Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Things are not what it seems

A lot of our time, our mind forms an image on an immediate response.  When there is an action , there is a fast re-action.  So, when our eyes see, we mind re-acts , prompting our lips to unleash out the words or our hands giving out the relevant gestures.  But , most of the time, there is a wrong perception and wrong words are uttered  and wrong actions are done. It is too late and we attempt a damage control.

If we stop awhile to think and analyse what we see and let our mind go through the events again, then we maybe clearer in our vision and perception and the right words and action can be carried out.  This happens only with a trained mind.  Our mind often re-acts to what we see or hear and indeed, it is wrongy perceived most of the time.

One wrong words or action is been done, it is very difficult to pull back the hurts or damages which we have unleashed. It will take years to recover or maybe it the hurts remained in the rest of our life.
But despite the severe consequences , yet most of the time , these wrongful actions  have been done or wrong words have been used.

Another factor is our big ,big ego. we cannot be wronged and we have to defend ourselves as fast as possible and to seek revenge for the wrongful things or words which have hurt us to our core. We our strike when we are strike no matter what is right or wrong.  You hurt me , I will hurt you back whether the hurt is done intentionally or not. I am always right and I am invincible and I can do no wrong. This is the basic untrained nature of human beings.

But if we are aware of the severe consequences and we can slow down to think , then things will be clearer than the first time we see or hear the words. Things are often not what it means or seen. I have a yoga friend who tattooed the word " awareness" on his left arm. I asked him why he has this tattoo and he told me that we wants to be aware of his mind  ie what he sees and what he hear and he also want to be aware of ego and to slow down his response until he is clear of the situation and then he will decide what he want to do or say. Yes, awareness is the answer to all of troubles arising from wrong interpretation or perception.

So, we have to slow down our response to give time for our awareness to work and we will stay out from a lot of troubles.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Anger in me .

Last night I was aggitated as my wife left her office late and we were late for yoga.  We have been consistently late for our yoga session and this aggitated me and I raised my voice to her. I felt bad after that but I know time will heal. Both of us have very little conflicts except over my driving and her lateness in observing time.

Another thought troubling me is the condition of my sister in law. She has gone through chemo three times for her Cancer treatment and she stopped the fourth time and see other treatment and the latest CT scan showed that her cancer have spread to the lungs and the cancer have came back more stronger. We have been trying to pursue her to continue her chemo but she is stubborn and now , it has come back worst. The feeling of helplessness overcame me.

For my work, my able assistants in my office were querreling among themselves and sending out emails to warn against each other. It has gone into the extend that it has become face-off situation. I have to stopped it and I voiced my frustration this morning to my assistants and they took it very badly.  I also feel very bad having to tell them off.  They were angry with me but what can I do ? I cannot be taking sides right ?

These are the little little things that is troubling me and I could feel my anger getting out of control.  I know and I am aware but words just come out frankly and I know that some words could not be said at all. This is the beauty of life is that our mind and our heart is trying to control each other. The words gets out faster than our mind's attempt to refine or stop the words.  It was just auto-pilot.

Anyway , it is friday and there is a weekend to rest myself  and calm down.  Yeah, times will be better with time.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May's Place , Pulau Tikus. Penang.

Now youngsters have their own dreams. During my time, we were told to study hard and after graduating from the University , we need to get a job first and start to earn on our own and live on our own.  That was the advise which was pumped into me and that is what we do and this the norm in our life. But, nowadays, it is different.

My daughter graduate from College with a diploma in culinary arts and all my peers and friends told me that it is not necessary for her to get a degree for such streams. They all told me that what she need is experience . So, my daugther work in a few hotels  ie 3 months here and 4 months there in a Langkawi and I told her to come to back to Penang.   Yes, she did came back but at the same time, she took almost a year's leave to wonder around and travelling . She became a professional traveller as her interim job.

After a few months, she told me that she want to  open her own cafe and she seems deem passionate about it and it is now in progress. What is the name ?  May's Place and serving fusion food. I have heard about fussion music and it was almost like jazz but with "wah wah" sound and electric guitar sound.  Fussion food ? yeah, it is a mixed food  with western - asian blending and 'chuk choi" or mixed food ingredient.  Okay, the taste was very good and I have been convinced that she can earn a living by herself now.  But, it is a lot of hardwork which I told her and she needs to struggle for her own business.

So, finally, May's Place will coming soon at 413, Pulau Tikus Road, Penang on the 1st floor.  It will be a small and cozy place and everybody will know everybody and it will be very personal. 

So , all you readers must support , okay ???


Friday, May 8, 2015

The four letter words ....

It is not the word " love" but the word " fuck ". lately , I have heard a lot of people scolding each other using this four letter words.  It is very common in US and it is getting very popular in Malaysia.. To some people, they don't know what is the meaning of the word and the impact to them is not great and they smile in their relation. For some , they are very offended with this word,  this could lead to a big re-action or a big fight.

The four letter word have a very personal meaning and they are often use in the sexual act to stir up the passionate feeling of the action and it is like a password to the opening of the pend up emotions. It normally between male and female and it is supposed to express the feeling of satisfaction between two people of oppersite sex.  So, it is very offensive , if the word is used between two male as it becomes an injury to their honor.  Between two female such word would not be appropriate at all.

So coming back to the four letter words , it is actually a misuse of the word to scold someone or curse some thing. It is not appropriate at all but it seems to be able to express our anger and scolding very well. So ,when we are upset with someone whether it is a male or female , we will shout " fuck you ".Using such words will bring the anger out from the targeted party and they will shout back  " fuck you" ...Why is it appropriate ? Are we trying to satisfy the sexual desire of the people we are angry at or we want to hit them hard ? Do we actually want to fuck each other ? Strange expression isn't it ?

When a car goes into our path on the road and the passenger is an 80 years old lady and still we roll down our window and shut " fuck you ".. Do we really mean it ? or can we do it on the open road ? strange expression again. We just shout for the sake of releasing our emotions or anger. We only " shoik sendiri " or we are only gratifying ourselves . Just like masturbating ourselves. Strange, strange behavior.

Once, I was on the road and some nasty lady drive shouted " fuck you" at me . I wonder whether she is fucking around or not.  She is angry with me and she don't know me but yet she want to fuck me. Strange , strange women.  So much free sex around. ....

If it is a figure of speech , the four letter words is also not appropriate . When we are angry , why we need to " fuck " them , we shout use the right word like " idiots, moron or nincompoop" ,etc. We cannot make them happy or satisfied.

This is a real mad world where we use words which have no meaning or with an oppersite meaning. We have to really fuck ourselves... yet we cannot.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our real face

Most of the times , we are hypocrates and we are not the real us as we put forward a fake face to hide our internal problems or external problems.  We are told to smile in whatever situation and suppress our internal feelings. Yes , most of the time we put forward our fake face.

Asian people is the worst fakers as they learn to suppress their internal thoughts and feelings from young and through our education system.  It is rude to say you don't like or we don't agree openly. The suppression of our feelings lead to stress and finally, we suffer health problems.  What should we do ?

Among us , there those who spoke up frankly and we call these people arrogant and distasteful or control freaks.  But , these people are tied of suppressing their feelings or they don't like to suppress their feelings and there is nothing wrong with that.  These people are of minority and because of the majority of the people are fakers , these minority becomes a wierd bunch of fellas. People detest them because they speak their mind and demand their rights.  But, in fact, they are the real people.

What is happening to this world ?  We must acknowledged this real facts and change.  We should accept people speaking out their feelings even when they use words like " fuck " or " idiots" or any other direct hitting words. There is nothing wrong to tell other people that they are upset and expressed their feelings in a very direct manner.

Yes, the listeners' feeling are hurt and they become upset.  They think that a simple 'no" or a more tactful way to express our feelings would be more present to their ears. But, we cannot demand that those "real people " to behave like fakers . Smile when you are hurt or cry in your heart and bite your tongues and minced your words.  Keep peace, keep happy despite your hurt feelings. Speak not your real thoughts.

I don't agree but I think that a more tactful way or words to convey our feelings is important. I am also a faker ,hiding from my true and honest feelings and to pacify the people besides me and make me an honorable person and a lovable person without anger.

I blame the system for my fake self.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nepal disaster - what happen ?

What is happening to Nepal , the land of the universal masters? Is it karma of the people or a simple disaster dictated by the Greater Universe? Thousands of people die and many injured and for what reasons ? Natural disaster.

This land is so close to heaven and yet it is not spared the disaster . Is it fated ? There are many questions unanswered despite this is the land where there is so many universal masters or semi-gods. Yeah, maybe , Buddhism is not a religion but a way of life. There is no life without death and this is the way of life, old age, sickness and death. Everybody have to die even if you are closest to heaven or nirvana.

We have the great leaders who have achieved enlightenment and also have to die in the end , so what about the ordinary people. They cannot avoid the basic rule of life and death.

Yes, everything is so real and our fate is unavoidable and pre-destined in a certain way. We can live our life as normal as possible but in the end, it is our fate that counts.

We have heard about people falling into ravine in Nepal or during their tracking in Mount Everest.  There was an artilce that even over 100 trackers were frozen to death during the recent avalanche in Mount Everest.  These people know that danger there but they live to experince the danger and in admiring the beauty of the place closest to heaven or nirvana.

Many years ago, I have a friend who went to Nepal at 53 years old , but he passed away during his sleep. He was a very good friend of mine during the school days. It is about 10 years ago now. Well, he knows that the thin air there but he still want to go there without realizing the impact of the thin air on him. What a way to go among the snow and the freezing coldness closed to heaven.

Nevertheless, there is nothing in life but a journey and at the end of the day, we still have to meet our Maker , no matter who are they .  Jesus , Buddha , Prophet , Lao Tzu, Goddess of Mercy , whoever is our Maker.  Halleluyah,  namaste, amitabha , Allah .. does it really matter.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wesak Day - the enlightenment

The wesak day

It is the enlighten day of Lord Buddha and the reminder of his great wisdom and thinking,

One of his teaching of right words and right actions is very true in this present day Malaysia where there is so much religious conflicts due to the increase in extremist, In the past,there was so much racial and religious harmony and people of different faiths live together happily and practicing their own belief.

Why do people use their religious belief to define which religion is better and to impose their religion on others?Religion is a very personal matter and what right is there for others to impose on other people? We are answering only to our creator for the things we have done in our life and let be as that. We don't need other people to force us to change our belief  and this is our right and chioce.

In my journey through life,I have seen many people who try to influence or impose their belief on others by attacking the faith and belief of others and breaking up family or turn friends into enemies, Good advise is always welcome but do not continue to persuade or impose your thoughts and belief on others until it becomes resentful and annoying. Live and lets live, Don't try to behave like God or a savior . Save your own self and be a good example for others to see and if they life it, they will follow, Basically, all religion is good and there are many roads to a destination , some longer , some shorter ,some smoother and some rougher. Well ,this variety makes life interesting and fun.

So ,on this enlightening day, lets practice the right word and right action to bring peace and happiness to everyone.