Sunday, July 5, 2015

Everybody have to go this way ....

Died in old age I got a call on an early Saturday last week , it was a sad news. My brother in law have passed away in the hospital where he was treated for bleeding in his stomach. He was in a steady condition until he suddenly vomited blood and pass away. He was 85 years old. He used to be very strong moving around in Penang on his own even at a ripe old age. Non of his daughters expected it and they were scolding the Doctors treating their father for negligence. The deceased was a very difficult man when he grew old and always nagging and grumbling and talking bad about everyone. Nobody seems to like him. I wonder why ? Perhaps he trying to get everybody's attention. I think he feels lonely and feeling useless while wasting away. This is normal for old people to behave this way. I hope not for me if I can reach this ripe old age. I attended his funeral in KL and I pay the last respect to him. He looked so small in his coffin and the wake was only for three days and he was cremated on Sunday. So, within a few days , he returned to ashes. Nothing . Gone from this earth. Vanished. Life is like this . It does not matter how rich or how famous or nasty you are and when the time comes . You have to go , you have to go. Billions of people have gone this way and there is no exception for you . Son live well, eat well and be happy . Everything is impermanent. Namaste

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Game of thrones

There was this show on HBO series which is called the Game of thrones. It is quite interesting to see the rise and falls of Kings of the seven kingdoms and the emergence of monsters and evil spirits as the series unfold. From a simple historic civilization, it evolves into a complex happening of in-fightings , plots and counter plots and the changing of Kings due to death or self proclaimation. I wonder what is going on in the mind of the writers of this series. From a beautiful and pure lady, she emerged as the mother of the dragons after she walk into a huge fire with three dragon eggs while a lady witch gives birth to an evil spirit after having sex with a King and goes to kill the King's brother who is in contention for the throne and in the middle of 2nd season spirit, the white walkers came into the picture after there was so much talk about it in the earlier episodes. The white walkers can sleep deep in the snow and survive and once upon a time, this group rules the seven kingdoms. The series display the greed of the people and changing innocent beings into vicious and tyrannic kings and killers. However, in these series, there are also kind people who gets entrapped into the happenings especially this intelligent dwarf who is one of the prince of a rich trip who gets to fook around and spending the riches of his father. He was a couragous half man but remained unknown as he was working on the background. There was this vicious Queen who fooks around among her family members and gets lucky when she was under seige. The vcious character of the people was illustrated to its fullest and the fall and rise of kings is like a game. Actors, killers , kings to be or the innocents gets to play a role in the film. After watching the film half way, it draws to me how civilization have evolved but the greed of people remained deep in one's desire. Namaste.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Edgy feelings

Edgy feeling The whole day I have feeling edgy since I woke up. It could be my unsound sleep last night which swell up my emotions. I am aware of my mood swings and I am trying to control it. I took two buns and a latte for lunch and I feel bloated up and heavy. My legs still hurts a little on uneven roads and surface. My body conditions is mixed with a feeling of comfort and an edgy feeling. I have moving around town and weather is extremely hot. Funny feelings . How I can travel under this hot sun? What am I thinking about? Just to wild away the lazy Sunday afternoon . I am sure I just feel like moving around . Heard that a fruit seller whom I have been a regular customer have sudden passed away this morning . Such news in a way rattles my emotions nowadays. Fact is fact and dying is also a fact. Sometimes just don't know my directions but just work ,eat and sleep. This routine have kept me moving but it has to stop one day. Everything have to end. Just like that. Well, we have to live day to day and do the best to live on whether it is meaningful for not. Life is a passing moments . Live well , my friends. Namaste

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why do you look old ?

Why do you look old? What kind of stupid question from a friend ? We grow old as we aged right? Why so surprise ? Is he trying to upset me or remind me of the true? My response to him is that I am not old? Why you look older ? Haiyoo , I am trying hit him back. But the truth is that both of us is getting old. It is very dangerous for us to think that we are young and in actual fact , we are old. I hurt my leg on my Saturday yoga class. I tried too hard to hold on to a pose trying to match the younger generation of girls. My ego is too big and it really hurts. Is it my ego? Maybe not, it is the wrong thinking that I am still young . That is more like it. Many people told me that age is a number but it is half truth . We cannot defy aging and we have lo slow down when we aged as our body have their own biological clock ticking away our youth and energy. To be believe that we will remain young and strong is stupidity . We can delay aging but we cannot defy aging . The earlier that we are aware of this fact , the better we are prepared to face age. Otherwise , we become suicidal. The basic law of birth, age, sickness and death is unavoidable and what we can do is to delay the process but the ultimate end is the same. Namaste.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Rise of the "Devil"

In any country, there are extremist or narrow minded people ! This comes from the education and path laid out by the leaders through the years following a system. The system of exposing the people to the culture and beliefs of a certain country or civilization and this people return with a certain mindset or understanding and assimilate into the society and growth in strength. The culture will evolve slowing and surely and silently into a force and gaining more strength. It becomes more powerful unless some thing is done to stop them. But, if the 'weeds" are allowed to grwoth , it will eventually take over the whole plain. All these weeds must be eradicate at its bud and there should be no mercy on them. The moderate and inclusive culture we have before since independence is changing by the leaders of the nation. The whiteness have gradually be inflitrated by the black into a gray color and finally the black takes over the white and change the color forever. SO , how to keep the white ? It is to prevent the black from inflitrate in and how to do it ? Undo and unlearn from the system and like a disease , keep at bay. We have heard so so much about Ebola and MERS and this are the darkness or the blackness moving into a healthy society and if it is not stop in time, the disease will spread and kill all the people and make it into a zombie country. SO the brave must stand up and speak and the louder they speak , the more awareness it become. For those leaders , who have done it the wrong way, repent and undo the system and dilute the darkness. THe darkness that is evil. Don't be a chicken and let the darkness overtake the plains. Namaste.

Wonderful muslim wisdom - inner mind's thinking

"When you see a female dressed in a manner that is unacceptable Islamically, do not for a moment think that she is lower than you spiritually. "If you do that, you are lower than her. Believe me, that is the teaching of your religion. She might have a link with her creator that you do know about. "She might have a heart that is tons better than yours. She might have one weakness that is outward, and you have 50 weaknesses that are hidden," reads the post.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Say one thing , do another ...

Yes, there are a lot of two face son of a gun and this caused a disharmony in the world due to this two timer act. Why are such people in existence ? I really cannot understand these " actors" and this caused people to querrel, fight or kill each other because of this two timing act. Does these bastards have " balls" to say and do what they say. In short, that is the exact meaning , you walk the talk. Thiis the right action and bring honor to oneself. Playing to the tune or acting as hypocrates and playing both sides will generate a lot of mis-trust and people have to take time to check with each other in order not to get trap in this vicious cycle of backstabbing and distrust. This creates work and it needs time. The existence of this group of two face people makes the world interesting and it really create a challenging environment or culture. If it is only white lies , then it is okay and massive use of these wrongful roles will only hurt all the people around us. Dalai Lama have a good wisdom " if you cannot help them , don't hurt them ". Namaste.