a family and grow old and we die. What are we waiting for in the meantime?

We follow life's routine and follow the way of the establishment and abide the customs and beliefs and in the end what do we get?

We work hard, stay thrifty , gets rich , drive big cars, stay in big house and provide our children with a good job and bright future, what do we get? And what are we waiting for?

Millions and millions of people have gone the same way before us and in the end what do we get. Meanwhile what are we waiting for ?

So what we do? Quit our job. Go traveling , enjoy what we have and get back our freedom. So after that what ? We are at times happy and at times sad going through the routine in our life. Again, what are we waiting for?

Yes, we have to break through this boring thought. Don't wait for things to happen. Cultivate inner peace and enjoy the moments as it comes. Stay in the present and enjoy your inner peace. Be contented and accept that we can not avoid the eventual ending  following the cycle of life.
Death will be the end. Train your mind to accept  it and live well by your own way. Forget about the Establishment and regain your freedom. The freedom to live , speak , eat and doing the things you like. Celebrate LIFE.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Waking up wondering why?

Waking up and asking why?

Have you wake up from a sleep and wondering why you have woke up? The body is a strange mechanism and it don't take orders from us. If only we can tell it to sleep and it will just shut off then this is the best it can do for us.

There are many articles which connect the body and the mind. If you quiet down your mind ,your body will rest completely and your sleep will come. The mind can control your body.

If your mind is disturb, your sleep will be interrupted or your body is stressed and not well , your mind will be disturb.

The past few nights I have this experience of drinking a lot of fluid and my stomach stays full and I can dozed off and wake up with no reasons feeling full.

What should we do?  Yes. Sit up or walk about or do sometime until the feeling of full goes again, don't force yourself to sleep, it will only make you restless and upset. Accept the fact and keep its awareness and try quiet  down your mind. Never force but let the sleep come itself.

The water will find its own level.


" Riding a horse to watch flowers"

A Chinese wisdom.

It is a blur vision of multi colors . We are racing against time while our lives passes through. We. Ould not see what type of flowers or its shape and distinct colors, everything is a mass of blurs. We can stretch life to a 100 and continue to chase for time but we fail to live our lives and admire the beauties in this world while rushing through our journey.

Pause . Stop and come down from the horse and walk on your journey, you find that life is much more than rushing through your journey in life. Take a careful look at things around you and besides you. Talk time to watch and stare at things around you . You will see the beautiful colors in life and the wonderful textures of the flowers.

You will start to appreciate the people around you and you will enjoy third presence more. You will see the people around you growing and changing instead of living in an illusion and always rushing and pushing.

Life is more than that and it is not how long we live but how well we have lived and continued living.