Sunday, January 15, 2017

Late life crisis

Late life crisis

There is a term called mono pause for ladies and it is also true for the male . This involves a bodily and mental changes and it starts from different stages in the life of individuals i.e. Different age. Some earlier and some later . For the female, they will stop their monthly "period" and the male will also suffer a lost of sperm counts and some activities . This is a second phase of life for each person .

However , there could be a second late life crisis. The choice of what to do after retirement for both sexes if there is a choice. Do they want to work until they die or work until disable or to shift their focus to enjoy their life to carry out their passions which is optional as well.

These both crisis are real for both sexes if they are lucky to live to a ripe old age or live last both stations or the live crisis.

It is really a dilemma and one one is absolutely right or there is no right answers . There could be regrets or no regrets , it depends on a particular person. Many of my friends have retired and I have not discuss this matter with them and so some looks happy and some still struggling to find a direction or a way to live their life.

Whatever, a decision or no decision is still a decision to choose the way we live . We can hide ourselves and with regrets and no regrets is ours to live .


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fragility of life

Fragility of life

Life is unpredictable while death is certain. This phrase have remained in my mind all this time since this catch phrase was known to me . One day , you could be standing strong and the next day you could be gone . A simple twist of fate could changed everything you have or the way you live.

Yes. I have telling myself and all other people that whatever status and power we have in life goes with the title we hold . If the title is taken away , the power and status also goes with it . It is fragile as that and we have to be aware of this happening including our wealth and possessions .

For thousands of years , religion have been preaching these type of philosophy but the greed of mankind is stronger and evil still prevail and in some area much stronger . So that is why there is so much sufferings and abuses .

Our ego self is bigger than us instead of we should be bigger than ourself. So what is the meaning of a bigger self ? A bigger self is like having a bigger agenda than our own individual agenda. It is to believe is a bigger love i.e. love humanity instead of love for ourself . Our needs are very selfish and narrow which the love for the universe and the love of mankind is so much bigger. An example is that instead of working  for a salary to make our life better , we can provide a free service to the world or mankind  and make earth and its people a better place to stay. This is for a bigger agenda and a bigger love.

However , it is very difficult to breakout from ourself as greed and ego confine us to our selfish needs . The instinct to compare and follow what others have or do to be successful in this materialistic works wonders to satisfy this needs .

We have to be aware and thrust out of this compelling shell and to realize a bigger self.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dance in the rain

I have always advise people to learn to dance in the rain. Not very body can do it and only those with trained mind can do it.  Human beings are emotional beings and emotions controls most of their re-actions.  When something happen to you,  your mind is disturbed and your emotions come in to disturbed you more.  Sometimes, you run out of control.

After your re-action , you calm down and think whether your re-action is actually appropriate or not. If you have been too hush, then you regret your actions and wanted to be better. But, there is saying " whatever comes out of your mouth , it will bear some consequences.  Four quick horses will not be able to catch it. This really means that the damage have been done and you cannot unwound the time or repair the hurt. 

People often " run fire" and go into uncontrollable rage.  How can be calm  when some event happen ?

One way to go for a good show and come out a fresh  person as the rage is exterminated while your mind concentrate on something else.  Take your mind focus into another area or into another mode.

Listen to music also have the same impact while physical release like running or marathon is another way to burn up your energy and exhaust your mind.  The basic thing to do : Is to take your mind of the thing in focus  and live freely.

Dance in the rain is a song  and in real life , it hopes to act for

Monday, January 9, 2017

why I care ?

My body is undergoing changes  and most of it is aging. The dental health, the blood sugar and the bouncy leg work ,etc.   In all aspect , it is aging and de-generating.  Why I should care ?  To live a healthy and good life.

Nobody can avoid aging but we can delay aging.  By eating well and living well, we are able to remain active and still doing most of the things we can do when we are young despite the ability to do the full round become less and less. Everything will finally go.

I have seen the older generation walk with a limp or drive exceptionally slow or moving around in pain.  I will try to avoid most of it and keep my body straight and my head held high as much as possible.  I am fighting against nature and if I leave it to nature, I will be aging faster and be slower faster.  That is why I care . 

The numerous supplements I am taking is to delay degeneration.  For the sex drive , I have not taken the blue pills despite it is going down hill. But, sex health is also very important as it gives vitality to the body and energy to the spirit.  It is also a matter of pride or self ego. How can I tell people that it takes a lot of motivation to pull it up and standing ? Haiyooo, malu lah.

Nevertheless,  we hold our balls and bear the pain when things in our body do work so well.   We have accept it gracefully and acknowledge the failures in our body.   It is only natural.

Why I care ?  for my own price and ego..

Time to let go.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Karma of today and tomorrow

What more can you get Karma of today. & tomorrow

My daughter May finds it hard to persuade her mum for a new Chinese new dress. She came to me asked for my help . She told she failed to convince her mum and that is it . She hopes I can do it for her .

Some people is feeling it so difficult to give and I think they are not aware of the tomorrows.
Now they are able and they think they will not age and become disable in the future .
They feel that they can be alone and will live well by themselves .Yes, maybe they can and I wished that they can live and die by themselves . Anyway, we come from nothing and we go with nothing . Fair .

But what is wrong , with giving back to the youngsters what we have earned ? Isn't it better that we give, shared and enjoy the things we have . They will feel we can give and they will appreciate the thoughts , the care and the Sharing .if they do not , then let it be. Maybe we have not give enough and they have not felt it.

This is not a formula of how much we give and how much they need to give back. No equations . It maybe nothing in return. So expect nothing and don't get yourself hurt. But just enjoy the process of giving .

Life is short and do not do foolish things as time will come back for no one . Enjoy the moment , forget the past and welcome the future .


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Message from the Lord

I have been feeling kind of funny as this thought keep circulating in my mind and prompted me to write about this wisdom .

Bodhi tree is not a tree
Mirror images  are not real
Basically, we are nothing
So, how can we attract dust and sadness.

This wisdom came from a Buddhist wisdom .  It means Bodhi tree is not a tree because Bodhi tree does not grow from a seed originally. So not a natural tree.  Mirror images are not real depicts illusions or fakeness . What we see is not real but only images around us. Basically, we are nothing means impermanence.  We are only in transit and ashes to ashes , dust to dust and our whole body is nothing but water and dust. After we died, we are gone and does not exist.   In the case , why are we suffering sadness ?  If nothing , we cannot hold anything for feel anything. 

So, the whole problem is our mind.  If we control our mind, we control ourselves and we will be happy always. Be aware of this monkey mind , train it and make it work for us.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

I am in Danang, Vietnam ( final )

Yes, I am back in Penang and back to civilization..  Actually, it is not so bad but there was so many destructions in Danang during the French and American wars that the place need time to be re-constructed.  Destroy is easy but to rebuild it needs time.

What conclusion I have arrived after visiting Danang ? One thing is obvious . My health have deteriorated and my age have catch up with me. After climbing all the steps to the various caves , I failed in one venture and it really took the breath out of me.  I have to sit down to recover and let the rest of the troop moved on. After catching  my breath, I could no longer find them.  It is so hard to admit that we are sick or old.  We want to remain the same and still pushing on with life.  But, there is a limit and you will hit the limit when you pushed yourself. You just cannot hide anymore.

Looking at the trip, I am also aware that I have to keep myself health or I have to travel when I can still walk or climb.  If I wait for my retirement first,  it maybe very difficult for me to enjoy the trip anymore through walking and climbing .  Time waits for no one.  Yes, I have to admit this weakness early and to travel more often rather than to wait for a good timing.

It can be just another wakeup call as there were so many before and I better sit up to listen to myself and to get on with my life through traveling.