Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What is money ?

The wiseman said that " money is the cause of all evils". Some people say money can buy very thing but some people say money cannot buy me love and happiness. Anyhow, the rich is worried about too much money and the poor is worried about too little money. So, whether you have money or no money or less money, you will be worried all the time. But, the main cause is greed.

If we know how to be contented, we can defeat the evil of money which is equal to worries and stress. But , the art of knowing how to be contented is not easy. It needs a lot of wisedom , determination and discipline. These factors are not so easily acquired and usually we fell deep into the black hole of GREED.

From young, we have been influenced by the wrong concept of money, we work so hard for our money, stressed ourself out and hurt ourself , all because of money.  If we stop to think about it , it is only a piece of paper and what we need to do is to have just enough to live our life instead of focusing to get more than what we need. Anything that is surplus is a waste.

Money is also a measure of success and getting what you want materialistically.  So, people are blinded to this craving and desire.  The desire to be recognize and the desire to be powerful.  Money can buy power and manipulate the events around us.  Of course , not everything but most of everything. This is a real fact and we can not shy away from this true fact.

The whole establishment have failed us and educate us in the wrong way and this now becomes the only way.

Money, money, money..... the evil of them all.


The death of a great yoga guru : BKS Iyengar

The founder of Lyengar yoga has died at 96. Author of many yoga books and holistic living.  He died of renal failure after falling sick some time ago.

In our mind, he should live forever as he is practicing yoga  and dying at 96 is a little bit young , or at least  it should be more than 100.  This understanding came to my mind when I read of his dealth.  Just like Bruce Lee, who died at age 36 and at the prime of his life.  It is unbelievable. How can they die when they are practicing Kungful or a holistic living.  Our mindset is that superman never die.

In real life and in yoga, we believe that each of us have 3 million breath in our whole life time. If we jog and speed up our breathing, we will die sooner as the 3 million breath will be used up sooner. So, in yoga , we believe in slowing down the breathing and taking longer breath. In this way, we can live longer.

I don't know whether this is true or not but there might be a logic to it. As we put our body through harsh exercise , our body parts are worn out and it will affect the bolistic balance in our life.  A lot of my friends who have been doing marathon or hiking, told me that they hurt their kness or their spine due to the strainuous process.  As for yoga, it is the stretching and bending of our joints , body and relieved the stress in our mind. It supposed to have a soft and slow motion action to keep our body's flexibility and agility.

Finally, of course, the basic cycle of life will take its path ie birth , age, illness and death. Whatever we do, we cannot defeat the age and illness.  We can prolong aging or maintain our health but it is still the body that calls the shot. When the joints will be hurt  or damaged, it depends on our body and how we carry out our exercise.

What happen to my wife, it was a real happening to me.  She was only slightly above 50 and she was still energetic and good at yoga.  She can do a lot of difficult pose and suddenly, she felt a pain in her hand , a few inches above her wrist and the ligament behind her left heel.  She do not know the reason and perhaps , it is the body who told her that she has overdone her exercise.  She is walking with a limp and her left hand have a pain when she twist her arms. It is nothing serious but she needs treatment for her wounded nerves.

Last night when reaching home, she could not lift herself up the steps infront of my house and I have to push her up.  It was so funny as she has been a fine health and a good weight.

Just like Iyengar, the body have its final say and we can only do whatever possible to keep it at its fine stage. We cannot fight nature.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jakarta - Indonesia : An amazing insight.

When I was told to visit Jakarta by my boss, I was sceptical about the visit as I have a notion that Jakarta is dusty , dirty and jam packed.  This mind-set have been enforced by what other people told me about Jakarta.  One of my friend told me before the visit is that I can find people selling vigra everywhere and stuffed chicket toys if you want to use it.  His comments co-incide with my understanding of Jakarta.

I was taken a back when I was there.  There is so many international hotels  and I stayed at selayang Mulia , a 5 star hotel and it was a very big hotel and the security was tight.  Many foreigners were staying there.  On arrival , it was already in the evening and my host was not free to entertain us there.  So, I went with my collegaue to a Japanese buffet in the hotel.  I was shock to see so much vairety of Japanese food and sushimi was free flow , teppanyaki, grill sea food and a very good spread of local dessert.  Ow, it was heaven for Japanese food lovers. 

I had Japanese lunch and dinner for three days and the beef ( wakil  beef) was so good and it just melt in my mouth.  It was a food paradise and I feel the food is so much better in Jakarta then in KL and Penang except the local food. My biased mind-set have gradually change and I feel good about Indonesia.

Lately, I read an article that Indonesia rejected " the islamic state" and this means that eveybody is equal and stands on meritocracy.  After Jokowi become President, the country is going to improve leaps and bounce. Jokowi was  a former governor of Central Java and Jakarta and he was a positive to the financial market and business community.  I also learned that an ethnic chinese is now the governor of Central java and in a matter of time, there is a possibility of a chinese helming the postion of the President in Indoneisa.  Things are changing very fast in Indonesia and if they are able to dismantle the system and mindset of the Suharto regime then  the country will have a bright future.

My mind turn back to my home country, Malaysia and it has a population of only 27 million people while Indonesia have a 300 million population. Why my country which is more manageable and full of natural resources is performing so much worst off than Indonesia ? This is a mind bogging question and it is a sad affair.

I hope things will change  in my home country and it is based on meritorcracy which is an important factor for the country to grow.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Love yourself

Love yourself

Yes. It is very easy to get hurt by a word or by an action or by a gossip . Human relationships are very fragile.

When we are hurt , we either fought back or retreat into ourself feeling hurt. When we fought back, there a chance that the misunderstanding or hurt can go away or clear up. But , if we keep to ourself , it will submerged into our mind. Even if we fight back, we have to do it in the right timing.  Take a Breather and wait patiently before cleaning up the mess. In this way. It will be more effective.

I always profess to say nothing or to do anything when there is a quarrel or an outburst. Anything said or done will be all wrong and can only make things worse. I have experienced these situations many times.

In a dispute, the mind is uncontrollable and the re-actions are also uncontrollable. It is like throwing  hot charcoal and burning all the parties in the dispute. It is better to get away from the core or the situation and fight another day.

Everyday is a new beginning and the past is dead and gone.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Be easy on yourself - extract

I came across this great wisdom and I just want to share:

Be easy on yourself:

Don’t be hard on yourself. There is always someone out there that will pick you up when you have fallen and don’t expect to be picked up in return. You are worth a lot and you deserve someone who will worship you and see the potential. You have the kind of a human being you are and that person that will motivate you in you dream to be a mother, someone has that same dream and will share it with you, and you will start a family soon enough, you will make a great mother and a good wife to someone out there, some one who you don’t need to beg to be a partner to start a family with, don’t give up, and whatever you do, never settle because when you settle, you are cheating yourself out of something great. ~ Adolfo Eisworth

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The death of a great actor - Robin Williams

OMG ! He was one of my favorite actor and he died at 63. He looks so youthful  and with so much innocence. He is an alien coming from another planet and his acting is exceptional and wonderful. I always like his mimic and acting skill.  He can be very funny and so close to our heart. What happen?

There was a report that his death is because of severe depression and struggle with alcohol in his life. How can it be ? He makes the world laugh and cry with him and his comedian skill was excellent. How can a person with such personality suffers from depression. Now, I understand anything can happen.  A good and health man can also die young if his body and mind is out of control and running helter skelter.

I was talking to my friends about the re-action in our body.  Even we have been doing an exercise for many thousand times but one day, the muscle just snaped.  The joints or the ligament just give way for no apparent reason. How can that happen ? the joints or the muscle can only get stronger if we keep exercisng it but the body does not function this way. It has to age even if you are exercising it and this is the law of nature. Things cannot remained static and what needs to worn away will worn away and there is no two way about it.

At 63, Robin Williams stil have many good years in him but the stress and depression caused him to change and unsettle his mind. I could remember the funny side of him, mimicing all the funny noice and the false tone when he talks in his film.

To an old time stranger who have accompany me during my growing up years and keep me laughing or cry in the various films which he has acted.  It is strange to lost someone familiar , some one who growth up together with you. That is life,, uncertain, strange and unpredictable.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

My recent birthday - an insight

People tell me that age is just a number  and also people joked with me that my hirthday coincide with the National Day of Singapore and millions of people celebrate with me. Apart all this illusions, yes, there were many whatsapps and SMS to greet me on my birthday. A few on the FB as well.

Out of all these is my daughter, M's birthday. She sang me a song sang by her through whatspp. I was taken aback by the wordings and I almost felt tears flowing from my eyes. In the song, she apologize for not spending time with her parents, wondering out most of the time, no time to say I am sorry and say all the wrong words at times.  It is very hard to say we are sorry but she sang it with emotions and sincerity.  I was touched , very touched.  I know she is not a bad girl after all and at least , she knows what is wrong with her attitude.  Being aware is good enough.

In the message to me in her FB, she said that I am a partime driver, a partime ATM . a partime friend but a fully time father. Yes, I am very worried about her and what she is doing all the times.  I felt that she is too close her friends and some of them will make use of her. This is my main concern.

On my brither last saturday, my wife arrange a family dinner with her sisters and brothers at our private club and after that we had a drink at the pub.  There was a lot of fun and eating.  The night ended very late and I reach home only about 11.30pm. During my younger days, it was only the start fo the night but at this age, it is the starting for my sleep. It is already late for my sleep.

Driving back, I was thinking about the years that have passed by and how fast have it been moving.  How many more 10 years is remaining ?  Everything looks so bleak and colorless as we look into the past years. The longer back we tried to visualize in the past,  the more colors it has faded. Every is blur and colorless.

All of us were laughing during the dinner  but internally, there is always a vuccum and always crying out for God. The God which is always forgiving despite all the sins which is done in the past and the only way to GOD is through Christ. Yes, there was this topic being discussed during the dinner and it creates a lot of fun talking about it.

Life is a journey and we shall enjoy it fully.