Monday, July 27, 2015

China stock market drop 8.6% --bad moon rising

China suffered a biggest one day drop in six years and after Chinese Government intervene to prop up the share market by injecting liquidity and changing the rules of the game. The Government have suffered huge losses because of this intervention. At a seminar recently, one prominent banker told us to watch out for China which was called " the factory of the world " but have lost the title recently as China went up market. The banker told us that China is keeping a 16 months inventory stock as the Government continued to encourage production and the entities are dumping their stock all over the world affecting the global economy. Toyota delayed their plan to manufacture Lexus car in China as their domestic car demand drop sharply and as consumer sentiments turn bad. The gold price also fell from US$1.5K to US$1K per gm as China investors starts to dump their gold as liquidity and life turn tight and tough. Personally, I see a "bad moon" rising in China as the economic numbers are proped up by the Chinese Government and the inventory getting longer and longer , the liquidity getting tighter and tighter , the investors dump their equity stocks and gold and the other regional economies attached to the China's economy also gets affected like Australia and bank loans getting higher and higher while bad debts piled up and becomes a credit risk. Everything is falling apart and it is been hold back by the Government as the water flooded the "dams" and putting pressure on the walls until it give way and swept everything on its way. The sense and intuition is getting jittery and holding cash is like GOD when the full bad moon is on the high. Namaste.

People to avoid ..;

In real life, there are certain people whose presence is negative to us or provide the stress to us. The more they want to help , the more troubles come our way. It may be because of their luck but I think it is more towards their mentality. The mentality of self importance. In this world, there are good people, bad people and ugly people. Some good people to you, maybe bad to others and not everybody is the same. The characters of a person and their behaviour plays a very important part in this chemical mix. Some one has good vibes to more people than others or some people is the other way. When two people's chemistry harmonized , then they fell in love and it has a positive vibes on each other. But, through time, the vibes can changed and they could be harmful to each other even if they don't want to. It is a time to separate for the good of all. If two people live into their rightful age, it maybe because of the positive vibes between the couple and if otherwise, they could have die early or divorce long time ago. Things are impermanence and is always changing. Eventhough, we know that the other people is bad for us but yet we cannot denied or broke off rationally. The fate is sealed and the journey have to begun and live through. This is the reality of life. The fate is stronger than the logical deduction by ourself. If only logic is stronger, the world could have less miseries. There are exceptions of logic prevailing over fate and these are strong people who live their life in their way instead of determine by fate. Maybe living through the destined life is part of karma or challenge in life and it could not be avoided as choices determine your life for you. Namaste.

Friday, July 24, 2015

TGF - this is another Thanks God , its Friday

Our mind starts to slow down ahead of this coming weekend but the news from the past week have been damaging and negative. China is slowing down and probably to 6% from 7% and even that the data is suspicious and in real fact, it could be worst. Citibak said that there would not be a financial meltdown or hard landing but a sub-par growth.. hope that the projections will be right. For Japan, the weak Yen have help p in their exports but in real fact , there is a need for severe reforms in labor and a massive opening of their agricultural section to boost their domestic economy. US have the lowest jobless claims in the past 40 years, home sales improving, inflation was about 2% and all the factors warrants a rate hike and the rate hike will be in Sept 15. For EU. tje greek trouble is almost over with the greeks having to do a massive pension cut and will have to endure austerity drive for the next 10 to 15 years to keep them in the EU pact. The region's business is still soft. For the Ringgit, Malaysia is going into toubled and strange time. The growth is going down from 5 to 4% and possible to below sub-4% with all the sectors have hit with a slow down. With this in mind, the mood over the weekend is cautious and prudent. Things are not going to be good this year and the next as many people will get lay off , their spending cut, business will be badly affected and with all the dirts thrown into the circus and make the shit hit the fan and with all the "f&$*%*" smell oozing around making us sickly and condemn. What a sticky feeling with the sweat dripping into our underwears and making us uneasy. The hot weather outside did not help either , making us tired and edgy . Last night, I finished the season 5 of " the game of thrones " and it ended with Jon snow been stabbed and the queen of King's landing been parade across her kingdom in nude.. It was a really a long naked walk with her boos drooping and her pubic hairs covering her pit. People was throwing all sort of things at her as she has sin. Quite a pitiful sight and anti climax. It was a sad ending with Stanis , the legal hair to the seven kingdom killed while the mother of the dragons , surrounded by a strange tribe. It keep me anxious the whole night and not been able to sleep until i complete my meditation , twice in a night before I can doze off. It was not a smooth night and with the closing of the friday, I am really looking forward to the weekend to re-cuperate. Namaste.

Poor person's mentality

May 7, 2015  Jack Ma once said, 'When Selling to close friends and family, no matter how much you're selling to them, they will always feel you're earning their money, no matter how cheap you sell to them, they still wouldn't appreciate it.' There will always be people who do not care about your Costs, Time, Effort, they rather let other people cheat them, allowing others to earn, then supporting someone they know. Cause in their heart, they will always be thinking, 'How much did he earn from me?' instead of "How much did he SAVE/MAKE for me?" This is a classic example of a poor person's mentality! How did the rich people become rich? One of the main reason is because they are willing to SUPPORT their associates business, taking care of one another's interests thus naturally they get back more. Your Friends will in turn support you, thus the circle of wealth continues to grow and grow! Simple Logic, you will start to get rich once you understand it. Jack Ma on Sales: 'When doing Sales, the first people who will trust you will be Strangers, Friends will be shielding against you, fair-weather friends will distance from you. Family will look down upon you.' The day you finally succeed, paying the bill for every get-together dinner, entertainment, you will realised: Everyone else is present except the Strangers. Do you get the meaning of this? We need to treat our dear Strangers better! And even more so to Friends who know what you are doing and yet still SUPPORT you! Let us treat STRANGERS who buys from us better from today. They are your BEST customers!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Going through the dark times.

The dark times In our life, sometimes, we enter into a phase of dark times. Everything did not work smooth for us and we run into troubles and knocking into brick walls. We are disturb , our emotions unstable and our stress level shoot up and affecting our health. It is a time to sit back and reflect and control our emotions and response. There is a saying that we make the best speeches that we will never forget when we are angry. The words coming out strong and hurting and i ahve said before, it is a time to shut our gap and reflect on what is going around us and inside us. It is a time of reflection and recognition. Yes, luck is not with us and bottles could suddenly fell from the sky and hit us. Once in a million chance and it still happens. The black thick clouds hanging over our head and wherever we go , we cannot shake it off until it is the time to shake it off. There is a time for everything thing. Good,bad and the ugly. It cannot happen before its time, it cannot happen after its time but on the dot it will happen and we have to accept it and bear it all and become tolerance and resilent ie sit through the bad times. How we re-act to it, it is our choice but happen to us isn't. So , what we can do is to control our re-action to it and try to influence the outcome patiently. Sometimes, the harder we re-act, the bounce back is even harder. It does not mean that the harder we hit back, we can break it but instead it bounce back at double the speed and smash us right through. We have to be aware that we can influence the outcome but cannot determine the outcome. Life is like that and it is strange. The unknown remained the unknown. Live by this belief and things will be better. Namaste.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

May's cafe -2

May's Cafe -2 The cafe is open for business on the 3rd day now and the reality is showing. The customers are not available automatically. In business , there is a lot of efforts needed to bring in customers and that is why shops open choose to open when there is a lot of human traffic. The convenience of parking , the food , the price and satisfaction of their "wants" apart from the relationship with the owners. Even if the relationship or the "kwanzi" is there but if the price , taste and place is not right , there could be no deals. So, for a good thing to happen , there should good weather , a suitable place and the harmony of the people. In F&B business , the factors are more than three especially the taste which includes color , smell and the look. The most difficult business is F&B business as there are so many more factors to consider and there is very little tolerance for mistakes relating the various factors . It is not impossible but it is a very difficult business . However , it is an experience and only when you are in the journey , then you can only understand and treasure the underlying problems with the business and how you need to overcome them. So, best of luck to my Dear Girl.. Namaste.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A hectic saturday

It was a hectic Saturday Yesterday was quite a day and was so hectic having to wake up at 6.45 am and wake up my daughter to get her to pray to the chinese gods for her cafe's opening day. Later, I attended her her cafe opening and it drag until 3pm and I have come home to change and take a taxi to the airport for the 3.30pm flight to KL to attend a reception arrange by my second sister in law at her condo. The plane touched down at KLIA2 and it was a long walk to the taxi stand. The taxi took an hour before we , my wife and myself reach the reception just in time for the dinner. The dinner drag until 9.30pm and by then I was very tired and I dozed off immediately after that . It was really a day to remember . Dung the trip , I was told that Gigi, a four years old dog at my eldest sister in laws house has died of a heart failure. It was a wayward dog before my SIL took her in and nurse her to health. It is a Buddhist belief that the dog could have repaid her master as my SIL have improved on her cancer treatment. Whatever, everything is fated and destination . Come what may. Namaste.