Sunday, July 24, 2016

Absolute power , corrupt absolutely

I was told once by a good friend that when a person experienced power, he or she will be changed forever and will not be able to step down from power easily However, there are exceptions as there are also enlightened people around. Yes, I also read before that "absolute power corrupts absolutely ". Is this way is happening in Malaysia ? All the wrong things can be right and the people who are involved are still in power. Absurd , right ? IN Sun Tze art of war, there is a strategy that if you are corrupted you have to make everybody close to you to be corrupted and stand together to fends off the attackers. If you are black , then paint all the people in black to stand off against the white. This is quite a simple but powerful strategy. Another strategy to keep the power is to make more trouble if there is trouble. By spreading the focus of the people to fight so many fire, the main fire is forget or the attention will be disperse. Looking at the current scenario, I believe there is a strong person behind this fiasco now in Malaysia. The "advisor" have been planning and scheming the counter attacks using some idiot and corrupted agents to neutralize the the main problem by placing or making more and more corrupted people to increase their strength. As a reminder to the shadow advisor, please retreat for the good of the nation and the people.

Buddha talk ,snaky heart 2

I have wrote one article on this topic before and this is the 2nd one. This is again regarding the same person. Previously, she was a gossiper but now she is a born again Christian. I should not use the Buddhist wisdom on her but it just befits her. She was re-born again after her husband's death and leave her to the riches. Now, she is a official mouth piece for the religion telling people to believe in Cod and throw away our wrong belief including our ancestor's alter and all the deities in our house. Suddenly, all those deities she has also been praying becomes evil. I wonder did GOD tell his followers to spread Christianity in this way? I believe GOD must be tolerant and humble. This is one of the reason I stay away from the religion. These followers become over zealous and start to attack the other religions and this way has caused much conflict especially with the Islam religion. They are convinced that they are the only one and all others are evil. In the Buddhist religion, it is all about self. How do we discipline ourselves and live right , talk right, act right, etc and this is to discipline ourselves to achieve wisdom and also enlightenment. If is ounly through our good that we can tell others to follow our belief and our example and what we say , other people will follow. If ourselves is a bad example , it will only make people think twice of what we say. I believe that all religions are good as they take place in different time and place in our history. For the good of Christianity , all those who want to spread Christianity must have the certificate or diploma to recruit new followers and not every Tom, Dick or Mary can do this type preaching. As I say , they must discipline themselves and be good Christians examples before they can spread the words and bring followers to the religion. Keep on talking , talking and talking does not make a person a wise fella but rather they look like fools and idiots in the eyes of the public and bring shame to the religion. The religion have encountered such anti Christ followers who have berated the religion. Namaste.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It is raining

Well, what is so exciting about raining ? It is already the start of the raining season now. There must be something wrong about me. Well, I have not seen rain for many months from the start of this year where the El Lino bring heat wave and hotness all around us. THe heat have been very damaging and harmful to all of us as well as the environment. The seeing of rain is a delighted change although it is messy to our life. The sight of rain and the feeling of rain can have a calming effect ou us and it seem to wash away all of past and also our unhappiness if we choose to feel this way. It cleanse the environment let us start all over again. If we believe it ,accept it and it will also change us. Like the cycle of brith, aged, sickness and death , the climate changed also is in the nature. For the change of each season in the world , it goes with time. A certain period of time have passed on the change of each season. It is whether it is summer , autumn , winter or spring or normal, hot, hotter or hottest , it reflects a passing in time. Each individual have been allocated a certain number of times in our life and we have to passed on. It is just like raining, it starts with a drizzle , light rain fall, heavier rain fall and raining dogs and cats and it suddenly stopped. It is also a small passing in time. With certain changes and passing of time, we should enjoy each moment and learn to dance n the rain and make most of it. It is wise and not just to stand and watch while the time flies away. It is your choice and your own doing and you have to bear the consequences. Namaste.

For the love of someone

My dog Brownie have disappeared for 5 days now. Since she walk out, I have searching for her and each day I would hope that she will come back and wait for me at my gate. I have gone very fond with her after 4 years. I could feel the pain of losing my dog and I have prayed for her return all these days. Maybe, she will be gone forever I started to feel scare of the loved ones besides me and all those people I have associated with. What happen , someone just leave us and be gone forever all of a sudden. I feel very unsecured and lost if this incident were to happen. I realized the lost of the MH310 , MH17 , cruel killing in Dhaka and the bombing in Nice< France where so many people have died so suddenly. There is madness everywhere now and the world is being held at ransom. What is happening ? There are so much anger, killing and hatred. What have the world gone into ? People are using religion against each other , race against each other and nations against nation. It must be stopped before it goes out of proportion. The world needs a unifying religion after so many years of abuse,, misinterpretation and mis-guided thinking. So much darkness have been build up in this world and these are signs that the world is going to end soon if there is no new world order. There are many wisemen who predicted the start of this conflict and how all these conflict comes about and how it will end. There is the disappearance of the love for someone. All the hatred and anger have blur the need to have universal love and tolerance for others. THe promise of reward , greed and power have blind all the people and the emergence of self have intensify. We can see the end, we can see the problems , we can see the way but we wanted to remained blind and letting it happen. It is sure foolishness and stupidity. Open our heart and our eyes before it is too late. Namaste.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

what is the right food to eat ?

I read an article by Keenu, the actor for Matrix . He donated 70% of his earnings from Matrix to charity and now he is worth about US$100 million. He said that his mother is suffering from Caner despite taking only healthy food in all her life. Is purely healthy food good for health? He disagreed with this notion. He believed that all human beings must taking some poison each day and let their immune system work and the body will be healthier and stronger. He cited the example of his mother who only take healthy food but in the end she faced cancer and some many of the sickness. I remembered when I was young, my mother's generation , they consumed a lot of pork. Not just pork by fatty pork and all the people during her generation live into a ripe old age and remained healthy. Now, we talk about supplements to avoid or neutralize the food we take to avoid high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes ,etc. In the past , there is only natural herbal medicine to take care of these problems. The big medical product factories are churning out more and more tablets of supplements and make billions in process through advertisement and on-line sales and making all disease as deadly while producing the pills. It is a wonder how the world has changed and supplements have become a necessity instead of a need. Namaste.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My dog called Brownie

Someone stole my dog last nite. Why they need to steal my dog ? Brownie have been with me for three years or more now and I am attached to her as she is a wonderful dog which plays and follow me around when I am home. She has been my companion for which I have been attached to. I am wondering how they can steal my dog as my gate have been locked via an auto-gate generator. But after taking to my repairman there is two possibility . One is that if the person have the code to my remote control or they can open my auto-gate with an Allen key. So, my repairman told me that it is better to lock my auto-gate with a pad lock to be safe. I pray for my dog's return and if she is lost , I pray that she will not suffer in the hands of the kidnappers. I pray that thunder will strike on this evil dog snatchers and karma will return to punished them. It is not a curse but my wishful thinking for the punishment to these bad people. I am now sad with anger . I am sad because I will missed Brownie and I am angry is that I cannot do anything about it. All my friends told me that this is fated and pre-destinated. Whoever taken my dog will need to be answerable and bad karma will strike on them. I have to follow the Buddha's eightfold path and maintained my right words and right actions precepts. But, I am hopeful, hopeful for my dogs' return. I called on these bad people who stole my dog to return it at once to me . Lets righteous be on them. Namaste.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Right speech - one of the eight fold path

When we don't have things to say, we should keep quiet and listen instead of saying something stupid. This is a simple wisdom but not many people knows how to manage it. Most people think that by saying something makes them look good in the eyes of others. It is plain stupid. I have seem many occasions when a person response just for the sake of responding, they really make a mockery of themselves. They could utter un-coherently or say something stupid or utter a noise which have no meaning. Why should we do this things ? We can just keep quiet or say no comments or be truthful and say "nothing to say". Admitting that we do understand the question or admitting that we do not have anything to say is acceptable. We do not need to answer all the things posed to us by other people. Just like the case of the Sarawak report, it should be an open secret instead of kept under OSA and that Kechil Kurup say it is treason and we should charge the people who release the report. I think this is the reverse they should do and release the report as it is and face the music after that. This is the right thing to do. By barking back and trying to protect or hide things ,this is as worst off as telling other people that they are have some thing to hide. If we are righteous, we should not be afraid of such smear campaign , we can stand up and take the right action. Right speech, does not mean talking or talking back with the right words only, it can mean that we keep quiet by taking the right actions. Namaste.