Thursday, July 24, 2014

Overnight flight

The over night flight from  Dhaka to Singapore was a mess yesterday.  I had a dinner with my colleagues last night in Dhaka before departing on a night flight from Singapore. It was  simple buffet and the last time , I slept very well on the plan. But, this time was like hell.

I could not sleep at all on a 4 hours flight on SQ.  A lot of the passengers could catch one or two hours of sleep but my eyes was wide open.  I was not tired nor sleepy at hall..  I tried to watch a movie. When I enjoyed the movie and after that my eyes was still wide open.

I tried to meditate but the seat was so narrow and I have squzze myself into the economy seats and also hoping for a good night sleeep.  It failed miserably as I was still awake throughout the journey.

I was fearful because  it could affect my working mood the next day.  I could have taken a leave but I choose to come back to office to finish my work and also to attend my boss's lecture.

FEAR is something uncontrollable and it is a personal choice.  I have to take the choice at such unfair time and condition. It was a serious feeling which could upset up me the whole day and finally, calming myself down after worked.

The feeling of a daze feeling and tiredness slowly cripped in and it blurs the thoughts and the vision and disturbs our mental judgements.  The feeling will go away slowly and I will have to manage the feeling gradually fading away.


I am choking - from what ?

I just came back from Chittagong , Bangladesh and the city was choked with traffic and people on the roads.  A city of 10 million people and many economic zones.  During the working hours, there were a few thousand cars , vans and buses on the  main road.  It is a massive jam and we have to travel bumper against bumper. What a horrible life ?

The roads are full of pot holes from the raining season  and the car, we travelled in rocked like a boat in the rapids.  It swing hard from right to left and left to right.  It was so exhausting and choking.  Some many people on the road walking in all directions and the traffic lights are for show only.  It has no purposes.  The feeling I got from these places is so choking and suffocating.

So, I am back in Penang and I felt the same choking and suffocating feeling but it is not from the overflow of traffic and people but from the haze.  A beautiful clean sky but choked with haze. The morning sun is a hot red ball.  So much fury and anger.  At some places in Malaysia, the API or the air index have fell to a dangerous point. Where is the haze coming from ? 

It is a sin where people have to live and breath under such conditions.  The source of the haze is from Indonesia . From its burning forrest. Why not Malaysia blame Indonesia but the real source is from Malaysian company cutting and burning forrest in Indonesia and running a commercial business selling teak woods.

Is there a conspiracy why Malaysia have not bring this matter to the International court but let her people suffering from breathing the dirts and haze ? Something must wrong somewhere and if we can have a joint resolution from the Parliament wanting justice for MH17 then why not a joint resolution on the haze from Malaysia. This is call selective prosecution which Malaysia is famous for .

It is a problem dealing with the Politicians and they have their own hidden interest . The 1% that rules the world.  There is a law of Karma and what we sow we reaped. What goes around comes around.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

MH17 -body snatchers & murderers.

Body snatchers and murderers.

For heaven sake, handle the bodies respectfully and with humanity. The victims of MH17 have been forcefully killed by those bloody killers and yet the remains have so badly handled. At least. Let them and their family have a decent closure.

The news of different parties struggling over the bodies and places in plastic bags along roadsides and piled up on a train heading to no where is so disrespectful and cruel. There are no animals as they have families trying to handle this difficult time.

Efforts must be intensify to find the remaining 102 bodies before the body starts to rot and decay. Thinking about this possibility is really upsetting  and kick up a rage in everyone of us.

The conflicting parties need to forget about war and their political differences to resolve this madness as soon as possible. An immediate closure is the best options for all.

It is fair that the murderers will be hauled up for the wrongful act and proper sentence shall be given.  Any attempt to compromise the findings should be rejected and let the truth prevail. These actions must be done to ensure a good closure where everyone can move on with their lives.

Nobody is above the law and If the Russian President Putin is at fault with attempt to compromise the incident. He should be killed like Sadam Hussien . This is the law of Karma and this power should not be underestimated.

People who do bad things will attract bad vibes and will get punishments for their bad deeds. What goes around comes around. There are so many examples which are clear to the naked eyes and with living examples.

We should all pray for the peaceful resting for all the souls of the victim and also pray for their bodies to be found early and  be properly buried. We also pray for a compassionate closing to the living relatives to have a speedy closure. Lets pray.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

The 1% who rules the world...

The 1% that rules the world...

it is very true that only one percent of the world populations that rules the world while the other 99% don't care a damn. Most of the 99% Is struggling to feed themselves  or their families ,  earning a living buy working hard, living in free spirit , enjoying their life ,pursuing their own purpose in life and serve the humanity and the people.

Now it is the 1% that is creating so much havoc to our world involving in war over territories, serving their own egos,  enriching themselves, struggling for power , stirring up unrest using religion and race and on the way, causing so much miseries, trouble , hurts and death to the people in the 99% category. Is this fair? Absolutely stupid formula.

The recent MH17 happening is the result of the outcome from this 1%  and it caused the lost of innocent lives and causing so much miseries for the families of the victims.
In the one of the report, it said the bodies were dropping from the sky in parts and in whole on the fields and houses in East Ukraine. The smell of death and the sights of body parts were horrifying and sickening. The entire happening shows the cruelty of man towards their own kind. What makes these idiots do this cruel act? They should be condemn to hell forever and be burn over many times for this sinful act. This should be the fury of the people in the 99% category which could wipe off the 1% easily.

For those who are hurt in the process, may the Creator have mercy and bless them with comfort and strength.
May those murdered in the process , rest in peace and haunt those 1% manipulators , cheats and scrums.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

The wind, the rain and storm

What does it happen when there is wind, rain and storm ? The scenario is like the world is coming to an end. The wind will carry the rain  and  build up the storm. These three factors are complimentary to each other. It is definitely a plus + plus + plus or 1 + 1 + 1 and the result is more than three.

It is a usual phenomena and if you find a person who has the characteristic of wind , a person who have the qualities of rain and another person to stir it up to become a storm.

In the Chinese belief , the time, place and people have to be right before something positive can be achieve. By the convergence of these three factor, a difficult decision can be derived with ease and it will be an excellent decision for all those involved.

There is wise saying " don't rush anything, it will happen when the time is right".  In these few words, it carrys the three factors of the right time, right place and need the right people to make things happen.

In life, there are few such occasion having these three positive factors. Just the convergence fo the wind, rain and storm which can rock the world or bring lightning to the sky.

The motion of a 400 x 100 relay , we can see the combination of these factors and at its maximum , it will break teh world record. The place is the stadium , the runners are the people and the time is the record.  A smooth and excellent run is the making of all these factors.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Live in the moment.

I got a call from a friend , L from KL and she told me that she has found another boyfriend in Penang and they have make a long term plan in their life.  A long term plan?  What for ?  I told her that she should enjoy the present moment and forget the plan.

In life, is there a long term plan ? A lot of things and events will be evolving and we will be changing our plans every now and then, so does the plan really having any meaning?   For our work, we were told many times that it is never plan to fail but only fail to plan.  But, our life is so much fluid and does any plan mean any thing?

I believe that we should live the day with a blessing as tomorrow is never guaranteed.  We do not need to expect anything and then we will not be disappointed. If we look too far and expect too much, we will lose the present. The present is only what we have.

The past is gone and the future is uncertain. So, what is there to plan or to look back but just to live for the moment and live for the day.

Make the full use of the moment which you are having and live.  Don't waste time comtemplating or planning and saving excessively for the future and sacrifying the needs of the present.

Live , live and really live.  Do whatever you want to do , eat whatever you can affort and move around with whatever energy you have to carry your body around.  Just move if you want and rest if you have enough. 

To some people, my thinking is very irrational as we have been told to save for raining days and to be thrifty and enjoy a comfortable life after retirement.  We are expected to live to a 100 years and so saving enough is very important.  Yes, this could be true but what if we cannot live to a 100 years  and our sacrfice for the present for the future would be meaningless. So, just keep enough but do pay attention to enjoy the present.

Our mind should change.  We should kept enough but not excessively.  Any excess we don't need is a waste.  But again, we have to provide for our children. Then, provide them enough in living skill and education and let them strive for themselves. Anything excess is also a waste or letting them waste and rot. 

Think carefully for tomorrow might never come.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yogi cafe / my dream

Yogi cafe - my inspiration

I have an aspiration to provide a place for yogi's to interact. Yes. There are many temples or meditation centers to interact or meet. But, what about socializing and relax. Yogis are also human and they need friends to interact. Suitable places.

Again, not all yogis are vegetarians and  would like to make it like a place of worship or a place like a gym. A normal relaxing place where they can behave like normal people,'chatting and sharing their wisdom and experience in life.

I would like to offer them coffee , cake , breads ,etc . An abundance of choice . But the most important is with special designed furnitures to meditate or practice their post while socializing and interacting . Small groups interaction would be encourage .

A place of calm, relaxation and serene atmosphere will be provided to enhance the practice of yoga.

My dream is in the making.